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TheMeowMixKitten 11-21-2012 01:13 AM

@Ezreal Make a dream come true.
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tldr: back in December 2012 i had 1999 normal wins. Tried for a couple months to get Ezreal to play with me. Had to stop to play and catch up with friends. Now I'm back to try and just Game with the man.

It was June 6, 2010 and a good friend of mine recommended a game to my group of friends. Later that day I received this email and continued a 2 and a half year journey to paradise.


Your friend ***** is inviting you to play League of Legends with them.
The creators of DotA Allstars bring you League of Legends, a fast-paced*
competitive online game that will test both your skill and mind. You will*
become a powerful summoner and call forth brave Champions � growing their*
power and abilities through battles across a unique and visually stylized*
Sign up for FREE and join the action
I signed up, made my account, and chose the name Drakie Poo for myself. My friends knew me as Drake and a close one called me that manly man name “Drakie Poo” so it seemed fitting to go to battle with it. Dec. 16, 2012 I name changed to TheMeowMixKitten, a name I like to commonly take when not going by Drake. I wanted to change my name to this almost a month into playing the game. But I was patient.

At that time Olaf was the champion on the home screen. I thought he was special or something at first but I learned later, he's just a big jerk. I remember going up in levels with my friends. Master Yi was my favorite then, but I failed every game with him. My friends and I thought we should all stack Trinity Forces too, they gave the best stats after all. On the journey up to 30 I played Ezreal on the first day of one of his free weeks. Oh god was I terrible, and well aware of it, but I had fallen inlove. I played that boy EVERY GAME that entire week and by the end of it I had raised enough IP to buy him. I felt confident in my play skills with him after that week. I remember I played him AP for a while until someone told me AD was better. "Yea yea." I said to satisfy them, walking mid with a Doran Blade in hand, "Let me see for myself." When my Q and AA dropped the enemy Annie's health I twitched with joy. My favorite item on him, though I never build anymore, was Manamune. Finally we hit 30 and we had all learned the game pretty well. At this time I had picked up a decent amount of favorites: Lux, Teemo, Caitlyn, Katarina, and others. We all had our own go-tos. My friend's Nidalee, my brother's Rammus, another friend was Leona. Mine was Lee Sin middle. I destroyed any ranged AD or mage that came mid. When I wasn't playing Summoner's Rift but rather Dominion, it was Ezreal that I turned to. Oh man I used to stack Hextech Gunblades before the unique passive came into play. TO WATCH YOUR HEALTH SKYROCKET BACK TO FULL WITH THREE OF THOSE BABIES ON. Mmmmmmmm. Joy.

I had already amassed well over 1000 normal game wins in that year and I could have had more than I do today but then college happened. I got distracted and focused more on cla- social life actually. What are classes? It was a lot of fun. I started to find time for League at Christmas but something horrendous had occurred. The meta had spawned. There was no more Lee Sin mid. No more Evelynn and Taric top. NO MORE DUO TOP AT ALL ACTUALLY. No more Leona and Lux lane. No more FUN.

I adjusted as best as I could. I tried top with my friends for a while, picked up Urgot and Teemo. Tried to adjust to this new found craze going around, called Last Hitting. Doing it with Urgot was hard. ;.; Then I tried Jungle and that wasn't too much fun. Finally I insisted on ADC. I started slow at first but I quickly picked up speed. I enjoyed playing Ezreal again. I'll admit the hardest part was conforming to the standard ADC build. "What? N-No more Gunblade?" I refused to learn Graves though cause everyone played him(at that time -.-). I made time for the game in the spring semester and started a rank team with my friends. We did deeeeecent in Season 2. I played Ezreal a lot with them, I even learned how to jungle him. My team really enjoyed when I jungled him. :3 Almost hit gold over summer but the start up of college again distracted a lot of my teammates. My roommate and I managed to hit gold doing school, oh boy did we feel amazing.

I don't mind the meta so much anymore as I've fallen in love with ADC. I own all 18 of the champions I consider ADCs and while Varus(At the time of writing this. Now it's back to Ez, but tied with Twisted Fate) is currently my favorite of the 20, Ezreal still holds a place in my heart.

