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ZanzabarTheEagle 11-24-2012 10:13 PM

(champion concept) Ignotus, The Redeemer
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disclaimer this champion is loosly based off of walter from Hellsing ultimate.

Name Ignotus
Attack Power 40
Ability Power 70
Defense Power 50
Difficulty 70

HP 500 (+50)
Mana 220 (+20)
Mana regen per 5 seconds 5 +(1)
HP regen per 5 seconds 6 + (.0757)
Range 700
Movement Speed 325
Attack damage 50 + (10)
Attack Speed 0.750 + (0.05)
Armor 30 +(0.50)
Magic Resitance 27 + (0.20)


Appearance he is 20 years old. the attached file should shead some light as to what i hope his general character model will look like Attachment 563823


Passive: Cant touch this
Ignotus gains 10 armor. Whenever Ignotus is attack with a basic attack, his target takes 15% of the attack back as damage. If Ignotus is attacked with a skill, it's 10% of the skill damage. (scales per levels 1/6/11/16) armor 10/15/20/30 damage reflected 15%/20%/25%/35% 10%/15%/20%/30%. chance of this reflect occuring 10%/15%/25%/35%

Q: I've got you now

Passive: basic attacks apply a bleed of 5% of damage each second for 1s/3s/5s/7s/10s does not stack, can be refreshed ( teemo poison)

Active: launches out wires in a line skill shot (range 700/725/750/775/800) damaging all enemy units it passes through; additionally Ignotus can reactivate this ability to pull the wires back along its path. the reactivation applies a bleed of 20% of the damage lasting 10% of the bleed value. damage 80/100/120/140/200 +0.7(max damage and bleed is 200 + 70% ap (lets say for the sake of simplic math your ap is 100 right now) so thats 270 damage and then the bleed is 54 lasting 5.4 seconds for a total of 270 bleed damage for a total of 540 damage now thats not too bad at max level all things considered. its like nid's spear except its not hitting for over 1000)

mana cost: 50/60/70/75/80
cooldown: 7s/6s/5s/3s/2s

W: Wire toss

Passive: if you have a wire attached to an enemy or terrain and either they move out of the range of it or if an enemy unit walks into the wire they take half damage and full bleed value and duration of the ability they walk through. (say thay walk through your Q and it is maxed and you have 100 ap so thats 135 damge and a bleed of 27 (20% of the damage) for 2.7s (10% of the bleed value) so thats a total of 54 bleed. total damage 189 magic damage)

Ignotus launches his wires in a line skill shot (range 700/725/750/775/800) attaching to terrain or the first enemy it encounters. after it is attached it will drag Ignotus to the attached target. If it attaches to an enemy it will deal 50/55/60/75/100 +0.60 ap and applies a bleed of 10% of the damage for a duration of 1/2 the bleed value (think nautilus' anchor chain)
(max level dealing 100 +60% lets say again you have 100 ap so thats 160 damage right there and 10% of that is 16 for the bleed and half of that is 8 for the duration of the bleeding so that 162 bleed damage and 180 damage for a total of 342 magic damage.)

mana cost: 40/50/60/65/70
cooldown 10s/12s/15s/16s/20s
half cooldown if attached to terrain

E: Wall of endless agony

Active: Range 700 creates a wall of wires (length 700/800/1000/1100/1200). any enemy unit that passes through the wall are slowed by 25%/30%/35%/40%/50% and take 70/90/120/160/200+ 0.50 ap and applies a bleed of 1/4 damage lasing 3% of the bleed value. (example 300 damage (max lv + 100 ap (you have 200 ap but its a .5 ratio)= 75 bleed for 2.25 seconds) duration of the wall 1s/2s/3s/4s/5s also the wall grants vision (think of karhus' wall except it damages instead of reduces their armor and magic resist.)

mana cost:70/75/80/85/120
cooldown 25s/17s/15s/12s/10s

R: Angel of Death
Ignotus targets a single enemy champion in a range of 200 and suspends them in a wire mesh stunning them for 1.5s/2s/2.5s dealing 300/500/700 true damage and appling a bleed of 20%/40%/50% that starts ticking after the stun; bleeding is done over time of 3s/4s/5s. additionally applies a mark (looks like a marionette sticks and strings) when the target is less than 20% hp; the mark lasts 5s/10s/15s. if target is killed during this time it becomes a puppet for the butler to control (similar to morde's, annies/viktors ult). puppet lasts 20s/25s/30s. the puppet has 35%/40%/45% of the originals stats.

