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EC Thor 11-20-2012 10:49 AM

Jungler Looking for a home
I am currently looking for a permanent place of jungler in a ranked team of 5s for season 3 :)

IGN : ilegalQuar

I have to tell you that i can be everything has a jungler :) i can play heimerdinger jungler and do great gank. i can play kassadin jungle also :) when i say i can play everything it's Everything. I know how to build my self to counter other team :) i love to counter jungle. I am agressive ( i mean i dont camp im always ganking every where )

My favotire jungler right now :) Shivana ( i dont got her but she's free and i love her ...gonna buy, first time jungle with her 10-2-13 9 ( i counter jungled soo much warwick that he never got is red hahaha :) at 2:30 ive countered all is red jungle :)

I play maokai - wukong - taric - diana has jungler :)

Current elo 1148 im at 8-6 :) and i got like 4-0 has a jungler :)

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