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Oceanian 11-22-2012 01:48 AM

Owen, the Warrior of Serenity
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Owen, the Warrior of Serenity

Owens' Champion Page:
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Click above image to view Owens' Champion page

About me:

Hi, my name is Jake Aka, Ventrullia. I've been playing LoL for some time now and have always liked to place my input into every game I've played whether it was to improve a certain feature or create a whole new one. Today I come to you with a champion idea which focuses on the top/mid lanes as well as being able to support.
Behind the Idea:

Owens' aim was to be a champion who is useful if played aggressive and passively. He is able to dish out damage and support his allies in time of need. His ability set has a unique utilization accessing additional effects based on the targets crowd control status.

Owen was also based on facts from the LoL Community and Riot developers. I've taken into consideration of Riot disliking the passive game play for supports hence why I've chosen to have him create in such a way where he could support as well as play aggressively.

"If defending beliefs lead to entropy, which belief leads to tranquility?" -Owen

In a far away world, where an ancient conflict is present, Owen dedicated his existence for justice. Serving under his elder sister Kayle, who assumed order after their father Amadeus laid lifeless, Owen fought relentlessly against evil. However, Owen despised having to use combat. He failed to understand why their believes created such chaotic consequences including the separation of his family. Worst of all, the opposition is lead by his troubled sister Morgana. Owen does not strive to increase the conflict between his twin sisters, but feels it may reveal the true solution.

Owen spent most of his time upon the sky piers, training how Amadeus taught him. But one day, Owen felt paranoid. He felt an unusual energy creep towards him. Embracing himself, he turned with caution to find Morgana who later offered alliance against Kayle. Owen refused hesitantly, he'd sworn oath to Kayle, but Owen hoped it was the right decision. Enraged, Morgana summoned a dark binding and cast it upon Owens' mind, flooding it with images of suffering. Pain and Agony paralyzed his movement and the darkness began to decay his angelic bond. But just as the bond was about to break, a power diminished its grasp. Slowly regaining control, Owen stood to find himself between Kayle and Morgana, both gazing at each other with pure hatred. As he continued to visualize his surroundings, he came to see what he had become. Owens' white aura was now accompanied by sinful power. His right wing had shriveled and the spear he held, tainted with evil. The armor he wore, now covered in black pieces. Shredding a tear, Owen directed his gaze to his sisters and refused to fight this war any longer. He broke his oath with Kayle, costing of his immortality, and banished himself to Valoran in seek of truth.

During his travels, the warrior strolled upon the League of Legends where he was offered a position. Owen refused, but later agreed after hearing his sisters were accommodated in such matters. He now strives to meet both siblings on the Fields of Justice and restore what he once loved, peace.

Health: 425(+78)
Attack Damage: 60(+2)
H.Regen: 5.5(+0.75)
Attack Speed: 0.625(+2.10)
Mana: 265(+35)
Armor: 10(+5.2)
M.Regen: 4.8(+0.5)
Magic Res.: 30
Range: 250
Mov. Speed: 315
Overview: Owens' ability set is based on punishing enemies based on their crowd control status. Because of this, if the target is inflicted with more than 1 crowd control, it will prioritize the first inflicted status. This applies to allies too.


Passive - Celestial Rejuvenation
FIXED: On kill/assist, Owen is healed for 1%(18% at level 18) of their maximum health and halved effect if assist. Additionally, Owens' mana regeneration is increased by 0.65 (11.7 at level 18) after 8 seconds of combat.

Q - Soul Cripple
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10
Mana cost: 40/45/50/55/60
Activating this ability empowers Owens' next basic attack by 20/40/60/80/100(+40% AD) slowing the target by 5/10/15/20/25%.
(Does not stack if W and/or E are applied; does not work with crits)

W - Divine obliteration
Range: 400
Cooldown: 6
Mana cost: 40
Owen inflicts magical damage(+40% AP)(+20% AD). If the selected enemy is effected by crowd control, the duration is increased by 2/4/6/8/10% and inflicts 10/15/20/25/30% extra damage.

