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DJChernobyl 11-19-2012 07:09 PM

The Road to Platinum: Season 3 (Preseason wk2) Crunching the numbers
Hello again guys, any of you returning to check on my progress, as well as any new comers, this is my quest, The Road to Platinum.

Last week i established some baseline games, and i gotta say, i am impressed with where i have ended up the first week.


Taric 19-8 4.6 KDA
Jarvan 2-1 4.1 KDA
Amumu 2-0 5.0 KDA
Sona 0-1 0.5 KDA
Malphite 1-0 4.2 KDA
Shyvanna 1.0 3.1 KDA

Above all, I have been working at my prefered position, which is support, and through 27 games with taric have bought a single gp10 item early, and that is all. A lot of you may call this lucky, and in time this may prove to be the case, but it is my belief that strong aggressive play, coupled with early use of the support items will yield results similar to this regularly. I have done a long post with some numbers that i will link below.


Read if you would like, i have heard many people compliment my writing style, and for that I thank them. I have also had a few friend requests from people along the way, and found a couple people that are fun to play with, so if you as well want to play, or bounce ideas off me, feel free to drop me a friend request in game.

All in All, I am now 1683, and about as close as i have ever been to Platinum, and i feel the true fight begins now. I will continue to crunch numbers, heed advice of others, listen to and support my teammates, and grow better in this League of Legends. Until then, future plans include podcasts, Youtube video updates, Game commentary, and much more. Check in to my blog from time to time to get updates, or check out my latest recipes.

Until next time summoners, reach high, reach higher than you would dare to dream.

Selcopa 11-20-2012 08:03 AM

No GP10 is a very viable strategy. Specifically in matches with a high number of kills. A kill is worth roughly 400 gold to you and your teammate. With most of it going to the adc which is what you want. 400 gold would take 80 ticks or 800 seconds. Meaning if boots net you a kill in the first 10 minutes it is worth it.

You need to factor a few things. Such as your personal gold production will be down. As well as you would buy boots around 12-15 minutes in a GP10 build. So you have to translate your boots rush into some other edge by then.

Its a higher risk play and as you move up it won't work as often. A good adaption is to start boots. And buy a ruby crystal. Based on the development of the game you can get a hog aegis or zekes from there

DJChernobyl 11-20-2012 08:40 AM

Hmm, i never thought of going ruby first, but i think that would be a lot of effective health added... Thanks for another nugget of wisdom selcopa, i am a big fan of your forum logic. Time to modify the build.

Selcopa 11-20-2012 09:01 AM

I should also point out that on Leona it is almost always wrong to start out Philo. Boots to hog is very standard with her. And Philo is only built when the team needs a shurelia

DJChernobyl 11-21-2012 08:20 AM

Week Two Update: I believed i have reached the proverbial wall.

Todays update is less than satisfying, after dropping 5 games today I am going to take a break for the rest of the thanksgiving holiday from the ranked queue. I have dropped to 1655 and while it is a bit of a blow to the process, it is not a fatal one. While i am not sure that i could have performed better in any of my losses to such a degree as to significantly impact the game, it is still my impression that i need to improve. As such, while a lot of this series has been instructional, I am also hoping to get some tips and wisdom about the whole thing, so feel free to drop some on me.

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