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Osprii 11-21-2012 10:07 PM

[Champion Concept] Lassarin- The Feathered Protector
Champion: Lassarin- The Feathered Protector


Lassarin is designed to be the best roamer in the game. He can either be a jungler or a top laner. I made his skills so that he can clear minion waves or jungle camps quickly, to allow him time to leave for other lanes and gank, or counter jungle. I did this because I wanted a champion with great map presence that doesn’t have a global ultimate.
His ganks are fairly effective. His W gives him an effect that is pretty much equivalent to red buff, but he has no hard crowd control. Before his ultimate, Lassarin has no major gap closers, but after level 6, he will be hard to shake off.
Lassarin is also an assassin/carry killer, because he is very sticky, has good DPS, and flat armor penetration/reduction on two of his abilities. Flat armor penetration is most effective against enemies with little armor, even more effective than AD. So, Lassarin will be less effective against tanks, but more effective against the enemy ADC or AP carry (unless they grab a Zhonya’s). He also does 2000% additional damage to Yordles (jk, unless they’re Teemo.) Have you ever noticed that Yordles are the most annoying champions in the game? Not OP, just annoying. Well, Rumble isn’t too annoying, but the others… get on my nerves.
Anyway, I would recommend a somewhat tanky build with Lassarin that also has plenty of damage. Properly utilizing his roam ability means either being a prolific jungler that ganks often and steals the enemies’ buffs, or clearing your lane fast then moving to gank another lane with the jungler or, again, stealing the enemy’s buffs.
Please leave a comment, review, and especially, suggestions.

Lassarin is a large bird, taller than a human, which looks like a Secretary Bird. Secretary birds have long, sharp beaks, long legs, and cool feathers coming from the back of their head. They can still fly, despite also having such long legs. The only difference Lassarin has from them are the sharp, silver blades he carries in the feathers of his wings. He uses them in his basic attacks and many of his abilities.


Innate: Take Flight
After remaining out of combat for 4 seconds, Lassarin gains the Take Flight buff. When he has the Take Flight buff, he will gain "Flight" after one second of continuous motion. While in Flight, Lassarin gains 40% additional movement speed and avoids unit collision. However, if Lassarin stops moving, he will lose Flight. He won’t lose the Take Flight buff, though, until he re-enters combat.

Q: Severance
On his next basic attack, Lassarin will swipe at his foes with his beak, dealing 20/50/80/110/140 (+110% AD) physical damage to his main target and 75% of that damage to nearby enemies, and reducing their armor by 15/20/25/30/35 points for 3 seconds.
Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7 seconds
Cost: 35 mana

W: Hidden Daggers
Lassarin hurls the hidden blades from beneath his wings in a 60 degree wide, 700 unit long cone. The daggers deal 20/40/60/80/100 (+100% AD) physical damage and cause enemies to bleed for 2 seconds. The bleed deals 5/10/15/20/25 (+25% AD) physical damage each second and slows enemies by 14%. Lassarin’s basic attacks, and strikes from Bladed Feathers (his E), will prolong the bleed by 1 second, up to a maximum of 8 seconds.
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Cost: 40/45/50/55/60 mana

E: Bladed Feathers/ Take Off
Bladed Feathers:
Lassarin dashes up to 400 units away, then spins three times with his bladed wings extended. This takes only half a second. Enemies within 300 units are dealt 20/35/50/65/80 (+45% bonus AD) each strike. These strikes can critically hit.

Take Off:
If Lassarin currently has the Take Flight buff, then Bladed Feathers will be replaced with Take Off. These abilities have a separate mana cost, but the same cooldown. Using Take Off will automatically cause Lassarin to dash up to 1200 units away at a speed of 2400 units per second while becoming untargetable for the duration. Take Off will also automatically cause Lassarin to enter Flight afterwards, if he was not already in it. This deals no damage to enemies.
Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Cost: 50 mana

R: Unrelenting
Lassarin dashes to an enemy unit and deals 40/80/120 (+125% AD) physical damage. This ability will also pierce 20/40/60 points of the enemy’s armor. Lassarin’s basic attacks will reduce Unrelenting’s cooldown by 2.5 seconds.
Cooldown: 18/15/12 seconds
Cost: 20/25/30 mana

Lassarin began life by crumbling the stone that encased him off of his newly formed feathers. As he shook off the last of his tightly confining prison, he saw a group of men gathered in front of him in a semi-circle. They were in a kneeling position, chanting under their breath.