E - Decisive Aura
Range: 400
AoE Range: 150
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12
Mana cost: 60/70/80/90/100
Detonate Diameter: 250
If used on an ally: Owen places a protective aura around an ally. After 1 second, the aura will detonate healing the ally by 120/165/210/255/300 (+50% AP) and slow all surrounding enemies by 10% (will not stack if Q and/or W are applied). If the ally is effected by a crowd control effect, the effect will be reduced by 3/6/9/12/15%.

If used on an enemy: Owen places a destructive aura around the target. After 1 second, the aura blasts the target dealing 40/60/80/100/120 (+40% AP) magical damage. If the target is affected by crowd control effects, they are passed on to other enemy champions in the area with 75% reduced effects.

R - Thrust of Illuminance
Range: 500
AoE Range: 250
Cooldown: 200/165/130
Mana cost: 120/140/160
Owen thrusts his spear into the ground, casting an aura around the area consisting of white and black particles.
If enemy champions are within the area, the black aura targets them.
If allied champions are within the area, the white aura targets them.

Enemy effects: After three seconds, enemy champions within the area are damaged for 100/150/200 (+40% AP)(+20% AD) magical damage. Those inflicted with crowd control affects takes 20/30/40% increased damage.

Ally effects: After three seconds, allied champions within the area heal for 8/16/24% of the health their missing. If allied champions within the area are effected by crowd control effects, they would be reduced by 4/8/12%.

The abilities that Owen has and have an extra effect based on the status of crowd control will not stack if the enemy/ally has more then 1 effecting status (e.g. will not stack if an ally/enemy has fear, slow and stun)

Upon Selection:
"Peaceful choice, summoner."

While Moving:
"What truth lies ahead."
"They shall both know peace."
"I will not rest."
"A journey awaits."
"Shape my path."

Interaction with allies:
Taric: "Oo, a gem! Such beauty." (Owens' shoulder gem reference)

"I guess you're 'Owen' me something?"

"I'll show you both sides, you decide which hurts most."

Upon killing sisters: (Kayle, Morgana)
"Look how justice has failed you Kayle."
"Demonic powers do not make you strong Morgana."

Upon death:
Against sisters:
"I will drag you're beliefs with me."

Activation of 'Divine Obliteration':
"Embrace the agony!"

Activation of 'Thrust of Illuminance':
After jumping in the air: "This, ends now." OR "HEEEARGH!" :Thrust spear in ground, effects take place

Q. What inspired you to create Owen?
A. Honestly, boredom. However I main the support role, so I looked for factors that would of made a good support, in this case utilization of status effects (crowd control).

Q. How would Owen fit in the current META?
A. I've designed Owen based on ideas from both the community's and Riot's view. After hearing the community ask for a new support and Riot disliking the passive game play, Owen is based on being able to play aggressively and support his team. He is able to be played as a hybrid bruiser or an AP carry and the way his skills are based on status of crowd control it would encourage a whole new play style.

Q. Riot developers cannot look at the fan concepts by law, do you feel you've done all this work for nothing?
A. The concept of Owen was not intended to have implementation into the game, it was simply an idea I have brought forth to the community to express what I feel should be added. Also, Riot developers cannot use our ideas by law, however if the community over populates the thread with agreement then legal documents must be signed by the owner of the idea.

Q. What would be the general combo for Owen?
A. Alike many combos, it depends on the situation. The most common situation would start with a Soul Cripple then lead up with a Divine Obliteration. When escaping, cast Decisive Aura on yourself if heavily inflicted with crowd control OR inflict it on the enemy if otherwise, this allows decreased duration as well as the effects being passed on to other enemies.

Q. I feel he may be overpowered in the sense of damage dealing, how have you calculated his ratios and numbers?
A. I based ratios out of 100 (100 AP, 100 AD) and then calculated the most amount of damage each ability could do. I calculated pure builds (250 AP or 250 AD) and resulted with the most damage done, here are the results:

