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ThereRnoIDs 11-21-2012 12:44 AM

You won't be banned for having bad games
I swear nothing but lies

Edit: No wonder I couldn't see this thread on the GD when I jumped on my pc.
Ergh I found the replay by booting into vista but it's not in spectator mode. You can see all the chat that goes on throughout the game though. I basically just sped it up to max speed and held F1. Dosnt look intentional feeding to me but you guys could say otherwise. Alot of bad plays.

Diana - It was fine, I was mid from 4minute onwards. Last 2 team fights was mis-communication like I thought we would've dived 4v2. Same for last fight, dived in but everyone was hesitant or I just died way too fast for them to deal any dmg. When people pinged a fog of war, I usually walk in to die 1v3 too -.-

Brand - WAY too agressive (renger said stop being agressive after my 11th death). I basically played like I had NO FEAR at all, got baited a few times and died 2 obvious dumb deaths. 1 chasing kass past turret(hoping he'll turn back and cast something on me) and died when trying to kill turret when team b'd. Yes they pinged B but man I was on a momentum throughout the entire game, would've looked wierd if I did. I contributed throughout the entire game and my 'last death won us the game' from the looks of it and there's no indication of us losing at all.


I'm not even obligated to provide a replay as it may put me in a disadvantage position with people pointing out this and that but it's here anyway. Bad plays, bad positioning, no map awareness, everything here in real time.

EDIT 2: ALL my reform cards are here. I use to be MORE vocal etc but look at HOW MUCH I CHANGED throughout the past few months. I rather have the me from the 'warning' period to be honest, where I could enjoy and actually communicate with the team with my intention etc but anyway, this is in response to Lyte's 1000 reports in 900 games. Every game has more than 2 reports and I'd outline what happens in all these games from the top of my head.

Warning: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/tribunal/en/case/5719812/ (Verdict-Victim- I got trolled game 1, tried to help game 2, bad game 3.)
- Cho - Been palying on my smurf for like 2-4weeks at around 1400-1550. Jumping back on my main 900 elo was a HUGE drop in skill level and frustrating. I CARRIED this game, and for someone that was 'intentional feeding', it was no more than 2-3 times (1v4 and still traded 1 for 1) but still had the least death on the team. Malphite was last pick and started ap for like the first 30minute of the game (fed etc), sold all his item and farmed all game so his report looks 'decent' making me sit in a 50minute game with them. Irelia left at 30minutes after we won a team fight at baron.
- Alistar - Prechat definiltey said I was roaming all. Top was vlad and swain vs volibear. Volibear was crying all game how he can't 1v2, was helping him all game, yet was *****ing that he dosnt want the help, makes no sense. Same for Ez but he should have an easier time than Voli. Either way me and Xin were the bash bros this game and ****ed them all up the first half of the game. Enemy even said so but Karth & co sucked too much, I didn't harass anyone too badly.
- Orianna - bad game, tried, never afked and missed an ult that pissed everyone off from teh sounds of it. Scores dont look too bad.

3 Day ban: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/tribunal/en/case/5761118/ (verdict=Punishable for unorrthadox pick I guess)
- Alistar - Looks like I initiated alot of these fights with my ult but never got a followup. I was just calling people wussy and ***** not like I was calling anyone a fuktard or worse. No I did not have my rating by then. Again, Assumptions and fake comments and my score isnt even that bad for someone that's feeding.
- Draven - I said I'll graves top mid bot jungle in prechat. No it wasnt sarcasm, first pick mained ezreal, had like 20% graves win rate, buyt locked in my champ & not his main. I said I'd support draven (don't assume I was trolling, look at my 'current' match history, support shaco adn graves (won)). They didn't believe me and last pick went taric instead of cho top forcing me to adc.
- Syndra - Basically another Syndra top mid bot jungle support. I was syndra bot this game whereas the enemy had support pantheon. I was genuinely trying to win this game, played like syndra 10 games straight.

1 Week ban: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/tribunal/en/case/5813740/ (Verdict- I really really don't think this is as bad as you make it sound to be no matter how many times I read it...
- Malzahar - Just a little rant on how Amumu is OP and stating facts on what happens throughout the game... negative attitude... dosn't even seem bad. Never afked or threaten to anywhere throughout the entire game. 5 reports right here TWO from ally, THREE from enemy.
- Morgana - Bad game. Every base turret etc were up aside from the mid inhib. Never afked or anything throughout the entire game. Asked to surrender 'once'.
- Brand - Prechat was toxic by Shaco. In game was also toxic by WW. Even says REPORT BRAND for not TAKING RED somewhere through that spam.

2 Week ban: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/tribunal/en/case/5874821/
- Everybody knows how toxic I was this game... where I even included a replay above. Just proves that false reports are 'possible'. 7 false reports right here for 2 games.

I really really don't know. I have more reports than I play apparently but that's just absurd. Sure it may be 'abit' offensive but nothing that makes me go wow (jaws drop), it's really bad the way Lyte makes it out to be. Look at what your bans do to me, I no longer object to opinions anymore nor state my intentions, people may fight and start fighting amonst themselves again. Now I just go yeah, whatever, negative attitude or cant be stuffed typing at all.

What more do you want Lyte? You had to bring out the most ridiculous statistics out there but not for the number of reports I got since my 'last ban'. Whether or not all these reports are accountable for a punish or not, you don't even seem to care. Numbers are 'always right'. I may have a bad past but the case at hand makes me 'rolls my eye'. From my point of view only 1 case was worth being banned for(according to your tribunal faqs, I can play whatever I want but itll look weird to have 4 pardonable cases so il let it slip).

I know it's a huge wall of text but I got to put it out there. Are these the worse cases you've seen out there? Are they really as bad as the 1000 reports 900 games sound to be? I've seen much worse throughout my games and worse in other cases.

Azuuy 11-21-2012 12:47 AM

Troll is troll

Gono 11-21-2012 12:47 AM

Yeah thats total bull****. You didn't even troll in the diana game, they were all being dicks to you, and I know that never helps.

No one even researches the tribunal anymore, all they see is the punish button and press it to be done with it. That's retarded.

Amélie Poulain 11-21-2012 12:49 AM

um... lol

what the ****? you didn't do ANYTHING wrong except get outplayed, which isn't bannable (and i can't imagine any situation where it would be)


Catthedragon 11-21-2012 12:49 AM

You said all of one swear, and it wasn't even directed at a player.

Other than that, all you did was build the way you wanted to build.

Tribunal OP.

ThereRnoIDs 11-21-2012 12:49 AM


Originally Posted by Aesi (Hozzászólás 31666599)
Yeah thats total bull****. You didn't even troll in the diana game, they were all being dicks to you, and I know that never helps.

This is 2 week ban.
My next bad game is perm ban...

Brend107 11-21-2012 12:51 AM

You probably weren't banned for having a bad score but not communicating with your team (going bot and expecting them to just auto lane switch) or at least your first game.

CaptSchwann 11-21-2012 12:52 AM

Ya thats messed up. I saw nothing of any hostility in any games.
Roaming and helping lanes (u may have died there) isnt a bad thing, but team made it out to be.
I dunno...

Should of been pardon'd. Tribunal 'shouldnt' ban bad scores.

IS1d413e2874b65a94708e7 11-21-2012 12:55 AM

while losing the lane as diana is unthinkable, there is no real ban reason at that

CaptSchwann 11-21-2012 12:55 AM

5am bump. good way to start the morning

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