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Tixxy Savage 11-18-2012 12:42 PM

The Search for the Savages (Open)

It was just another day in the city renown for its peace, for its civility, for its ability to keep its citizens safe. Tixxy Savage was walking along the stone streets, finding herself longing for the feel of nature. While the city was nice enough, she longed for the feeling of unrestrained wilderness, air that carried humidity, natural barriers but not walls, soil not stone beneath her bare feet. She was whistling a tune, a high pitched chortle that wasn't particularly catchy, but had been stuck on her mind for the last week. It was strange, it occasionally brought back memories of when Caitlyn had found her, and she was beginning to feel as if that dark period in her mind, that she couldn't remember, was going to burst forth. She needed to get out, get to the wilderness, leave this city behind.

She snagged an apple from a cart, flipped a gold coin to the proprietor, and shot him what Caitlyn would call a socially acceptable smile. However, the man's face wasn't one who had just gotten overpaid for a fruit, rather his eyes grew wide in fear, looking past Tixxy. Tixxy's instincts took over, as she heard something sliding across stone, and she drew her knives, spinning around to face whatever was behind her. But with a loud clang, her knives hit the ground, her hands clasped tight over her ears, the song from her childhood deafening in her head. Through winced eyes, she saw a massive vine protruding from the stone street, several feet thick, dark emerald, and moving. She forced open her wincing eyes, and looked around, seeing several startled people, but none as incapacitated as she. Immediately she knew that the song was the vine communicating with her, in a method seemingly unique between plants and her alone. She had long since learned that the strength of a plant's voice was strongly affected by size, distance, and strength, and this was the strongest voice she'd ever encountered. She saw the vine rear up, and strike down at a nearby citizen, who squawked loudly before their body crumpled beneath the massive weight. The song intensified, and soon Tixxy's world went black.

Tixxy awoke to find this section of Demacia wholly unrecognizable. Buildings were crumpled, bodies and blood strewn everywhere, but the most surprising was the prevalence of jungle plants having taken over. Vines, jungle flowers, trees, had burst through the stone in seemingly random areas, and they still continued to spread. They grew larger, faster, and reproduced more quickly than any plant others had seen, and seemed intent on destroying all of Demacia, with one exception. They hadn't touched Tixxy. She tried to communicate with any of them, all of them, but only received a single response, which she whispered aloud, "Return to your true home Tixxy of the Savages, or we will demolish this false city."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is an open thread, open to anyone who wishes to join. This is an adventurous thread idea of mine, and as such a few regulations all participants should abide by, as well as those already in place here in the forums.

1) Proper detailed responses, try and keep responses at least two paragraphs in length. One liners in conversation are not acceptable.
2) No Godmodding.
3) Follow Post order (which will be posted here), and try and post at least once per week. If the person ahead of you hasn't replied in a week, feel free to skip them (without Godmodding them)
4) Have fun!

Post Order:

Tixxy Savage
Rudmed/Hector & Vagard

AskÉlise 11-18-2012 12:55 PM

The Spider Queen had been wondering throughout Demacia, not really sure on what to do, a cloak was draped over her head because the sun hurt her eyes too much. The Demacian guards were wary of Elise.. but figured not even the Spider Queen would try anything in the city walls.. and they would be correct. Elise was simply watching, observing Demacia and all it's inhabitants, her blood red eyes visible under the darkness of the cloak. She simply wandered throughout the city, looking for anything that might pique her interest when she heard what sounded like cracking stone and screams of people.. now that certainly was interesting.

Elise wondered in the direction of the sound, rounding the corner and seeing.. Vines? It seems the city had been engulfed in a jungle of some sort.. shadows cascaded over the Spider Queen from the tress, and she removed her cloak. "Well now.. this is something you do not see everyday." Elise mused, cocking her head to the side before wandering deeper into the foliage.. it was worth checking out.

Aproxima 11-18-2012 01:22 PM

(( I'd like to reserve one place for Ruby, but I can't reply now, because I'll be going to bed soon and I am afraid it might be full over the night.
SO, once I wake up/or have enough time (at the very latest tomorrow) I will edit this into a full-fledged post. ))

I took only couple of hours to send a message of this state of emergency from Demacia to Institute of War. They called out for help, the crisis had to be dealt with as soon as possible, because it was leaving Demacia weakened and vulnerable to attack from Noxus.
When the summoners in the IoW learnt of this matter, they immediately discussed who to send. There were many options, but in the end they were limited to only one person. Al-Khali, the great naga warrior, has not yet returned from the mission in Piltover and Éclair Efreet, the Noxus witch and assassin was not an option in this case; so the only who qualified was a summoner - Ruby the Demon's Eyes as her reality-changing abilities can be quite usefull...and of course she didn't require massive payment. The decision has been made!
As soon as she was notified, she made all the preparations to make her way to the golden city of Demacia.

