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Infernoes 11-18-2012 12:18 PM

Need advice for how to Carry out of bad Elo
I am in a pretty low elo bracket right now and I want to be able to improve my game. I'm obviously not able to carry my teams to victory, but I truly believe I'm a solid player that has more potential than where I am currently. I'm not that good, I know, but generally In games I play safe and farm in the appropriate setting (i.e. When a lane opponent gets a kill lead on you, or just have better trades). I try to counter pick when I can, but it seems that having a safe play style is just not working for solo queue. Too often do players not know when to stop trying to fight in lane, or when to not engage, and if I am just playing safe in my lane farming, it is not going to win the game because other players don't understand that concept. They seem to only care about going all or nothing, which doesn't work well usually. I try to care ping players when I notice they are chasing too far but people just don't know when to stop.

All I need to know are some general tactics to carry a team, even if they are pretty bad and feed. Maybe some champs that excel late game from farming, such as Jax or Vayne. I'm willing to do anything to improve my game and any general advice in any aspect will also be greatly appreciated.

PogoPogoPogoPogo 11-18-2012 12:39 PM

1. I thumbs-upped this post simply for referring to "bad Elo" rather than "Elo hell."

2. Depending on what specific bracket you're in, there are different champions that excel at different brackets. Tryndamere, for example, is ridiculous at low brackets against bad players, but he's not very good once you start playing against people with brains.

3. Don't worry about counter-picking. Don't pick yourself into a counter-pick, but it's better to take a champion you're awesome at than a champion that counters the enemy pick.

4. Pick a niche and excel at it. Yea, Jax is a great late game champion if you're good at getting farm. He can be good all of the sudden in late game based off nothing but minion farm if you just play the early game safe. But it's better to be REALLY good at a small group of champions than pretty good with a large group of champions. Limit yourself and master, truly master, a small set of champions, before expanding your repertoire.

5. Have a presence outside of your lane. If your lane opponent has returned to base, but you're handling the lane quite well, stop focusing on last-hitting for a second. Shove your lane under his turret, then head to another lane. If you gank other lanes, you help other lanes on your team win their lanes. Win the early game, and your team can carry itself to victory because everyone is decently fed.

Infernoes 11-18-2012 12:46 PM

Alright so should I pick 3-4 champs for each role and spam them in normals for a while? Thanks for the tips.

adc 11-18-2012 12:59 PM

For lower Elos (and damn straight I'll call it Elo hell), you want to be playing a hero that can make plays. I'm not talking go into ranked first time Akali, but get good at Akali. Pick a hero that, when fed, can 1v5 the enemy team. Then get fed. Every game. That's the only way you can consistently win at lower Elos. You can't rely on your team to be good (and that's why it's called Elo hell - you're playing with ****ty players when you don't deserve to be playing with people who are quite that ****ty).

PogoPogoPogoPogo 11-18-2012 01:10 PM

Infernoes, I'd even suggest fewer than that. And here's how...

There are support champions that can play mid. There are support champions that can play top. There are support champions that can play jungle. There are tops and mids that can jungle. There are tops that can mid and mids that can top. There are junglers that can top.

So, perhaps learn Nunu as support/jungle. Learn Katarina as mid/top. Learn Lux as mid/support. Learn Jax as top/jungle. So now, with just four champions, you have two tops, two mids, two support, and two jungles. Pick up a couple ADCs, and you've got two champions in every role by only investing time in 6 champions.

AND, for support, I'd lean more towards champions like a Lux, or Zyra than Nunu. Nunu can support and jungle, and he's great at both, but it's hard to single-handedly carry a game as Nunu in either role. Non-standard support champions like Lux and Zyra (these are just two examples, there are plenty out there) are champions that, if your ADC is really stupid-bad, you can always just start taking the CS for yourself, get the kills, and try carrying the game from the support role as a champion capable of having a really strong mid-game.

EDIT: Moreover, don't be completely afraid of playing a champion slightly out of position. Perhaps you're really, really good with Riven. You usually play Riven top, but top was already called, and you're going mid. Well... if you know how to Riven mid, then Riven mid. Riven can mid. I'd be careful about taking a melee champ as ADC, but other than that, don't be afraid to sway from the meta slightly in order to play a champion that you're extraordinarily good at.

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