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sKŠeath 11-25-2012 08:26 AM

The mistery of LoL
Well this post goes to any person who can improve the game (no idea how they are called because im not american and the only thing i haven't learned in english are the professions)

1- Achievements: What's the point of them if we can't adquire them...i still remember the first time i penta'd and ran to my profile to see if i unlocked something but that thing was still unclickable, if the game doesn't have any achievements why you still put them, atleast tell us if you'll do something about it, because have been years seeing the same.

2- Forum Picture: I don't feel my face representated by a question mark, maybe let us upload a photo or maybe let us select a champion picture to personalize our avatar in forums.

3- Spectating Mode: I don't really know if you can do this (i have searched every interface thing and i couldn't find it).
LET US SEE THE CHAT! come on one of the most funny things in league of legends are the trolls, mad people etc
Id love to see when someone fails, the typical words are like...OMG this feeder... raport pls...GEEGEEEEE...or the epicness fail from mordekaiser UEHUHEHUEH #1, i figured this out the other day when i spectated a game of dyrus when he did a funny fail..and was kinda fun but somehow i watched the fail in youtube from someone who was playing and recorded that, and was 30 times more fun seeing the chat than just watching without the funny words after the fail..so please lets us spy the chat!!!

4- Don't let the use of orianna in elo hell please!!!!

Thanks for reading this i hope you agree :)

PD: no idea what i tried with the title but sounds pro.

Pissfer 11-26-2012 11:29 AM

You can see the chat. However, it's hidden by default. I can't remember exactly where the button is hidden, but it's there.

As for the other 2: I whole-heartedly agree. I wouldn't mind them saying that we can't upload our own pictures, as that requires WAY too much policing for a community of this size, but I think we should have SOMETHING. Even if it was just our summoner icon that we had selected in game.

And Acheivements: ya, either do something with them or get rid of the tab. It's been there since before season 1... which started in July? of 2010

sKŠeath 12-04-2012 02:53 PM


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