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X Sweet Lily 11-26-2012 05:45 AM

Nami - my thoughts
I've been playing Nami on the PBE and I'd like to share some feedback

- She is balanced, if not a little weak
Her AP ratio for her skills is relatively low, it seems to be 50% or lower. Ebb and Flow particularly has a really low rate. However the inherent stats for her skills are quite high, which somewhat makes up for it.

- Her skills are varied enough to allow her to play her role well
Her passive is a 1 second speed buff whenever her allies are affected by her spells, this includes if a friend is walking through an attack spell. This is a pretty good passive, however 1 second of speed is barely noticeable, so it is a little weak.
Her Q is a smaller AOE spell which is similar to Cho'Gath's knock up skill. Very useful, but only if you can place it right, which means you need to be able to pull it off just right for it to be useful.
Her W is her best skill, being her heal and damage attack. It has a great range, and can be used to jump far. It can also be used to heal multiple people, as long as there's an enemy champion in range.
Her E is a power up skill, which is amazing. It has a very short duration, however, and to be a game changer needs to be leveled up to at least level 3, as before that the slowing effect is very weak (only a 15% slow).
Her R (ultimate) is pretty awesome too. It's got a huge range (about 1.5 screens long) and knocks people up while hindering them with a decent slow. This is really good if you're chasing or being chased, as it does some decent damage (around 200-300 or so) along with it's effects. It takes about half the time as Janna's whirlwind to come out, but it works along the same mechanic as that, but it travels relatively slowly so people do have the time to see it and move out the way. The width is impressive but it's also not too wide that it's unavoidable, paired with the speed it travels at

- She's fun!
This is more of a directly personal opinion but I find she's very fun. Her skills allow her to harass players and be a mighty fine support to another player. She can't solo lanes, but that's not really her goal. She's directly involved, and nothing she does is auto cast/homing so you have to be involved in making the decisions.

Relative to other supports (I'm doing only the ones I've personally played)
Sona - Sona is a lovely support and currently my main. Sona is a lot more powerful than Nami however, in pure hitting force. I'm able to get killing blows as Sona with her Q paired with her passive; Nami is too weak and generally has a hard time trying to put dents into the enemy health. She needs to poke for a long time, whereas Sona can spam Q and deal some nice damage, while giving her surroundings a nice stat buff. Nami needs to target a single person in order to give her stat buff. Nami's main champ over Sona is that Nami's heal is stronger, and she has a stun (that's not her ultimate). The payoff is that Sona is better as an attacking support, and because her heal is for 2 people in all situations she can keep herself and her partner up without being too draining on mana (as Nami can only heal one person at a time, and it does cost quite a bit, it's only useful to use in mid combat)

Janna - Janna's movement passive is obviously better than Nami's short burst of speed, because Janna's giving it all the time. Janna's whirlwind is also better than Nami's ultimate, as it's available all the time and does a fair amount of damage. Nami's plus over Janna is the fact, she has a heal on use as opposed to a barrier.

Soraka - Soraka's Q is really good, as it hits everyone in the area. Nami's only AOE hit is one she has to position, and it's not that large. Soraka also has 2 heals, which are possibly the strongest in the game, and Nami's heal is possibly comparative in amount, but she only has 1. Soraka doesn't have any CC, only a Silence, in comparison to Nami's 3 CCs (Q has a stun, E has a slow, and R has a slow)

Lux - Lux is an awesome support, and her beam attack for an ultimate is pretty amazing. Lux's beam hits a lot more than Nami's ultimate. Lux's AOE slow is also a lot larger than the skills that Nami throws out. Lux's stun hits 2 people and activates faster than Nami's Q stun, which makes it a bit more useful.

In short, other supports still have their places and their "pros" over Nami, and Nami has her place within the ranks. She has her own reasons and strengths for use, just as everyone else.

Things that could probably be tweaked -
- Her Q spell could be activated quicker. The time it takes to place and then go off is quite hindering. Or it could be a larger radius. It's far too easy to move out of it, and it's damage amount is very poor along with a poor inherent AP amount
- The general AP amount she gets to use for her spells could do with some up amount. It does seem relatively low in comparison to the other support champions

... But if she stayed the way she is now, I feel she is completely balanced. She's not too powerful, and she's not too weak. She has her strengths and weaknesses, and in comparison to everyone else, it puts her in the right spot.

RB teh Support 11-26-2012 12:14 PM

I am looking forward to buying her. I already have the IP set aside for her.

DestroyerBR 11-26-2012 12:16 PM

she is just bad

Crimson5pheonix 11-26-2012 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by DestroyerBR (Hozzászólás 31832186)
she is just bad

Why is she bad?

Dragostea 11-26-2012 02:19 PM

I believe that Nami will be a great support champ. And like every other support champ you can play her two ways. Simpley support, or go the AP rout, either way Nami will be an amazing champ, shes completely balanced, and I personally have the ip points ready for her.

RhiffRhaff 11-27-2012 11:54 AM

Remember that when you compare her to Lux, that Lux is also a viable mid and has crazy range and better ap scalings. Nami is most likely gonna be a higher skill support, her spells are all about targeting the right person and good skill shot placement. If the enemy team all groups up and you Q them your gonna get them all, and during a team fight it will be easy to sneak in that bubble, plus her Ult with its knock up and her ability to increase your adc's damage out put will be very useful in team fights.

IcyTor44 11-27-2012 12:05 PM

She is very fun, and honestly her kit is amazing, I have both saved and helped kill so many people because of AoE stuns, extra damage and slow on AD's auto attacks, and Ult tower kills and assists.

Dracos Kasurani 11-27-2012 03:00 PM

You need to remember Nami ult also slow the target movement speed (more they are away more it slow) and knock up people that make that ult a bit more stronger over Sona ult. Sona attack spell don't allow u to choose the target (base on who is closer). Nami healing ability heal / attack in same time. I don't say Sona isn't a good champ but she will probally be nerf again in the futur.

TheOneMica 11-28-2012 07:19 PM

I have played a lot of Nami on PBE and my thoughts are she's WAY too weak.

She uses up almost all of her mana with one QWE combo. Her cooldowns are insane for the little help they give. The Q is incredibly hard to land and the W is pretty hard as well, as champions move in and out of range all the time. The E is weak, the damage bonus isn't even as much as Janna's really until later levels.

Her ulti is hard to land because it's so slow and the width is pretty meh, I've seen people stand for a few seconds THEN move and they still get out of the way. Same with her Q.

In my opinion, she needs a buff, badly.

I fought a Sona earlier and got WRECKED. Her damage was insane and my heals couldn't keep up with hers. While mine gives more, hers are so much more often. She could get two heals for every one heal I could do.

KnightSorenEh 04-28-2013 04:51 PM

What they need to do is buff her starting HP and armor , reduce her mana costs ( extremeley high!!!) and make her ult like a real tidal wave , starts slow and small then gets huge and fast

Other wise that , everything else about her is fine.

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