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Dygax37 11-18-2012 08:27 AM

Zed is probably the worst champion ever released.
My only credibility is the fact that I earned my janna skin in 9 straight wins, but the fact remains. I have seen him get fed mid, and do nothing with 3+ lvls over my team and 30+ cs on all of us. I have had to carry him when he was on my team. I have fed off him top lane and at every point in games where we teamfight, fed or not. It just feels like he does no damage to anyone.

I am not seeing much from this champion, in fact, when im winning lane against him and im up 4 kills, I should prolly feed every now and then or trade to make sure hes worth 300g when I come back for the next tower dive, hell, i know lategame as jax or even some AP mid ill be doing more lategame than this garbage champion will. Soo bad compared to darius draven diana rengar and zyra. Does anyone even agree or are the random ones still ranting about going 30-0 vrs like 900 elo kids.

Iced Cream 11-18-2012 08:29 AM

It's been a few days since his release. Wait until people know how to play him.

Handsome Aniki 11-18-2012 08:32 AM

It's not even S3 yet, calm the **** down. Remember Syndra week 1?

Dygax37 11-18-2012 08:37 AM

I know syndra is still bad.

Dory 11-18-2012 08:40 AM

Syndra is pretty bad.
Zed is just as bad... It's almost like lee sin's end game. Zed can get really fed.. end game he can't carry. Zed just simply can't carry :(

MarcusGraves 11-18-2012 11:07 AM

i see no reason to play zed over akali in terms of wanting to play an energy assassin. her damage is more consistent, less work and she just snowballs better

PIELIKEI 11-18-2012 03:44 PM

Zed OP with morde... you see zed goes bot support and starts towerdiving/harassing their ADC which ofc allows your ADC to farm freely. Morde is mid farming up and picking up a kill now and then. By mid game zed ganks mid, dies to the opposing mid (which resets the death gold counter back to 300) and morde picks up another kill. During team fights zed uses his ulti and shadows generally to make the screen more crowded so people forget to run away from mordes AoEs, then zed starts backdooring because his bounty is now worth less than a creep. Late game: Zed facechecks bushes and baits for around 1 second before your entire team (including your adc who ZED allowed to farm freely and your morde who ZED gave gold to by resetting the bounty by dying) all focus the opposing ADC (who is fed and dominating because ZED towerdove early) and burst her down (because ZED managed to slow her by 45% for a total of 1.5 GLORIOUS SECONDS <-- zed's only cc).
Ghost Carry
and thats GG

ok enough of that.... ive played zed a few times and he seems to be able to do massive amounts of damage provided you have a galio, amumu, alistar and malphite on your team constantly cc-ing them for you. Zed doesnt have any cc... he needs phage to do any sort of chasing. His only escape happens to be crucial to his combo so you have to chose between a little more burst or a semi flash. His ulti looks twice as good as it is... but he doesnt do any initial burst with it but deals his attack damage (with 6 bts that 6*100 *150% 900), 725 + 50% of his damage over 3 seconds. Around 2k damage total, single target nuke with a 3 second delay before reductions, placing you effectively in the middle of the enemy team.

Now lets suppose Zed goes AP with 5 rabadons and a dfg. now that gives you (140*5+80 )*130% = 1014 AP. This deals 65% of the opponents current hp. with zeds ulti that is 150%*65% = 97.5%
BUT WAIT! Zeds passive deals 10% (15% with his ulti) of his opponents MAX HP in magic damage if it is below 50%! add that to your already staggering 97.5% reaches a total of 112.5% of ANYONES HP (mr not counted... just get a full mr page). THAT IS SO OP. and whats even more.... your entire combo has a 1 MINUTE CD thats like a free kill EVERY MINUTE. So you see... we all are building Zed wrong.... A true Zed master goes full AP and bursts like no other! Call now at 9110-188-3496 FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL!

MaximilianoPC 11-18-2012 04:05 PM

can people stop trying to say zed is "OP" if fed, any champ is OP if fed, thats common ****. If you want a champ like zed but to better endgame and actually carry ur team pick akali, same **** but more burst damage and less rape on ur energy.

They ****ed up zed, period. He needs huge buff

AutumnDawn 11-18-2012 04:21 PM

It's only been a while since his release and many people are simply using the champion. He looks cool and fun, so obviously. Many people will start to use him. However, because of his high difficulty and such, most of those people will fail at using him.

Not knowing what to build on him. Items, runes, masteries. Not knowing what to do with him. Not knowing what skills benefit him most. Using his skills at the wrong time, or not comboing it right. Overextending for kills. He's squishy. Targeting the wrong Champions. And sometimes focusing on the kills too much.

This Champion can burst and farm like crazy. People should take advantage of that. He can also freezelane and harass really well. You just need to know when to use his skills and where to lane. I hope this helps.

Ancient Pire 11-18-2012 04:38 PM

i suck with zed but he really is good against squishies. his weakness ( from MY experience) are tankies with slows, roots and stuns. even with armour pen, tanks can absorb alot of dmg

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