Only a day passed since message was sent to the point of Ruby's arrival. In her trademark orange flash Ruby appeared in the almost lifeless city. As she wondered the city's street, she tried to find out where to go as the summoners didn't give her any exact location of where to go. She tried to ask people for help, but they were only screaming and running away, but this time not from her.
Eventually she found a group of soldiers and local volunteer mages as they tried to evacuate people from the area and stop the plants' progress.
The small blind fragile-looking girl walked up to the soldier and asked " Good day. Please could you tell me how to get to where the center of the plants is? "
The soldier didn't turn to face here even though he heard the sounds of her metal boots. He pointed to the vines and said " That way. Wait wait?! Why would you go there? "
Ruby felt a bit awkward " Ehmm...where is...that way? I was sent here by the Institute of War to help. "
This time, the soldier turned around and looked at her to see the bloodied piece of cloth that is covering her eyes " Ehmm...eeeh...right...that way. I'll take you to the edge of that area, but I won't go with you, but you can't really miss it. "
He grabbed Ruby's arm and walked her to a nearby street " Go straight ahead. This street will take you there, but be careful, it kills people. "
Ruby smiled " Thank you. " and headed down the street into the hell of the jungle. The man thought that the Institute is making fun of them, sending a lone and A BLIND girl into this madness.
Ruby was slowly walking down the street and deeper into the jungle, watching the plants' aura. It appeared they were sentient...interesting.

(( Kay, done. ))

Rudmed 11-18-2012 07:05 PM

((I'll try to post when I can, but college may keep me busy.))

Hector and his body guard Vagard entered Demacia. They were an odd pair as Hector was shorter and seemed much more curious than Vagard, who was clearly the taller and more cautious of the two. Vagard was definitely the most eye-catching between the two because it was not often that one would see a fully armored golem with a greatsword that was nearly its size in height. Hector did not nearly attract as much attention as his companion did....at least until he opened his mouth , "For the golden city of law and order it seems they forgot to keep their garden in order." Hector said as he walked up to one of them and examined them.

"Master." Vagard's low and nearly emotionless voice came from behind Hector, "Do not get to close. Control your curiosity as for whatever these planets are they are destroying Demacia."

Hector chose to disregard Vagard's warning and climbed onto a nearby vine, "Come on Vagard. Clearly the city is in need of heroes just like the books I used to read! We can be heroes! There is adventure to be had, and treasure to be found!" He said excitedly while striking a heroic pose. For a sixteen year old he seemed to act more like a child than an adult, but the books that he had read when he was sickly boy had made his imagination quite vivid. He scanned the city for any clear signs, but his impatience got the better of him causing him to hope off and make way to the center of the city. Because that is where the villains in all the books he read always were, and that is where the epic battle between the heroes and villains would begin. Vagard on the other hand just sighed and jogged to catch up with his master, who would no doubt get into trouble sooner rather than later. Vagard was honor-bound to protect Hector after all, for who else would guide him to his eventual vengeance over his homeland.

Tixxy Savage 11-19-2012 05:06 AM

A massive blood-red flower, wider across than Tixxy is tall, burst up from the shattered stone beneath, and lifted her up, continuously growing upward. She tried to move and jump down off of the giant plant, but an unseen barrier prevented her from leaving. "Why are you doing this?!" she yelled at the destruction around her. This time a proper answer came to her, albeit in an impromptu fashion. The golden pollen from the flower's center rose up, as if carried by wind, and formed a figure, that looked much like Tixxy, except yellow. "We need you to return home Tixxy. We call you back, and have used the last of our resources to do so. When we see you returning, we will call off the attack on this false city. I must go, cannot maintain this connection fo---"

The flower rose high above the city, supported by a massive vine stalk, allowing her a view of the death and destruction caused her. Vines gripped and squeezed buildings as a snake would its prey, sending them crumbling below. There were flowers shooting poisonous darts into fleeing citizens, causing many varying effects. Some citizens turned sickly green and died, others turned into massive mutations, and went berserk on all things around them.

