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saniaz 11-27-2012 04:51 PM

Quinn the Spoiled Princess
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Quinn the Spoiled Princess

Damage: 65 (+4 / per level) - 133
HP: 375 (+90 / per level) - 6765
Armor: 14 (+3.25 / per level) - 69.52
Spell block: 30 (+1.7 / per level) – 58.9
Health Regen: 5.75 (+.8 / per level) – 19.35
Passive: gain 1 gold bar per 3rd attack
Info: she gets 15 gold bars at the start of the game. Each time she levels up she can have an additional 5 bars. Getting 100 bars once lvl 18

Basic Attack: uses a gem covered whip to attack

Q: Whip flash: She cracks her whip in a straight line; it hits the first enemy that gets in the way and causing damage.
Next attack has is own cool down of 25 seconds. Using the attack a second time you can pick which direction you throw them at, causing them to be stunned for 1.5 seconds
Cost: 0 (she's not spending any gold, she's using her whip)
Range: 850
Cool down for first attack: 5 seconds
Cool down for second effect: 25

W: Charity: Throws money and a pile of coins forms that last for 5 seconds before falling apart
Length: 100/150/200/250
Cost: 3
Range: 400
Cool down: 15 Seconds

E: Adoption: She buys a minion to follow her where ever she goes they are recolored a different color. The minion can be from any sides, but cost more to buy an enemy’s minion. They auto attack an enemy minion, champion, turret, etc. that Quinn has target. At level 1 for the attack she can have up to 2/4/6/8/10. Small minions count as 1. Cannon minions count as 2. Super minions count a 3.
-Minions- 3/4/5/6/7 gold
-Super minions- 4/5/6/7/8 gold
Range: 100
Cool down: 25 Seconds

R: Buy Out: Buy’s each champion a servant, if the champion is range then the servant is melee, and is the champion is melee then the servant is ranged. They attack whatever the champion has target. The servant remains to fight till their health is down to zero and they cannot be healed in anyway,moves cannot be used on them. If a servant manages to survive the last time that champion gets an additional one if Quinn uses Buy Out again.
Cost: 30
Range: global
Cool down: 300 seconds

Selected: “Why should I fight when I have money?”
Walking: “Such dirty little things”
Joke: “You’re green from sickness, but I’m green with riches!”
Taunt: “Here’s some money, now go buy something that’s worth my time”

My index will do trade reviews

Couple of skin ideas

x7r4n3x 11-27-2012 05:00 PM

.....so basically she expends the users gold without any way to regain it?

saniaz 11-27-2012 08:55 PM

That's why her passive is to obtain more gold per second

blackkat101 12-12-2012 09:55 AM

How much GP5 does the passive give?

I could see this as being a very big problem as a player could choose not to use her abilities for a while in the game to get a large gold advantage, build some nice items for little to no work and then go in with her passive to give her gold to attack. This essentially could allow her to play keep away, therefore staying alive, not contributing to her team at the time, but still earn lots of gold.

You may be better off with a charge system if that is the case, you could make it so that she regenerates gold bars that can only be used for abilities and not items, by which you'd not be getting the insane gold advantage over the enemy team, but still be using money to fund your abilities.

On her Q: Why does it pull the enemies to her? She does not seem the type to want enemies near her as her other abilities seem to be in a ranged style of play.

On her W: So this is a wall move like Anivia's Crystalize? Does it have any other effects to distinguish it from Anivia's wall? What is the size of this wall as well as its duration?

On her E: So the minion is now following her. Do you have control over the minion's behavior? Is it a simple command of it attacking what you auto-attack. If you are near an enemy, would it automatically attack that enemy champion even if you don't auto-attack it first? If it does, then it would be revealing your possition even if you may not want to.

On her R: What do you mean the opposite of their attack base? Like how I mentioned on the E, how do these servants behave? For a global ability that grants your team 5 servants (one for each player), does not the cost and cooldown seem low, especially since you want the servants to last forever until death? Since you didn't want to deal with mana, 200 gold does not seem like much as you can kill one or two jungle camps and get your money back, or wipe out a quick minion wave and get your money back (and with the passive giving you even more gold).

These are just some thoughts on the abilities.

On her stats, I only checked her HP to a couple of champions, but that is alot of HP. Darius and Diana don't even have a 450 hp base and Ahri and Anivia, ranged champions are in between 380 and 350 base HP.

Again, my biggest issue is that 15 GP1 passive. That is an insane amount of gold. Even with all three other GP5 items, you get a Avarice Blade with a 2 GP10, Kage's Lucky Pick with a 4 GP10 and a Philosipher's Stone with a 5 GP10 (now we're not even going to take in masteries or the 3 GP10 you can get from Quints). With those three, you get 7 gold per 10 seconds. Even if you made a typo and ment the passive to be every 10 seconds like the items instead of every one second, that is still 15 gold per 10 seconds (and if you ment it to be per one second, that is a 150 gold per 10 seconds).... you can see where I'm going with this so I'll stop there.

Anywho, enough of my ranting. Hope some of that helps,
- Kat

Battle Mage Kaze 12-12-2012 10:13 AM

Hm, we already have on that throws tantrums from the way he plays.....Don't want anther doing it as well. Also her ult should be called "Buy out".

saniaz 12-12-2012 02:24 PM

read what everyone said, thanks for your guys reply. I made changes to what you all said

TotalArtFreak 12-18-2012 06:57 PM

wow this a very unique champion idea. As everyone else says the gold is the only concern I have. Also her buy out is a little iffy. Great idea though. Sorry im not much for help but i will say i love this idea!

