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Abtin Online 11-20-2012 08:22 AM

@lyte or Player Behavior pls review my last game

I lurk a lot in these forums and have helped a bit with tribunal. I logged in because there were 3 particularly terrible homophobic, blue stealing, i fu*** your mom players in my last game that made playing the game feel horrible and I hovered over the uninstall button which is terrible! ( cause this game takes a long time to reinstall. )

I didn't want to leave because I needed to report them at the end. But the hate I had to endure was rather unbearable. They managed to make me angry which doesn't usually work. I don't feel I retaliated in a bad way, but then everyone says that! Anyway, please look at the game manually if you are able to and/or have the time.

Many thanks.

ps - i did report them at the end but because they are premade or so the 3 of them seemed, I thought it might warrant special attention. Many gamers are not going to be happy playing with those 3 today.

Abtin Online 11-20-2012 08:30 AM

why did someone downvote this? could you please look into who that was? Since the only reason would be another homophobe trying to protect other hateful people.

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