But through out this whole story I've only ever played with a Rioter ONCE. And I didn't even know who they were, or remember who they were. I know that's dumb. But I don't peruse the forums a lot and the game ended in a lose (it was an ARAM). But I've never received the chance to play with the Rioter I really want to. My mind lapsed on the idea when I hit my 1000th win so here I am trying to my 2XXXth normal 5v5 win with Ezreal himself.
WOAH! December 16, 2012 I got queued against Riot V1rtuE. I know a red exists named V1rtuE, not sure if this guy was the real thing, but I asked him if he could send this thread to Ez and he said he'd try, but he can't promise!

Total games played: <OUT OF DATE>
The Twisted Treeline Co-op: 1-0
The Twisted Treeline(new): 3-3
The Twisted Treeline(old): I wish I knew, I played it a lot on the way to 30.
Dominion: 77-67
Summoner's Rift: 1999-1855
Summoner's Rift Co-op/Dominion Co-op:: 25-1
Total Ranked: 404-357
Custom games: Who the hell knows?
Total games played: 2509-2283
TOTAL: 4792

Reasons you, Mr. Ezreal, should play with me.
1. Ezreal is one of my favorite champions.
2. Ezreal is my favorite/best Jungler. Infact, for my 1999th win I played Jungle Ezreal.*
3. I own all his skins except Striker Ezreal, I was really dumb back then.
3.a. I play Nottingham Ezreal to Jungle cause of the camouflage. He can also match with Divine Soraka in botlane. Though I haven't had to chance to try him in the new jungle :( - Scratch that I have and it's back in business baby!
3.b. Explorer Ezreal's for Dominion cause you GOTTA MINE THE PRECIOUS RESOURCES THERE.
3.c. Frosted Ezreal is for matching my Frost Queen Janna, normal Taric, and a bunch of other skins.
3.d. Pulsefire is for my dream team. Robo Turret Defense Squad.
3.e. This is where I'd put my Striker Ezreal, IF I HAD ONE.
4. You're a god to me.
5. The Pulsefire icon has been and will always be my icon since it's release.
6. Ezreal dominated my most played Champion spot for Season 2. (Not cause everyone else played him ;.; /hipster)
7. I actually like Te emo.
8. I've never be banned, and I like to think of myself as a decent member of the community. I've never rage-quit a match, but I have had to leave for family matters, internet issues at the worst times, etc. I think that's happened a max of... 15 times?
9. After playing all Pokemon games since 1st Generation, I've yet to see a Shiny. :(
10. We don't -have- to win, much less play a Normal game. We could do an ARAM, a Dominion, a Ranked, or an anything.

*The screenshot you see was taken from my friend's computer as he wanted to try Zed on my account, so I played Jungle Ezreal on his.

Since I believe in fair arguments:

Reasons you, Mr. Ezreal, should not play with me.
1. I don't know if I can ever forgive you for making Ahri.
2. I can't guarantee our game to be a victory, I am a human and I have faults.
3. You're a very busy man.
4. We have differing time schedules.
5. You may secretly hate the community and playing with players like me is just a nuisance, I get it.
6. I don't own Striker Ezreal.
7. I seriously don't own Striker Ezreal.
9. Even though that's how I played when I started, I don't enjoy AP Ezreal.
10. Yes I do ship Ezreal and Lux.
11. I actually like Te emo?
12. I was unable to wait for you anymore and had to play with my friends :(
13. Twisted Fate is tied for my favorite champion.

<cough> Right. I may have screwed myself over with that last list, but fair is fair. The answer is up to you Mr. Hallam, if I may be formal with you.

EDIT: added a pro and a con. also spellings editted erros of thiskindm.
EDIT2: added some pros
EDIT: Updated it a lot

Fruity Erikchen 11-21-2012 01:19 AM

Bump :D


Archangel9088 11-21-2012 01:23 AM

For the love of whatever you choose to love, Ezreal, play with this man. He deserves it.

A Nydus Worm 11-21-2012 01:23 AM

tl dr

Avalonicous 11-21-2012 01:42 AM

Bump this during a more popular time of day, I don't think many reds are on the forums past midnight

BinaryUnicycle 11-21-2012 05:45 AM

I enjoyed your story.

Ezreal, play with this man. He deserves it!


Sugar Shack 11-21-2012 06:21 AM


He deserves it.

Fruity Erikchen 11-21-2012 06:30 AM


TheMeowMixKitten 11-21-2012 09:37 AM

Imma just leave this bump right here.

TheMeowMixKitten 11-21-2012 10:16 AM

<throws another bump>

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