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ThePurifier 11-25-2012 02:12 PM

Jungling with Fiddlesticks
I love playing as fiddlesticks. I think he has very powerful abilities and can clear very easily. My issue is this: I am a very new jungler, and i am easily counter jungled.

So first thing first. Can you, the great knowledgeable LoL community, give me some good general or fiddlestick specific jungling tips.

Also i would like some advice on counter jungling specific to fiddlesticks. He is not really a bursty jungler so i have a hard time not getting ganked. For example i played a game this morning as jungle fiddlesticks and was getting wrecked by their jungle diana.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Peenor 11-25-2012 02:31 PM

The majority of champions used to Jungle tend to be tanks. Fiddlesticks base stats do not exactly qualify him to be called a tank by any means. However, this far from hinders Fiddlesticks from being an incredible jungle champion. Fiddlesticks has quite a few characteristics that make jungling with him quick, fun, and make him pretty powerful.

Hope this helps: http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-le...-jungle-238783

HyndeSyte2020 11-25-2012 02:32 PM

Dont jungle fiddle until pre-season patch goes live. At least in ranked.

Any jungler with a knockback/stun/cc will shut you down if you aren't REALLY good with fiddle. I play fiddle a lot. I have over 350 games with him and can feasibly play any lane, including top/support, without failing as him.

The biggest difficulty with fiddle is knowing what your abilities do and how they behave. Fiddle's E is not intended for damage past lv5-6. It is solely utility. So if you are ganking or getting counter-jungled, use it to silence them, and only to silence them. If you know they have a cc/stun/silence, start draining right away, make them blow the ability, then silence them, auto attack, then fear them. By now drain should be back up and ready to get almost a full cast off since their silence/stun should be on cd for 5-6 more seconds.

I build him straight mage when jungling. since the spell vamp nerf, building wota seems to be a waste. rush either ROA or Rylai, whichever you are comfy with. ROA is good to get the max passive bonus by mid-late game. Rylai is good for slow and the added defense/health.

If you are having that hard of a time getting countered, ward more. ward the entrances to your jungle and watch the map. A common counter jungle move against fiddle is to go for him when he gets to red. So go the long way to red or get a ward and ward the other side of the wall at red.

It takes time and practice, but as fiddle I can easily solo most champs with ease. I may not kill them, but they normally stick around until my teammate can come and I take a more supportive stance to help them get the kill.

iralos7713 11-25-2012 04:07 PM

ask your team to protect your blue. Fiddles needs his blue buff. Then, once you hit level six, you have some of the best ganks in the game with crowstorm, fear, and drain.

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