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jamster96 11-19-2012 10:07 PM

Strictly Australian ranked 5s team, come look !
So I posted a thread earlier looking for people to recruit into this new 5s ranked team. Shortly after I joined a team (the rest of the members lived in the U.S) which didn't work out due to the timezone differences. I am now posting this again inviting people to reply to this for a ranked 5s team. Please do not apply if you are an American that knows they will not be able to be on when the rest of us are.

Starting a new 5v5 ranked team -Ceaseless Wrath-

Starting a team to start some ranked 5v5 and too also provide duo partners with people inside the new team. This team is solely made for a more social aspect of the game. Being able to play this game and win lots will be extremely great, however, I would love to first be able to make sure everyone gets along and can at least have fun playing the 5v5 and hopefully finding some fun duo partners.

I will be recruiting quite a few people ( hopefully up to the cap ) so there will hopefully always be someone on. Time zones are going to be extremely important for this, I am in Qld, Australia which its UTC+10, which may be an issue for most people living in the U.S ( probably wont be on till late at night ). Communication will be a big part of this, so you must be willing to be able to have the elected chat program that i will choose later on (probably will be something like skype), however this wont be till later on until the team has played a few games.

There are no restrictions to elo or roles, however there will be a lot more chance of you getting in if you were to be in a higher elo, or apply for a role that isn't as wanted as much. If you want to apply for this, reply to this below. Say a few things about yourself ( if you really don't want to, and i dont expect you to, you are not required to post things likes your real name, age, or where you live, however what time zone would be good ). A good start will be things like what got you into League of Legends, what you hope to get out of joining a new team. What roles and which characters you want/enjoy playing.

I will be adding a few of you in the game. However I will not be talking to anyone and will simply spectate a few of your games ( would really like it if you play ranked for these games ) to see how you do. During this you should be playing the role you want so I can see how you go in this role. * Note to people wanting adc and supports, if I do pick you, you will be required to go through this process again, however being duo, co-operation between the support and adc are key.

After this period, I will send you a message and invite to the guild letting you know you have been accepted in, however if not, i will send you a message saying that you were unsuccessful and remove you. If I do think you will suit a different role I wont demand you fill that role, however I will ask if you want to. If there are any questions please post below and ill try to answer them as soon as possible, and remember that I will add you.

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Skyraz 11-20-2012 12:02 AM

Going to Edit it my post, now that i can read what you wrote better, thanks for removing the block of text.

I am 18 years of age and am located in Melbourne, Victoria.
I first started playing League of Legends early beta with friends, i went on to play alot of 3v3, and only recently switched to 5v5 at the start of season 2. I have over 4000 games played (easy to do when you play alot of 3v3)

I used to main ADC, Most played champion was Ezreal (over 3000 games as him), Vayne and Corki, so i am happy to ADC for the team, but i wont duo with a random support in ranked to prove my communication skills, so with that possibly being an issue for you, i would much prefer to play mid.

Mid season 2, i started maining Mid, Specialising in Ap Melee Mids, (Eve, Akali, Kat, Fizz, Cho, Diana, Talon ect), but i'm not limited to just Ap Melee, i can also play Karthus, Ryze, TF,and Anivia.

I hope with joining this team, i get to further expand on my mid lane skills.

jamster96 11-20-2012 12:24 AM


jamster96 11-20-2012 01:01 AM


InternalTears 11-20-2012 03:18 AM

Ingame Name: xerithus
Do you have skype?yes
Season 2 Elo:..
Current Elo (If applicable):..
Preferred Roles: SUPPORT!
List of Champions for specific role from best to worst: sona, soraka, karna
Can you take criticism and give constructive feedback?: Yes
Additional Info: Only come on weekdays after 4pm aus, vic times since i have many Dutys during the day, also i have a girlfriend whom i stay with alot,

Hairy snake 11-20-2012 03:20 AM

well im 18 from brisbane i main mid , support and have every champ in game can play all roles but there my mains . im an agressive mid they shuts down lanes when possible ( sometimes outplayed ) and is able to work with jungler to do 3 man ganks early to help other lanes ive been playing league for 2 years now and would love to join a all australian rnaked team .

cheers StoK Xstream

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