mana cost: 100/200/250
cooldown 200s/175s/150s

Lore: "How about a spot of tea m'lady?"- Ignotus

Born into the serving class of Demacia (butlers and maids); Ignotus always did what he could to help others a trait he aquired from his parents. When he was but 10 years old his parents where summoned to the front lines to help defend against the Noxians; his parents being trained in basic armed and unarmed combat and who were masters of the healing arts. They were never seen again after that day; many rumors circulated that the brothers Darius and Draven under the orders of Swain had captured them and publically exicuted them to show that not even master healers could withstand Noxian might. Since then Ignotus vowed retribution he spent years looking for work. His ventures brought him all over and he soon arrived at Piltover; where he met Heimerdinger. Heimer was working on a new technology and asked the youth if he would be interested in helping him. Heimer explained that the technology was called Monomolecular razor wire; increadably strong and sharp wire, able to cut through anything. He accepted the offer and soon found he had an affinity for using them. Heimer allowed the youth to leave Piltover with the wires on the condition that he use them for good. One day while wandering he came across Vayne who was in the midst of hunting some evil vermin. Ignotus saw his chance and promptly disposed to the vermin cutting it into ribbions. Vayne was impressed and asked the youth his name and what he was doing out here. Ignotus told her he was seeking employment as a butler as was his chosen profession. Vayne hired him on the spot and made him promise to keep training with those wires of his. Vayne and Ignotus where close friends and eventually he told Vayne everything about his past life why he was traveling alone, how he came by these wires, what his goals in life were/are and Vayne told him much of the same, the two were inseperable friends you would rarely see one without the other. Vayne was eventually accepted into the League of Legends leaving Ignotus to himself for months on end. Years later Vanye sent Ignotus a letter detailing that the Noxian brothers Darius and Draven along with Swain have joined the League. Ignotus was furious at this; he immediatly set out for the institute of war. upon his arrival he demanded to be able to fight on the fields of justice. The guards laughed at him and the summoners mearly looked and waited. after the guards had finished laughing Igontus with a flick of his wrist cut the guards to ribbions say for one of their numbers so that he might be a testament to Ignotus' skills. the summoners gave Ignotus the test to be a champion. The butler now roams the fields of justice stalking his parents exicutioners.

Champion selection:excellent choise summoner.
Joke 1: My name is Ignotus, I am the butler and i take out the trash.
Joke 2 it would appear we are out on a wire.
Taunt I've disposed of garbage tougher than you ruffians.
Dance Attachment 563864
Laugh ah ha (like gentlemen cho'gath rupture)
walking tally ho

any feedback would be great.
if you like this idea and want it to be featured in League of Legends; dont be shy slap that green thumb and leave a comment saying you liked it. if you find somethings wrong with it make a comment and ill do my best to fix it. and if for some reason you just plain hate this idea slap that red thumb and comment with why you hate it.

changes made so far
reduced the range of ult and wall.
reduced some ad ratios on his Q.
reduced the % damage and duration on his Q passive.
added his voice when walking.
added some examples of what certain abilites do .
reduced damage and range on ult also reduced duration of bleed on ult
all bleeds are magic damage
-changed bleeds from physical to magic damage; seems more fun that way-
all abilites are physical damage except for the ult.
changed lore
changed passive
added base armor and magic resist.
altered lore explained how ignotus came by the wire.
altered passive to have a %chance of occuring
lowered the attack speed you get per lv
complete overhaul, changed him to a mage moved a passive from his E to his W as angryWelchMan suggested. i feel he works better as a mage. thoughts?

Zerfall 11-24-2012 11:29 PM

The idea is great but i feel your scaling is ridiculous, also the range on some of your ideas are very bad.
I love the idea but this needs so many adjustments, the passive makes him a tank with a built in thorn mail (needs complete re work).

A 25second bleed on maxed skill 1 (probably should not exceed say 10 seconds)

Wall of endless agony is a clever take on a slow i like it but again the range of the wall gets to be excessive it should be one set length with slowing scaling to the level.

Angel of death: very cool skill ( the range needs to be fixed, the amount of damage is fairly high with the stun and bleed needs to be adjusted, Puppet should not last as long as you define in the section. puppet control would be difficult while still using Ignotus.) quick fix to puppet control make them more like a Maokai sapling that you run around and explode into groups or specific enemies.

Would love to see this character implemented with many fixes.

ZanzabarTheEagle 11-24-2012 11:45 PM

alright i can try to re-work it. i mean the ranges i think are pretty fair they i mean im compairing him to caitlynn basically and she has massive ranges i think her standard range for basic attacks is 600 and her ult at level 1 is 2k and i dont remember if that scales, if it doesnt ill scale back his ults range. and the wall is basically a karthus wall that does damage instead of reducing armor and magic resist but yeah i can fix that range. and the q passive at max is refering to basic attacks like say i deal 200 damage with a basic attack well 25% of that (50) will be delt to the enemy every second so yeah the times can be fixed im kinda new to champion creation i mean the ultimate creating a puppet is basically morde's ult i mean i think the bleed is fine on the ult because its a short one i mean at max sure its over powered i really didnt look at that till now but at level 1 its good and thats really all i did is look at the level one and went from there. ill def. be re working this now that ive had some feedback and time to think the damage scaling through.

ZanzabarTheEagle 11-24-2012 11:54 PM

okay ive re-worked some things but im keeping the passive what it is its a chance to deflect an attack not guaranted like thornmails so i think that is pretty fair ive given his ult and his E a flat range his ults range is the same as cait's. i still like the idea of him being able to control the puppet. umm if there is anything else that needs reworking like you mentioned my scalling is rediculous let me know.

ZanzabarTheEagle 11-25-2012 08:42 AM


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Xarue 11-26-2012 12:55 PM

srry but i didnt read all that, I just wanted to say "you watch to much anime". :)

Deleven 11-26-2012 01:04 PM

bullet points

ZanzabarTheEagle 11-26-2012 01:05 PM


Originally Posted by Xarue (Hozzászólás 31833827)
srry but i didnt read all that, I just wanted to say "you watch to much anime". :)

i think it would be a great idea to make a character like this. and no i dont watch to much anime. A there is no such thing as too much anime and B walter from hellsing is epic so i think a champion based off of him would be cool. riot doesnt seem to mind using things that already exist as a base for their champions. (poison ivy = Zyra, Augemented singed = Bane, Vlad the impaller = Vladimir. i could go on but im not going too.) what i really want is people to read my character design and give me some feedback weather they liked it or not and if things should be changed.

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