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sfox1620 11-19-2012 08:41 AM

Rumble Build in TT
Hey guys, anyone have a good idea on how to build Rumble for TT these days? All the guides I can find are for SR. Also how does he fair against Darius? Trying to find a champ that stands a chance against him and these tryhard teams.

Fs Son0fSilas 11-19-2012 03:38 PM

Build remains relatively unchanged.

You should be putting early points into his E for added poke damage, post 6 max Q. (E>Q>E>W>E>R)

I've found myself buying Haunted Guise after Hextech to add damage and a bit more HP though (instead of rushing Rylai), finishing boots and then getting Rylai.

Darius v Rumble can be tough if you don't poke him down early.

Bobinatorlol 11-19-2012 03:57 PM


Originally Posted by sfox1620 (Hozzászólás 31598096)
Hey guys, anyone have a good idea on how to build Rumble for TT these days? All the guides I can find are for SR. Also how does he fair against Darius? Trying to find a champ that stands a chance against him and these tryhard teams.

Most Rumble's I see go Boots + Dorans Shield then rush Blackfire Torch. After then it is pretty situational. As far as Darius goes I am not sure how well Rumble does. I would imagine not so good because Rumble has to be pretty close to him for his spells to land.

I have had great success vs'ing Darius top as AP Lulu and Cass. But when he realizes he is getting shut down he usually will just go roam. Warning your team a Darius is free roaming is not enough in solo q, they will still die by him.

Obscurite 11-28-2012 07:14 PM

Darius isn't a problem for rumble, riven...now that can be troublesome.

I've got around 1500 tt games on rumble, here's the build I use the most.

Masterys 21 to Def 9 in offence.

Runes Red's Pen, Yellow armor, Blue resist, Q's what ever you please be it pen move speed or ap it's all good.

Items Boots and dorans shield no whining about it slowing your build it's a needed part, the only other option is a tome and boots + pot but you need the hp anyhow so may as well get it now and own your lane.

Core items are treds ryl's hextech, it's all about countering now do you get a scepter? A sunfire? Do they have no cc do you go with pen boots? Are you confident you can survive it all grab a hat.
Now on the torch yes it's good on rumble no it's not sing good. It's a very solid choice but no don't rush it b4 ryl's ryl's is to core the slow is to important and hextech for sustain is to.

Anyhow that's enuf to get you started on to the play.

First I can't let it go KingSilus promoting raising E early and ...poking....GAHAHAHAHAHHAhhh!!!!

NEVER I wont say there is only one way to build rumble that would be terribly untrue but skill wise there is one clear winner.

Build Q first foremost and always the only exception is if you feel your team has a sure win on gank and you just need to catch them then get E. Q Tho in the danger zone will give you aoe damage and turn most ganks your way.

So it's R>Q>E>W

Now let me explain why. First you pick rumble, you take solo period say it up front, if they don't like it don't play rumble or dodge the Q, you take top period. Start off with your flamer charged for gank and if you built the way I suggested your probably the most tanky so go in first take the damage flash out if needed. I suggest flash and ignite. Trade ignite for exh go ignite exh extra. All good but the first is the most versatile.

Now your laning keep flaming for charge but don't flame the minions auto attack last hit only, chase them a bit but stay safe you don't want to take damage from harass. Once you hit level 2 either get W or E and you can get more aggressive. The exception is if you will win a slug fest then zone them from level 1. Some folks are scaredy so try zoning them anyhow they might just let you have it.
Once your 3 and have Q W E. W to boost in Q in range and chase putting E on them. Then run away rinse repeat, this is who you are until someone makes a mistake. Then you hit it all and slug it out.

The idea behind what I've said is to zone their cs and exp, use the bushes and don't be scared to chase while flaming you have to it's were all rumbles damage is and aim those harpoons AIM I SAID!!....personal bad habit of random shooting. XD

Now your beating them senseless... your not? No worries it's possible the only things that gives a skilled rumble troubles are ....well riven ...riven and can't think of anyone else =) But careful play takes care of her trick is to run early and chase as soon as shes finished jumping. The reason shes a pain
she flips you around so that your not flaming at her....@_@

Your next goal is a fast 6 that's why you've been buying plenty of red pots for fast levels. Your ult can't be underestimated and played smart it will net you a kill as soon as you get it.

I've tried to get my point across but allow me to try once more. Rumble is a bruiser who specializes in zoning chase and team fights.
Hes not a poker nor is he a ap carry their are other chars much better suited...with ah you know range hard CC and move skills.

The reason I play rumble is because I he suits my style *half* I chose him because he had the highest chance of allowing me to carry randoms.... =)

Anyhow if he suits you enjoy him I'd love to see some more rumbles out there. For some reason my fav char is unpopular, particularly considering hes god tier lol.

Boo 11-29-2012 03:44 PM

bf torch rylais

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