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iCptCanada 11-20-2012 02:03 PM

Dedicated Player Interested professional Top lane position
Hello, My Name is iCptCanada.
I have played league for around a year now and I'm interested in more ranked and professional play. I excel at top lane position, Playing Fair with good players, and punishing people that make bad moves. My Play style is very versatile, but in solo-que I prefer to be aggressive. I have a passion to be a pro player in league of legends after being inspired by this years championships, watching how you can make money and have fun. A website lights up my eyes, called, www.Z33k.com. This site hosts weekly 5v5 tournaments with RP Prizes. I am Looking for a team that is dedicated and willing to play every night. I would love to become a better play. Nah Brah's Don't worry I'm not a trashy squeaker that feeds and complains, or a one trick pony. Anyways, reply to this post if you are interested in a adept top laner. Or even starting a team with me. I'm on usually every evening around 4 PM GMT. Good Luck have fun, and remember Teemo is just a Teemo.

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iCptCanada 11-20-2012 02:09 PM


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