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BearYoga 11-25-2012 05:03 PM

Shutdown - [uG] Umbra Gaming is recruiting all gamers!
This community has shut down. Leaving the original content of the post for historical purposes. Happy gaming!

Umbra Gaming
The Gaming Community

Umbra Gaming was founded in Sept. 19 of 2012. We are a multi-gaming community that embraces gamers as a whole instead of focusing on one specific purpose. We understand that not everyone enjoys the same games and that not all gamers are pro's from the get-go. We are a community built by gamers, for gamers. For those gamers who want to either have a nice friendly atmosphere to enjoy whatever game they choose or to improve on their play style and make something out of their experiences.

Currently we are 200 members strong and still continue to grow. We as a community are hoping to push into the competitive scene in the near future. The games that we have the numbers for right now are Starcraft II and League of Legends. But being a multi-game community if ever anyone would like to make a team for competitive play in a different game and if they have the numbers to do so, then we will add it to the list. We strive to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to shine.



Why should I join uG?
Here at Umbra Gaming, we believe in quality over quantity. If we attract the positive players that are looking to improve and succeed, then more will follow. We are a community of gamers, for gamers. A lot of us here at Umbra Gaming have made many valuable friendships and always look to have a great time gaming. We hope to see you have those same experiences and more. So come on in, play some games, meet new friends, and become a part of a great community that thrives on quality rather than quantity.

Other things we have to offer:

Signature of the Week – Our signature of the week competition has just started up! With a new theme and guidelines for each SOTW, there is always a chance to win!

Tinychat/Community Nights – Every Thursday night each week is where the staff and members of Umbra come together for Tinychat fun! While in teamspeak and Tinychat, members and staff can talk about their ideas or problems concerning the community and get opinions from each other. For more information on this go here: http://www.umbragaming.net/index.php?/topic/475-tinychatcommunity-nights/

LoL Community Nights: Coming Soon

TheGeneOOHKILLEM 11-25-2012 05:06 PM

Bump! And also, don't forget to go to the APPLICATION section to actually join instead of just registering on the website. It takes 5 minutes!

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