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BrendanT8 11-19-2012 06:58 PM

hi hi
I've been playing LoL since August but I've just joined the forums. I think I'm a good player based on normal games but I don't really have a main right now :L. Been playing Twisted Fate for the past few days but he's already getting old so if anyone could suggest a good assassin or melee fighter that isn't boring that'd be great.

If ya wanna add me on LoL my username is BrendanT8

Rav Abaddon 11-19-2012 07:03 PM

Talon's a fun melee assassin, pulls off some pretty nice AD burst damage.

Alternately LeBlanc has possibly some of the highest single target burst in the game, rivaled by maybe Veigar's late game.

MercifulMolester 11-20-2012 09:40 PM

For true, flash in, flash out without being seen assassin, there's a few champions.
Leblanc is good for doing 100% of people's HP inmagic damage instantly, and escaping at the same moment.
Talon can burst a huge amount of damage, and is extremely mobile around battles
Rengar is a bit more tanky or bruiser, but can do great damage, while still having great escapes.
Fizz is probably based entirely on his mobility, and can deal good damage to anybody while dodging most skills.
Akali and Diana can build pretty tank, be everywhere at once, and 1v1 ANYBODY, but can be countered by smarter players.
Kassadin is really an anti-mage assassin, who can easily counter almost any mid champion, but is less effective VS physical champions.
Lee sin I've seen being played more often now-a-days, and is extremely mobile with his skills, can build tanky, and deal great damage, but his main escape makes you spend money on wards.
Shaco is pretty much your basic, invisability, mobile, high burst, low HP assassin.
Zed is a newer champion, so I haven't been able to play him, but he has great harrass and burst, with nice escape, but will give you mana/energy problems.

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