Tixxy found herself lost in the throws of her childhood memory, the vines all so familiar, that voice even more so. She broke down, returning to that bloody child Caitlyn had found all those years ago, needing saved once more from the grasps of Kumungu, "HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

TheShadowOfChaos 11-19-2012 08:53 AM

A being of fallen darkness, a man who was now a shadow of himself was inside the city. Bloodied bodies of mutated people lay next to him, slain by him. Phantom was in Demacia when this had happened. The plants had grown out of nowhere it seemed. His grip on Damnation was never loosened and Executioner lie across his back. He was here on strict business taking care of a crime circle like always. Then this happened. Phantom cut his way out of the building he was in. The destruction before him was appalling as bodies lay mangled with grotesque beasts wandering around. Green sickly people crawl around, moaning. Suddenly, His heightened senses had picked up on a voice.

"Dear god, what has happened....wait....a cry of help....I swore I..."

He looks up to see a massive flower at a distance. It must have came from there. The shadow warrior dashes forward, dodging and weaving though the mutants and vines towards the area with the Flower. "Another glorious adventure for me...always on a work day."

AsktheCardmaster 11-21-2012 10:32 PM

((I'm gonna go ahead n' give ya'all a free bump, but next time 'round ya'all will owe me.))

Aproxima 11-25-2012 12:46 PM

(( Even though it's only 6 days, I'll skip Elise. Seriously those who RP champions should be banned from any RP that is meant for OCs, as they have really miserable attention span. ))

Ruby walked deeper into the jungle. On her path she used her powers to suppress the destruction, but as she didn't see how far these plants reach she couldn't destroy them all. As she walked the plants were disappearing, as if growing backwards. It appears she has turned time in them so they are returning into nothingness from whence they came.
There were still some survivors and unfortunate people, but as she passed by them those who were corrupted by the plants' poison returned back into normal and those who died only few minutes ago were brought back to life. Ruby was very sad as there were only few she could save. Yet still, in her wake an area of a whole block of buildings was saved, but it was still little compared to the whole extent of the destruction.
As she was drawing near to the center, the plants' attacks were growing stronger, but none of them harmed her through her divine armor.
Once she finally reached the center she heard the cry for help. She stopped changing the reality in her vicinity. Ruby knew the shout came from above so she "looked" upwards to see the aura of the one who needed help.
She shouted back at Tixxy " Who are you? Are you alright?! "

AskÉlise 11-25-2012 12:53 PM

((I was getting around to posting in here, and "miserable attention span" is hardly the word, other things have simply been occupying my time, so please, think before you post. Also, please point me to the sign that says "This is meant for OC's"))

Elise simply wandered about the forest, not really sure what was going on... or not really caring, until the shout of help hit her ears.. apparently someone was in danger. Whether or not she cared, she was a little interested in this. She simply strolled off in that direction, transforming into her true form to move along faster.

Rudmed 11-26-2012 10:39 AM

((If champions were not allowed then the DM would have clarified.))

Hector heard a distant cry for help, and picked up his pace toward the source, startling Vagard, "Master! Why the change in pace?"

"Toward the cry for help! The damsel in distress Vagard! Where else would I be going?" Hector replied as he turned around.

Vagard sighed,
"I was hoping out of the city and to the ruins we were suppose to be investigating for leads." He mumbled, but he looked up and saw something approaching Hector at high speeds....a small thorn. He did recall people who looked sickly and dead earlier, "Master!" He roared as a rune on his chest began to glow and he disappeared.

Hector turned around to address Vagard, when he saw his guardian disappear in a flash of purple light. He turned to see him shielding from..something.
"Vagard what was that about?" he inquired.

Vagard picked up a small green thorn that had bounced off of him,
"Do be more careful sir. This is what is causing the dead green people that we saw earlier. I shall stay in the front and act as your shield until we reach the center." Vagard said before turning and marching off to the center of Demacia. Hector grumbled something about the hero always leading the charge, but figured that he would rather not be dead green person.

The duo soon arrived at the center, and saw another woman (Ruby) looking up asking if someone was alright. Hector decided to be a brat, and say,
"She is calling for help and you're asking if she is alright? I'm sure she is just peachy and is perfectly alright." He didn't bother waiting for the woman to reply as he motioned Vagard to come closer and then pointed up. Vagard approached and picked Hector up before throwing him upward at the large plant. He made it a 4th of the way up the plant before he grabbed a vine of it and pulled himself onto the vine. He used his sword as a pick to create a hold in the vine above him, and began to climb in a slow yet steady fashion.

Vagard watched until Hector had secured himself before turning back to the woman,
"I'm sorry he is like that often. He is...caught up in his own little world right now. My name is Vagard, I am Hector's guardian."

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