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xSweetRebelx 11-18-2012 08:30 PM

Void Staff on Magic Pen. Mundo?
Does having a void staff on a magic pen mundo ( for maximum damage) work?

Would this work, Sorc. Shoes > Abyssal Septer > Haunting Guise > Void Staff

Void staff, good or not?

ExecutionerK 11-18-2012 09:05 PM

Too much wasted AP.

XxxLumberJackxxX 11-18-2012 10:32 PM

You're trying too hard.
Mercs treads or ninja or mobility
Spirit visage
Something rage inducing or with lifesteal

Warrrrax 11-19-2012 07:02 AM

Trying too hard? WTF is that?

Anyways, Mundo doesn't scale on AP at all except for his Aura which does taper off endgame. Therefore any strategy that builds lots of AP is surely going to be inefficient at best.

Mundo's cleaver does a LOT of damage...BUT its off of current health. This makes him a great poker, but if they are already worn down then the cleaver doesnt do much. Plus there are tons of other champs with great poke. Building mundo around his cleaver poke is surely a bad idea when there are dozens of AP champs with similar or better poking ability...that actualy benefit from AP!

Void staff's percentage based MPen sucks currently with flat pen since it happens AFTER. This will be changing soon though.
Abyssal scepter aura range is like 400 right now. It wont affect your cleavers at all.
Guise and sorc shoes are ok for this purpose, but inefficient on mundo.

Mundo is a great jungler and ok top laner. He starts out bullying with his incredible aura, but over time this falls off. In which case you use Mundo's extreme toughness, built in Tenacity, and his crazy AD Steroid to deal massive autoattack damage.
His job is to be a Damage Soak. Not a tank exactly but he tosses cleavers to slow a squishy, chases them down with his Ult up while he regens like crazy, does AoE damage, boosts his AD to 300ish and hammers away on their Ashe, whoever.

You want lots of health and regen early to power his spells, whether jungling or top. Then stack up the RESISTS for highest effective hit points. DONT STACK TONS OF HEALTH as its not as efficient. Then you boost your autoattack thru Attack Speed items and even some crit lategame.

To do this you will want items such as:

Warmog - big health and health regen to cover spell costs.
Frozen Heart - alternative to warmog. less health efficiency but awesome snare.
Wits End - great magic resist and AS booster.
ninja tabi - typical jungle or top boots providing armor and cheapest boots.
spirit visage - decent for more MR and a bit of extra health. The 15% booster is useful. Not very efficient though.
Aegis of Legion - well rounded defenses and much needed resist plus sharing. Particularly good if support is going to get Frozen Heart instead.
Randuins omen - big chunk of armor, some health, great slow effect, builds from heart of gold.
Triforce - a last item. Huge offense booster with well rounded stats, Movespeed, big onhit easily procced, very efficient. Great with warmog, not so great with mallet.
atmas - efficient big AD booster and lategame crit. Another armor source.

margalolwut 11-19-2012 09:17 AM

way to be an ass joomancer.

OP, the thing is that with tanky mundo + ult, you stay alive A LOT longer and are focused less.. this means you offer more utility to your team (hitting cleavers, peeling, killing carries) and you actually do more dmg since you are alive more.

scepter might not be a bad item, but i wouldnt rush it. Probably make it your 3rd or 4th item, and the other team would have to be heavy on AP.

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