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radnaskela 11-20-2012 12:31 AM

bug for anivia
well i think its a bug but i am not sure soo at twisted treeline-(not sure how you spell it ) at left side of the map near the stairs she yous her ice wall-(cant remeber the real name) and my zed was stuck in a center of that ice ... and no i dint die because she had realy low hp so she run to base ... but that whit ice wall i am not sure if its a bug or it can do that its like it hase a small invisble wall right ther near the stair.....well thats it just tell me if its a bug or not because i relay dont get because i know anivia can cage you in a lilty place but to make you not to make a singel step for some sec-(forgot how long time can ice wall stay) well thats it

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