These men were the priests of Lassarin, a heron-god of Ionia. When the priests saw the Noxian war machines in the distance, advancing steadily on their small village of worshippers, they did the only thing they could think to do. They prayed to their god, in front of the statue fashioned after Lassarin himself. They had been told that Lassarin would protect his shrine and his worshippers, but they were never told he would do so by animating his own statue.

The stone fell in great chunks from the bird’s feathers, and it emerged beneath the rapturous gazes of the priests. They bowed in obeisance as Lassarin stepped onto the floor. They thought their own god had come to visit them, not knowing this Lassarin was merely an earth bound messenger of the true deity.

The Noxians were at the village gate by then, and with a magical explosion, knocked it down. In charged a full regiment, armed to the teeth. And out charged Lassarin. The Noxians were not prepared to have a giant bird-warrior slaughter them left and right. They retreated with heavy casualties, while not a single worshipper of Lassarin was killed. The warrior was exultant in completing his duty of protection. However, the Noxians left with a parting gift. A deathly poisonous gas was spewed into the compound as they hastily left.

To Lassarin’s dismay, the villagers around him began collapsing. He whirled around, blades ready, looking for an enemy to kill. He felt no pain from the poison, being a heaven sent giant bird, but the villagers died off completely. Lassarin was horrified by their deaths: he had failed his duty and his master. In rage, he took off in pursuit of the Noxians, catching them quickly with the speed of his flight. In blind anger, he killed them all and destroyed their machines. As his senses returned to him, Lassarin returned to the shrine to be recalled by his master. However, nothing happened. Lassarin was confused. He searched his feelings, meditating as the teachings of Lassarin commanded, to discover two cankerous tumors in his soul: his anger at the Noxains, and his failure to protect his people.

Lassarin knew that he must now work to protect Ionia, and he must not give in to revenge again, in order to purify himself before he could return to his master. Tasked with this new self-appointed duty, Lassarin left the desecrated shrine to protect. Though the Noxian invasion ended, Lassarin still felt his duty was not complete, that he still owed his people. He decided there was one place to serve Ionia now: the League of Legends.

Moby the White 11-21-2012 10:14 PM

great lore and abilities looks great maybe too fast XD overall would love to play :D

Osprii 11-24-2012 10:00 PM


He could be too fast, but the only way to tell if someone is too good at roaming is play testing, really... which is impossible. You can tell if they deal too much damage, to a point, but roaming really can't be determined by just looking at the numbers.

Moby the White 11-24-2012 10:36 PM

i'm interested to hear what you'd think of my champions i.e.

i can find you links if interested :S

wabachaw 11-24-2012 11:23 PM

The passive is very unique and I like it however it does seem like it can allow a player to skip boots altogether, so maybe a bit too strong in its current form.

About the E - Take Off ability. So essentially it is a mini nocturne ult? on a sub 20 second cool down? Interesting idea and cool but maybe a bit OP.

The Q - Maybe it should deal less damage to enemies around the primary target? That is a really strong AoE especially with your AD ratios.

The W - That bleed damage is very high and with the other concepts of this champ it seems like no one could ever get away from him.

The ultimate is cool but Id like to make a suggestion about it. Instead of having it on a very low cool down that you can lower even further with CDR and his basic attacks. Give him the ability to use in rapid succession and put it on a longer cool down over all. This will give him burst but also make it where you just arent hitting R every 2 seconds all the time.

I like it though! The damage is high overall, but that can always be changed. Although you can't test it until you can play it, you can always compare to what is currently in the game.

Osprii 11-26-2012 02:36 PM

Alright, thanks for the feedback wabachaw! And at Moby, I would love to review your champions on my free time, post some links and next time I decide to do a few reviews, I'll check them out.

Alright, the passive could allow players to skip boots at the beginning of the game, but because it is only active out of combat, and because it is a percentage buff to your speed, I think it will actually encourage players to grab boots earlier for better roaming. It still might be OP, but I don't think its any better, than, say a mini Boots of Mobility in a passive.

