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ChaosIsOrder 11-20-2012 03:05 PM

My Opinions on Champions I Play.
I play Karma, Sona, Zyra, Nunu, Xerath, Lux, Leona, and Maokai. I'm just gonna go down the list and voice my opinions.

Karma is, in my opinion, the best support in the League. Now, I know a lot of people would disagree, but my reasons are simple. Her Q: the cone is nice for clearing minion waves while your AD carry is somewhere else. Her Q with Mantra: the best heal in the game. Period. I know Soraka has a global heal, Janna has an AoE with CC that heals over time, Sona has a heal that automatically targets the ally with the lowest health, etc... But the one thing Karma has that they don't is a heal that, in addition to a base amount, heals based on a percentage of the target's missing health. Karma is the only champion that doesn't need to worry as much about the AP scale for her heal, because it heals any champion for an amount that is actually based on their health, allowing her to heal tanks just as effectively as AP carries. Her W: Not much to say, other than it's a fun way to wipe minions, slow enemies for a kill, or simply get back to your lane after an early team fight. Her E: absolutely epic skill. The AP scaling is decent, and with a low cooldown and the ability to shield promoted siege minions, it's probably the most useful shield in the game. Her E with Mantra: Not much beats the additional AoE damage that comes with the shield. Enough said. Mantra: the ultimate that trumps all other for utility. Why wait until level 6 to increase your power? Mantra is the reason I love playing Karma. I love the idea of having one less decision to make when you level up. The only downside is the lack of an ability that overpowers your opponents. And last but definitely not least, her innate passive. By far the best way to bait your opponent into a bush where your AD carry is waiting to get that kill. All you have to do is get low on health, run into the bush, pop your Mantra and E, and watch the magic happen. (No pun intended.)
So I would appreciate feedback and/or your own questions. More champions will follow.

IdleAltruism 11-20-2012 05:27 PM

Karma is considered one of the worst supports in the game. She's a better jungler/top laner than she is a support, and she's not good at either of those. No hard disable, lowish damage, and the inherent weakness of Mantra casting are just too much to make her really viable. Other supports just do it better and provide more utility on top of that with strong disables (some supports only have strong disables and are much stronger at the role because of it).

ChaosIsOrder 11-21-2012 06:15 AM

Yes, I will agree having no disablesis annoying. I play Leona support a lot, too, and the ridiculous CC is great. But having no heals and a shield that only affects yourself is not the best way to support. Leona, in my opinion, is best at supporting tankier AD carries like Graves. Sona, on the other hand, is probably my favorite support to play, because her harass is epic. As a support for someone like Ezreal or Caitlyn, the chances of losing early game are slim. But as I said, Karma's Mantra+Q is the best part of her kit. It can save your entire team and turn a fight around. Yes, Soraka can do that too, but Karma has the low cooldown. Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention my build.

I go with 0/5/25 masteries, mainly for the experience boost, mana regen, extra gold, and cooldown reductions. I always get Flash and Clarity. My first items are a Mana Manipulator and a Mana Potion. I usually get my E first. I build Kindlegem next, followed by Ionian Boots, Heart of Gold and Kage's Lucky Pick. I then go for Soul Shroud and/or Abyssal Scepter (if I have room or a good amount of gold.) By this point, I usually sell my Heart of Gold and Kage's Lucky Pick, and then buy Tear of the Goddess. I let that sit while I build Will of the Ancients. I build my Tear of the Goddess into Archangel's Staff, and round it all off with a Rabadon's Deathcap. I sometimes swap out Abyssal Scepter for Rylai's Crystal Scepter if I want the Health and the slow. This build usually goes pretty well, as my 23/4 record with Karma will show.

To be perfectly honest, I think the biggest issue Karma has is that she isn't on the free week rotation. (Apparently RIOT thinks she's too imbalanced.) As a result, the only way to try her is to buy her, and for most, the fact that she can be difficult to use leads most people to stop playing her. For Karma, the trick is having a good build and practicing. A lot. But in the end, I found it to pay off.

ChaosIsOrder 11-21-2012 07:01 AM

Alright then. Next up is Zyra. Feel free to keep voicing your opinions on Karma, too.

Probably my best AP mid, her strengths are easy to see. 3 forms of CC, an unending flow of minion/turrets, and harass that makes Morgana cry. I don't see Zyra played much outside of Ranked, and honestly, I'm not quite sure why, other than the 6300IP cost. Some people call her Heimerdinger 2.0, but I just call her the Mistress of the Brush. (I'll get to that later.) I don't see the need to discuss her kit, so I'll just go over my builds.

