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DekonCross 11-24-2012 01:43 PM

Level 30's partying with lower levels
Ok, so this has been increasingly annoying as of lately I have been seeing a huge rash of this. So the matching system matches you with people based upon average group level. IE if your lvl 30 and you party with someone level 12. You can be put into a part with people who are in the upper teen's lower 20's for level range.

Now where this becomes a HUGE issue is. A few games ago 4lvl 30's were in a group with a level 1. The level 1 lowered the level average of that team to low 20's Hence they were in a party vs me and my friends who were all level 18-21. So our level average is rather close. We are all trying to level up. Play against people.

Im assuming that the level 1 they partied with was a friend of theirs on an alt account. Since I doubt it was random soloque matching. Something needs to be done about this. Its a huge disadvantage to be vs lvl 30's with full out mastery pages. Full out rune trees. ECT. Especially when most of my friends arent even using T3 runes yet and several of them dont even have runes cause they are saving up till they are lvl 30 to build their rune page.

This is me Q_Qing im sure people will point this out to me. Dont worry I know what im doing. However it doesnt take away the fact that lvl 30's are destroying the game for people who are having fun. If your lvl 30 go play with other lvl 30's dont party a low level to get your level average dropped so you can walk on people who are level 2x's. If you are that bad at the game. Please play with lvl 30's till you are better.

I do have level 30 friends who I play games with. However it lowers the level average of our team to 27-29 give or take. We still mostly vs lvl 30's There will be a few high 2x characters there and many level 30's in our matches.

KnightxSScarlett 11-24-2012 01:47 PM

Sorry for wanting to play with my friend that is new to the game? Sheesh. People these days. Bring more people into the game, making the game better, and all these other people care about is leveling up. The nerve. Back in my day, we all welcomed new players. We taught them how to play. We dragged them around midlevel dungeons and showed them how we used our skills to gain an advantage.

You, sir, make me sick. A ruffian and a scoundrel. I bet you don't even brush your teeth at night!

CookinByTheBook 11-24-2012 01:49 PM

Maybe the level 1 was a new player that they were introducing to the game. I've done this before when introducing a friend to the game.
The other team will be all like "omg blah blah is sooo bad!" aka my friend i'm trying to teach.
Its at this time were i decide i need to show that level 1 friend what happens to people who talk trash in the game and how you make them eat their own words.

DekonCross 11-24-2012 01:52 PM

My friend just started and I play co-op vs ai with him. Theres no excuse to bring a level 1 into games where it gives you a GIANT advantage over other people. If you wanna show someone and teach them the game I would recommend co-op vs ai not pvp matches when you have a full group of lvl 30's with a lvl 1-4 character vs a group of upper teens and low lvl 20 players.

KnightxSScarlett 11-24-2012 01:59 PM

And then you complain that so many noobs get to lvl 30 playing nothing but bot games and have no idea of what they're doing. There's no pleasing people like you.

DekonCross 11-24-2012 03:02 PM

Actually there is... I played bot games till level 8 till I understood the game then I jumped in solo que from there... met people played with them... Then when I got to 20 I started playing with my higher ups...

Im not the best player. However, I dont grab up my friend who just started to go play level 10's and walk on them. Theres no challenge to it. I can quite literally play them and get more kills in one of those games than several people get in bot games. In co-op vs ai on intermediate I get no less than 40kills and less than 4 deaths. Any given intermediate game on the beginner games I get about 50+ kills and less than 2 deaths..

This is what my friends did to teach me how to play the game. They also spectated some of my early games to give me pointers. One of my friends created a new account just to level up with me and play. Cause he said it would be unfair vs people with no skill trees and runes.

SovietBlade 11-24-2012 03:13 PM

>level 8 understands the game

lol ok

DekonCross 11-24-2012 03:18 PM

Also the noobs that im complaining about prolly did get to level 30 playing bot games and suck vs them. Which is why they are partying with a level 1 account so they can feel good and win a game. Im sorry but people need to learn on their own some times. If you are holding their hand and carrying them through pvp matches. Doesnt matter how much you tell them. They aint learning anything. You and your friends who are all level 30 are carying him through matches so there is no challange what so ever imposed on them. Cause you see they die. You run to that lane you wipe the 2 people there and they are like \o/

Meanwhile most teams that you are playing vs surrender see at the end of the match oh look 4 lvl 30's and a level 1. What cowards cant play people their own levels.

Guess what people, I wanna play people my own level. It makes the game more fun. It makes me actually wanna play the game more. It makes me wanna bring new people and friends into the game. People who are level 15-20 quit because... Get this... They are sick of being matched up vs level 30's who think they are absolutely amazing because they walked on a pile of people who dont even have their mastery trees done, or any runes at all cause they are saving to get to level 30 to get their runes or characters.

DekonCross 11-24-2012 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by SovietBlade (Hozzászólás 31776582)
>level 8 understands the game

lol ok

I understood the game enough to play vs other level8's in solo que

DekonCross 11-24-2012 03:28 PM

Last post and im leaving for a while. But take this into example.

Lets say this was a normal MMORPG. Lets say you just got to the level where you can be pk'd by anyone from level 30-110. Then this pile of level 110's just come and wipe everyone at this level 30area. All day long. They go on hunting you and your parties all day long. While those people might be having fun. Are you when you keep dieing, loseing, and cant get anything?!

I dont think so, you stop playing that game. Why because you have a pile of kids who have nothing better to do than ruin a game for other people. Play vs your own levels not people 10+ levels lower than you. If you want easier competition. Learn to play your characters better. Build teams with people who you know can play. Dont get mad when people give you pointers. And dont bash people on your team.

You can also spectate games with your friends watch their games and give them pointers. Tell them what gear to get. Tell them how to play. Afterall you were going to spend some time playing games with them after whats the difference between giving them pointers from watching them play and just holding them like a baby and carrying them to a victory?

I think they might learn more losing a few games. Than being carried all the time. ^_-

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