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FUBuddy 11-25-2012 06:23 PM

Our "Work in Progress" Community
Work In Progress

Work in Progress is a community of League of Legends players who have dedicated themselves to promoting a higher standard of play. We believe that self improvement, teamwork and the generous application of good will can make games better.

1. Our Website: http://workinprogresstemp.enjin.com/home
2. Our Team Speak: workinprogress.mainvoice.net

What we offer to our community

1. A Team Speak Server. This will be our main form of communication among members. Our team speak server is a controlled environment. We have 5 channels dedicated just to guests who join. Here guest can hangout and, can converse with one another. Guests are not permitted within the rest of our channels, for trolling purposes. If at any point you would like to become a member than, you would join the "Looking to become a member" channel, message an Admin/Moderator/Recruiter and, explain that you would like to become a member.

2. Streaming on the website. If you are the type of player who enjoys having a stream while you play, we will have the information posted on our website. This will allow members to watch and, follow you as you play. This is not limited to how well you play, this is meant for everyone.

3. Tournaments. Our community holds weekly 1 on 1 tournaments, as well as monthly 5 vs 5 tournaments. All information is posted on our events page, N/A

4. Staff Positions We offer room to grow within our community. There are applications for certain positions which do have requirements. So, if you are the type of person who is looking for a place to grow then, our community is where you want to be.

5. Gaming. We have a number of members who play video games. We are mainly a League of legends community, but we do support games ranging from FPS's, RTS's, MMO's, And anything else you cant get a group to play. Even MTG.

Dedication and Structure

1. Dedication. We are determined to provide a place where all members are equal and, enjoy playing with one another. We have a strict set of rules regarding our community, team speak, and forums. Members who disobey these rules are dealt with quickly. This, solely, allows us to control what goes on within our community. Information regarding this is here: http://workinprogresstemp.enjin.com/rulesandguidelines

2. Structure. Our community is ran like others, with Admins/Moderators/Recruiters. The only difference is, we do it right. Each Admin, each Moderator, each Recruiter has a particular role he or she deals with. In doing so, this gets done properly and swiftly.

How to become a member

1. First step. Join our teamspeak.
2. Second step. Contact a Admin/Moderator/Recruiter and, explain that you would like to become a member.

Each guest, who wants to become a member must understand that we have guidelines regarding membership. This is why you must join our team speak, speak to a Admin/Moderator/Recruiter and pay attention to them. This community is not for everyone, but those who do join will enjoy their time here.

jeezlaweez 11-25-2012 06:25 PM


Snakeboy1 11-25-2012 08:46 PM


SmileyFaceBandit 11-25-2012 09:45 PM

Just signed up, and I was graciously met with an admin. So far so good. bump

Hitori20 11-25-2012 10:56 PM


Fürby 11-26-2012 09:45 AM


Koota 11-26-2012 10:35 AM

bump :D

jeezlaweez 11-26-2012 11:05 AM

Bumpy.. Bump bump

jeezlaweez 11-26-2012 03:46 PM


BeastTon 11-26-2012 04:52 PM

Bump :D

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