Brid build (100 AP/AD)
Soul Cripple:
Max damage at level 5 - 140

Divine Obliteration: (has cc, no cc)
Max damage at level 5 - 78, 60

Decisive Aura:
Max damage at level 5 - 160

Thrust of Illuminance: (has cc, no cc)
Max damage at level 3 - 364, 260

Maximum damage dealt: (has cc, no cc)
Max damage at level 18 - 742, 620

Pure AP build (250 AP)
Soul Cripple:
Max damage at level 5 - 100

Divine Obliteration: (has cc, no cc)
Max damage at level 5 - 130, 100

Decisive Aura:
Max damage at level 5 - 220

Thrust of Illuminance: (has cc, no cc)
Max damage at level 3 - 420, 300

Maximum damage dealt: (has cc, no cc)
Max damage at level 18 - 870, 720

Pure AD build (250 AD)
Soul Cripple:
Max damage at level 5 - 200

Divine Obliteration: (has cc, no cc)
Max damage at level 5 - 65, 50

Decisive Aura:
Max damage at level 5 - 120

Thrust of Illuminance: (has cc, no cc)
Max damage at level 3 - 350, 250

Maximum damage dealt: (has cc, no cc)
Max damage at level 18 - 735, 620
If anything, his damage output is underpowered, but was intended as his ability to increase the effectiveness of crowd control either on-hit or AoE is rather strong.

Q. Could I help you with the idea?
A. You sure can. This was presented to the community so everyone can contribute their ideas. As mentioned before in this thread, when I present an idea it then becomes yours to attribute to.

Q. How far are you willing to go with this idea?
A. As far as I allow myself to. Right now I am trying to create a splash art showing Owen at full potential. I've also a friend who is willing to teach me how to model and hopefully I can implement it on my side to make my own champion spotlight. With that said, I don't expect Riot to implement it because of the work I've done, I simply do this for experience.

Q. Because Owen bases his effects off the targets crowd control status, wouldn't he be overpowered if the target has more than one?
A. Owens' abilities will not stack if the target is inflicted with multiple crowd control. They will prioritize the first status inflicted and base their effects on that.


I understand that Riot will not take my idea and I understand this. By law the designers are not allowed to view this board as it is our ideas UNLESS a waver is signed and the only idea I've seen taken was the Battle Bunny Riven thread which was insanely overpopulated with support.

If you do support this, please provide feedback as to how I could improve it. Also leave a vote, comment and thumbs up on the thread. Thank you!

P.S. All the graphics, the ideas, etc. took over a month. If you have feedback please provide it.

Oceanian 11-22-2012 01:54 AM

Update Logs:
-Updated thread with link to 'Champion Page' for Owen, located at the top of page.
-Added Quotes
-Attached Owen's Champion page, now easier to access and view
-Added FAQs section about certain frequent questions
-Another concept art created by Wulffe: http://s1206.beta.photobucket.com/us...dOwen.jpg.html
-Edited the quotes and the beginning of Owens' lore (to suit Wulffes champion idea)
-Parts of the lore have been changed to add in Amadeus (Wulffes idea, link above)
-Added a new movement quote
-Fixed a couple of errors thanks to 'Moby the White' (ability section, graphic change soon)
-Reformatted ability section
-Added assists to Owens' 'Celestial Rejuvenation'
-A new Champion Page has been attached, view it at the top of the page

Oceanian 11-22-2012 01:55 AM


Nazrethim 11-22-2012 02:21 AM

It's a good champion, his abilities very useful in combat.
Do you have stats or recomended build in mind?

Oceanian 11-22-2012 04:40 PM

Click on the champion page link on top of this thread.

Would anyone have any feedback for me?

Oceanian 11-22-2012 11:53 PM


Cousitarian 11-23-2012 12:24 AM

I'm not much of a player at the moment - just joined about two weeks ago - but I feel that this was well planned out and the only real way to see if he's as good as he sounds is to put him to the test in the game. Maybe it could happen someday. Your lore is well thought out, in my opinion. I like the idea of there being a third view in Kayle's and Morgana's feud and, through him, he seeks to put them both to rest. Not that he wants to... but it must be done. For peace. Very good, my man. In short, your work is not in vain. I like it.

Oceanian 11-23-2012 07:50 PM

Thank you for your feedback XD

With each idea I bring forth to this community, I spend weeks to make as close to perfect as possible.

I find pros and cons in the idea, improving the pros and fixing the cons. I'm glad my work is appreciated XD.

Oceanian 11-24-2012 01:10 AM


Wulffe 11-24-2012 12:51 PM

Here's a bump!

Also letting you know I tweaked Amadeus' lore and story to mention Owen. Just gave enough info to add him in but not fully describe him as a character. I'm leaving that to you. :D

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