I use the same masteries as Karma, 0/5/25, and pretty much for the same reasons. I go one of two ways. AP caster or, as I call it, Lane Bombing. For AP caster, I take Flash and Clarity. I start with Boots of Speed and 3 Mana Potions. I follow that up with an immediate Chalice of Harmony, since she burns Mana like Cho'Gath in an oven. I get Tear of the Goddess next, and then get Kage's Lucky Pick. Next comes an Archangel's Staff, followed by 2 Blasting Wands and a Needlessly Large Rod. I get Rabadon's Deathcap, Deathfire Grasp, Sorcerer's Shoes, and Athene's Unholy Grail. Usually I end up with around 700 AP, making my burst pretty much unsurvivable, even for tanks.
My other build, Lane Bomber, is very situational. I take the same masteries, except I put one point from Armor into the first Summoner Spell boost, leaving me with 1/4/25. I take Promote and Surge, which usually ends in at least a few people laughing at me. My first item is an Amplifying Tome, followed by Boots of Speed and a Sapphire Crystal. I then build Sheen and a Blasting Wand. I follow that up with a Lich Bane, a Needlessly Large Rod, and sometimes a Nashor's Tooth. I then build a Rabadon's Deathcap, a Void Staff, an Archangel's Staff if I think the game will be a long one, and my tried and true Deathfire Grasp. Basically, I try to push my lane as far and as fast as I possibly can. Usually this results in the entire enemy team abandoning their lanes and going mid to stop me. This is often a good thing, since it allows the rest of my team to freely push. (I almost never have much of a problem dealing with, or at least escaping, 1v5 fights.) I often just hang back, span Promote and set up a defensive line of plants to make my enemies think twice about pushing back. By the end, I have pretty much pushed my way to their Nexus with only the help of my plants and a Promoted minion or two. My record for early pushing is 2 turrets in 10 minutes, all while laning against an annoyed Anivia and a raging Riven. Oh, and just a side note, Zyra needs a new skin. (I'm thinking something like an "Alluring Lotus" skin...)

I would love to hear what you think, and I will definitely answer any of your questions! And also, remember, these are only my honest opinions.

ChaosIsOrder 11-21-2012 07:19 AM

Well there's one thing we all can agree on. "This dress may have been a bit impractical..."

Zagna 11-21-2012 08:45 AM

I think Karma is not given enough credit.

I was able to solo against three champs that were trying to go at me under a turret- while i was support and my ad character was on his/her way back to try and help out.

I was able to hold them off- even weaken them until my AD came and we were not only able to push them back, but wipe out two in the process. The third got away, but that is beside my point.

Even when soloing, Karma is deadly when underestimated- especially when low on health due to her passive.

I bought her and did not regret it.
Although she requires more than practice, she also requires others to have knowledge of her in order to make use of her abilities to the best it can be. Whenever i ask if people know how Karma work, no one knows at all, which forces me to explain how she works so they can work with her abilities better.

I surprise some people, i confuse others, but i am glad to help some people get to know her better.

ChaosIsOrder 11-21-2012 10:06 AM

Exactly. I usually have to explain Spirit Bond (Her W) every game. The best way to utilize that skill is for you and your AD carry to drag it through a minion wave, either by running past on each side or running around the group. Same goes for team fights. What people don't realize is that that "beam-thingy" is pretty much the last thing you want to touch. If a Karma runs around behind a team fight, that's when your in trouble. She can simply drag her W across the entire fight, dealing a large amount of damage, speeding up her allies and slowing yours down. Then she proceeds to Q everyone, healing a massive amount to her allies (and even those minions that nobody ever notices during team fights) and dealing even more damage to her enemies. And if it starts to go downhill for someone, she does a Mantra+E, shielding them and AoE damaging everything. Again. Most people may not like Karma, but since some do, those that don't should still learn how she works.

ChaosIsOrder 11-21-2012 01:31 PM

OK. Time for the next champion, Nunu. Probably the most obnoxiously fun champion to play, Nunu is one of my stranger choices. I never jungle with Nunu, since I play that position as Maokai. Karma, Sona and Leona are my main supports, and I usually go top with Nasus, Garen or, occasionally, Kayle. As for AD carry, I only play that position if Ezreal or Caitlyn are on free week rotation. Therefore, the only remaining position is mid. Here's how AP carry Nunu usually goes...

I use 30/0/0 masteries for maximum damage, along with Surge and Exhaust. I start off with a Meki Pendant and a few Mana Potions, and I go with Nunu's Q. Basically, the most useful skill for jungling is now the second most powerful form of AP carry sustain, only beaten by Master Yi's 400% Meditate. So my build is all about maximizing damage output and sustain. I go for an end build of Sorcerer's Shoes, Will of the Ancients, Void Staff, Abyssal Scepter, Rabadon's Deathcap, and an Archangel's Staff. I get these items as I feel necessary, since the order doesn't matter too much. I usually end up with an absurd amount of AP, around 700, causing my Q to heal approximately 1250 health. Not to mention the fact that a fully-channeled ult does 1175 (+1750) damage to each enemy hit, and heals me for 20% of the total damage dealt. Oh, and the damage from my Ice Ball is around 1000, every 6 seconds with no CDR. Yeah. Talk about "a ton of damage!"

The biggest issue with this build is that it isn't very good in team fights. But its great for making sure no one escapes from a team fight. Oh, and pretty much any form of hard CC makes this build really easy to counter, due to almost no tankiness whatsoever.

So that's how I play Nunu. And it works well for me, since the only game I lost was against a Volibear and a Singed who were determined to make sure I never got to channel my ult for the full duration. So, yeah. Keep sharing your comments, questions and opinions!

Zagna 11-21-2012 06:49 PM

Nunu is an interesting champ, to say the least.

His ult is super deadly, yet i cannot help but feel that i can never do the guy justice- jungle or laning... I am glad you found a nice build for him though- agressive, but it works. :)

ChaosIsOrder 11-21-2012 08:48 PM

I love the fact that with a decent amount of AP, all you really need to do is this.

Run up to turret and Blood Boil + Surge.
Beat the living **** out of the turret.
Lose 70% of your health from the turret (or those annoying minions) and the champion that's desperately trying to save it.
Eat a minion and recover 50% of your health.
Ice Ball that champion for a 1-hit kill.
Eat another minion for full health.
Destroy the turret.
Hide in the nearest bush and wait for the inevitable gank.
Channel your ult and enjoy the Quadrakill.
Repeat for the 2 remaining turrets.
Win game, get IP, and buy another annoying champion.

It's that simple.

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