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existingdark 11-18-2012 08:40 AM

Ranked Solo/Duo Queue suggestion, Vote to kick
This is simple. We all have games where one player is obviously not communicating, acting like a complete jerk, etc in champion selection. The problem with Ranked Solo/Duo queues, is that these people are never the ones that have to dodge, then wait 30 minutes to play another game. These people are not reported when this happens, because many good players won't risk their ELO dropping for the sole purpose of justice.

The simple solution is a vote kick option in champion selection. Here, the team has the option to forcibly remove one player from their queue (That player then must wait 30 mins) for acting in a way that would be against the Summoner's Code.

The benefit of this option would be that the better players remain in ranked solo/duo queues, while the bad players are removed from the queues for acting in ways that would bring down a team.

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