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Bigpuddintatters 11-18-2012 06:11 PM

What summoners are best on Ziggs?
When I play Ziggs I'm usually safe to harass from a very far range. So far Ignite doesn't work for me unless I'm way to close to someone for my own good. I used to get promote on him, his ability to instagib minnion waves let me push like a bawss and still be safe at a far enough range to W away, gloriously. I've always used Promote to push the lane once I killed the enemy mid and force the jungler to cover while I effortlessly take his wraiths and ward his own red. Then when late game occurred I could use it to split push lanes whenever one of those "Mexican stand offs" occur. Now there removing it and only putting in Barrier (tbh I doubt it will be popular in Summoners Rift) So what's left? And who else is thinking the Frozen Fist's might be good on him?

On a side note: it's taken me 1000+ bot games and 60+ champs but I think I've found my play style. I like champs that can effortlessly clear minnion waves/camps (when I played champs that couldn't it was frustrating to me) and either can zone enemys (Ziggs, Lux, Ori, Zyra) or have tones of mobility to escape (Elise, Diana, Fizz) So far the only AD champs I have that I like that fit this bill is Noc and Shy, maybe Sej but's she's more AP. Does anyone know a AD with some kind of AoE that can clear waves/camps easily and has a good escape. I'm not accepting Cait or Mundo, I don't like those champs

Also I anyone else having issues with the "summoners code" icon in the forums? I've been seeing Toby Turner this whole day

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