E- Well, not exactly a nocturne ult because it doesn't have to target an enemy, and it deals no damage. However, you are right, it is probably an OP ganking/gap closing move to start a battle with. I think I will make the cooldowns on the two E's NOT separate, so Lassarin must choose between a great gap closer or a short gap closer but with more damage.

Q- Alright, that sounds fair enough. How about 70% of the original damage? Mostly it's just for jungling and farming.

W- Well, no one can ever get away from a champion with red buff or Frozen Mallet. This is comparable to those, but the slow is much less. Also, the bleed damage is similar to a bleed that Talon has on his Noxian Diplomacy. The base damage is higher, but the ratio is lower, and Talon's bleed is automatically 6 seconds, it doesn't require basic attacks to lengthen it.

R- I wanted to make it like Akali's ultimate without making it Akali's ultimate... though I have to admit his ultimate might get ridiculous. Maybe I will make the cooldown longer, but the cooldown reduction by his basic attacks longer as well, so CDR matters less, and attack speed matters more.

Anyway, thanks a ton for the feedback! It was really helpful. I'm making the changes now.

Osprii 11-26-2012 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by Moby the White (Hozzászólás 31788785)
i'm interested to hear what you'd think of my champions i.e.

i can find you links if interested :S

I would love to review your champions on my free time. Post dem links.

Osprii 12-04-2012 02:49 PM


Moby the White 12-06-2012 08:49 PM

i read this one before and i loved it i should probaly give it a score too :D

Lore Power Review Score:
Lore: 24/25
Reason: I absolutely love the lore I feel that it can be improved in some areas just with how you worded things I would be glad to elaborate if need be.

Passive: 24/25
Reason: Unique and original requires you to constantly move back and forth. fulfills the theme and it is clear concise and shows no major errors. I would change only one thing and that is how this sentence reads: he will take Flight after one second of continuous motion. I suggest saying he wil gain "Flight" after one second.... this way you aren't confusing your reader with the next couple sentences about how he won't lose Take Flight until he reenters combat.

Q. 25/25
Reason: despite what you may think i actually gave full credit for theme and synergy here. I felt that this skill is your last hit button or your opener. I felt that with your passive you are promoting that pacing technique used by a lot of players to avoid autoattacking. I felt that severance fits within the theme of being a stone idol of a god and the whole religious speel.

W. 25/25
Reason: okay so you just opened up with Severance and now your passive is gone. I feel that the synergy of the slow allows you to still have that upperhand and continually chase. I feel it fits well within the whole bird theme. plus you have additional synergy with E ability

E. 24/25
Reason: you provided a gap closer that allows you to reproc the bleed effect from the slow in addition you gave it a secondary effect that works while your passive is active providing lots of synergy here. The second ability provides lots of utility for escaping chases or getting back to lane incredibly fast i feel that being invulnerable during the duration is a bit much due to the fact that he travels so quickly i feel it is an unneccesary bonus.

R. 23/25
Reason: I felt that the balance here is questionable. You have low damage but high armor pen and high ad ratios. I can estimate the amount of damage based on research with 200 armor subtracting 100 armor leaves 100 armor, 100 armor mitigates 50% of damage. From this we can say that at 300 AD you are dealing 440 damage before mitigation occurs. 220 total damage is dealt to target at highest rank. At the same time if you put them at negative armor the damage is substantial. Maybe lower the armor pen but up the damage for a more consistent effect. This requires a lot of actual analyzation for me to judge and for that i docked you :P

Bonus +3
Reason: Originality, Organization, and Gameplay. Your organization was an inspiration to me when i first read it a while back. Since then I utilize quoting the seperate my stuff and make it look neater.
Lore PQWER: 146/150
Total Lore PQWER : 149/150

Osprii 12-09-2012 12:10 AM

Thanks for the review Moby.
Ok, I reread the lore and changed some things, such as adding or changing words to try and make it a little clearer.

Thanks for the re-wording tip on the passive. It makes more sense now. Also, I changed the ult by reducing the armor pen and increasing the base damage, then also increasing the cooldown so Lassarin can't spam it so much. I wanted him to be an assassin for those low-armor ADC's, but I suppose he doesn't need SO much arpen for that.

Again, thanks.

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