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ADDxMascot 11-18-2012 10:02 AM

LF Ranked 5's
Hi all!

I'm looking for a team to play ranked 5's with. I'm decent in any role. I prefer Jungle or ADC.

I'm just kinda tired of having leavers/afk's, trolls, fighting for roles in champ select, seeing "First time *insert champion here*!" in a ranked game, etc.

I'm not a professional player by any means, but i'm not awful. I would just like to be able to communicate on voice chat with the rest of my team, have more coordination, play with the same people, and have a designated role.

I work from 10am to 7PM EST. I usually get home around 8PM EST.

ADDxMascot 11-19-2012 06:39 PM

Today I was in champ select for ranked solo 5's when this happened. I need a 5's team.

ADDxMascot: mid
Nub247: jungle/adc
vuesta: nope
vuesta: MID or feed
ADDxMascot: lol
Nigawat: mid, ad, support or feed or afk
vuesta: stfu
vuesta: go afk
ADDxMascot: im feeding too
ADDxMascot: lets do it
vuesta: no
ADDxMascot: were all chefs
vuesta: you do it
vuesta: we dont give a f**k about you
ADDxMascot: ill go top
vuesta: u get support
vuesta: thats that
ADDxMascot: jajajaja
vuesta: freaken burrito maker

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