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CerealBoxOfDoom 11-29-2012 07:12 AM

kassadin, how does he work
It's a sunshiney day and you just spit out your last stick of bubblegum. What does a good game as kassidin look like. What job do you do. What do you do to deal with people.

Who's your favorite top and ADC

What kind of teamfight phase strategy do you enjoy?

Technician Tim 11-29-2012 08:14 AM

i play kass like any other assassin

i wait till sh*t goes down, riftwalk in, silence the AP carry, so are useless, burst the ad carry, riftwalk back out, stick around for a few seconds, and go cleanup the runners

when i play kass i fine his laning phase is kinda rough vs champs with decent range, as they can stop you from farming, but your silence can zone them if used correctly (and if they keep walking at you knowing its off CD) and let you farm

once you get the ult though, everything changes

fav top, prolly irelia, maybe riven
fav adc, vayne for sure but im ass with her, so ashe, classic KS from base

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