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Lost In the Wood 11-26-2012 04:25 PM

Little Big Heroes 3v3 Draft!
Date: December 1st 8:00Pm EST

*All Participants Will be entered into a Raffle for Riot Points Gift card*

No Registration Required: Log into the Team speak 15 Minutes Before the Draft starts, and wait in the league of legends drafting lobby.
(ts40.gameservers.com:9153) No password. Any players are welcome to enter.

TeamSpeak Name: Have your In Game name as your Name in TS. Also Next to your name post Yes or No if you want to be team Captain.

EX. Lost in the Wood (Yes)  For Team Captain.
Lost in the Wood (No)  For not Team Captain.

*Team Captains will be selected from the volunteers.

Selecting Teams: Starting with the first team and going down each captain will select one player. When we get to the last player he will select 2 players and we will go back up each selecting 1.

Gameplay: Matches will be 3v3s played on Twisted Tree line. Draft Mode: Best of 1. It will be a single elimination Bracket.
Have Fun!

*12 team Cap* (May increase with more participants.)*

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