TotalArtFreak 12-18-2012 07:38 PM

also her lore could be a wide arrange of things, we know shes rich (obviously) but to come down to it only you can really say. Does she have relationships with other champions? If so maybe you can build on that. I picture a very girly appearance myself, but shes wearing the best armor money can buy, a little to big for her frame but she wanted it cause its the most expensive set. She could be a woman whos grown up with a life of extravagance and this snotty stuck up attitude has been built up over time, or she could be a child who doesnt know any better and is spoiled. There is so many directions just build on what you know.

Vulcan27 12-24-2012 07:10 PM

Is Quinn meant to be played as a support, an AP carry, or something else?

If meant to be played as a support, she will very rarely be able to accumulate gold bars, as auto-attacking would push the lane (unless she were to be very aggressive). Maybe adding a passive gold bar generation would help. Her Q is similar to a Blitz grab (with the added benefit of also being able to throw people away from your carry), and her W would prevent opponents from easily escaping, so her kit works fairly well for support.

If meant to be played as an AP carry, her kit seems a bit lacking. Her Q is an easily-avoided skillshot. Syndra's throw is similar but is instead a targeted move (although with the possibility of grabbing champions, I think it's fair to keep it a skillshot). Any normal minion she buys with her E could be easily taken down by ranged enemies, unless they're as beefy as fully-evolved Voidlings. Having super minions really early sounds like a fun idea, although having a unique minion in-between normal minions and super minions (or even just a normal siege minion) might be better. Her W would be fine in mid lane if it's anything like Anivia's wall, if you round out her E to be a bit stronger.

If meant to be played as a bruiser top or even a jungler (both of which would be very interesting), her kit works out fairly well. Her Q provides a lot of single-target damage and even stuns (both of which help a lot in the new jungle) although the cooldown is way, way too long for it to be used more than once every three or so camps. Due to it being a skillshot, it also has the possibility of missing, in which case you'd have to wait 30 seconds just to be able to try to hit it again. Darius's E (which, although having a shorter range, is an AoE grab) has a cooldown of 24 seconds at rank 1. Blitz's pull, which would be the best comparison, has a cooldown of 20 seconds at rank 1. Her E could work out alright for jungling as it could tank some of the camps, but I wouldn't see it helping her much unless she got several minions at once like Elise, which is a possibility at level 1. Her W of course would help with ganking. As a top lane bruiser, her E would function similar to Yorick's ghouls in that they would be constantly harassing the opponent, but would be unable to give Quinn the sustain that Yorick has (although not having to rely on mana would even that a bit).

On just the moves themselves, I've already mentioned lowering the cooldown on her Q. Her W and E need the cooldowns changed as well. Anivia's wall has a cooldown of 25 seconds. Trundle's pillar has a cooldown of 23 seconds at rank 1, going down to 11 seconds at rank 5. Having a 47 second cooldown is a bit ridiculous lol. Her E may work better as a sort of stocking charges mechanic, like Teemo's shrooms. Over time, the number of minions available for purchase goes up, capping at x (x being however many minions she can have at one time). Also, 5 minions is a bit much for rank 1. It would allow your team to immediately take down towers due to being able to have your minions tank them. If you go along with the change of having the intermediate minion only, then the cap could be lowered without making the skill really weak. If you go with the stored charges idea, then the cooldown would of course be changed to however long it takes for each charge to be charged. At rank 1, Teemo stores up one mushroom every 35 seconds. 25 seconds may be a good time for a rank 1 E.

Her passive may need to be adjusted. I like the idea of the gold bars, but I feel it's a bit hard for her to earn them. Nunu's passive allows him to use any of his spells for no cost after every five auto-attacks. This is in addition to his normal mana regeneration. Quinn would have to get off 15 auto-attacks before being able to use her wall just once, at which point she could follow up with her Q for free, or wait for another 15 auto-attacks so she can buy a minion to harass the opponent. Quinn's E seems like her biggest damage output; she should be constantly spewing out minions like Yorick does. Her current gold bar generation doesn't cut it. Making each auto-attack generate a gold bar would work really well.

There was also something that was bothering me with her W. It sounds like it would be visually messy; a lot would be happening, with the end result being very lacking. I imagine it to be a lot of peasants jumping towards the money a la Zed's shadows when he ults. But again, the animation doesn't match the effect. Zed's ult is visually loud because it's his ult; he and his shadows are jumping at you from every angle and you can't get away, and you know that from the animation. Conversely, Anivia's wall simply appears with a cold flash, and Trundle's pillar rises slowly from the ground. Perhaps Quinn's W could work a bit like the Dr. Wright assist trophy works in Super Smash Bros. Brawl; she throws money on the ground, and a mini castle pops up out of the ground, doing little to no damage but knocking people up similar to Lulu's ult, setting them up to be grabbed with her Q and then thrown into the minions she bought with her E. The castle could be changed to be skyscrapers or other buildings, whatever matches up best with her lore.

The idea of her ult works fairly well, I think. It should also promote all allied siege minions because promoted siege minions are fun =D Not much else to say here, I think it's a pretty good ult =P The cooldown's a bit long.

All in all, Quinn needs a fair bit of tweaking, but when you consider that champions like Elise had been in development for many, many months, it's a good start.

saniaz 01-28-2013 01:03 PM

added pic

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