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Yordle Swordler 11-17-2012 09:46 PM

[Summoners Spells] What if?
What if we could give some ideas to Riot about summoners spells :)
Taken from EU.
Summoners spell are this particularity of League of legend that prevent the mess we can see in most other mobas where the CC could be aquired with many items so that in the end it lacked lisibility and/or balance. Limitating the players to have only 2 of these additionnal CC for their champion is interesting in theory because players would thus have to make a choice. The problem is that for now the choice is narrowed as summoners spells like flash ignite and exhaust seem to be the only ones reliables.
This thread is therefore made for us (The players) to give some ideas to our beloved Riots developpers.


Few ideas numbered as follow:

1: A summoner spell that would allow when casted on a champion or self casted (double click) to push the target on the direction he is facing. (like the force staff in Dota)

2: A summoner spell that would make the targeted champion untargetable for a few seconds and unable to cast spells. (like the tornado in dota or the Zhonya but that could be casted on other champions)

3: A summoner spell that would silence enemies arround you for a short duration or prevent them from using any summoner spell.

4: A summoner spell that would allow you to swap your places with an other unit or champion (with short range).

5: A summoner spell that would link all nearby ally champions life with yours so that the damage taken by each one of them is temporally divided upon the linked champions.

6: A summoner spell that would set up a mark of death on an enemy damaging him when he moves. (like 10hp for each 100 range travelled)

7: A summoner spell that would morph you (if double clicked) or the targeted enemy champion into a Minion (ranged if the target is ranged) controlled by the owner of the target for a short duration, if the minion dies the champion returns.
The trick could then be used to gank for example self using the spell when out of sight coming in sight with a minion wave and revealing yourself on the right moment.
Or as a way to evade a hudge burst transforming oneself into a minions so that the minion take all the damages instead.

8: A disguise summoner spell that turns you into the neutral creep, minion or allied champ you target until you attack or get attacked.
Imagine standing guard at the enemy blue buff as a small golem. (from Sinulca EU)

9: A summoner spell that would make a tree or a destructible asset rise in a targeted area as a brain tool that would path block a small part of terrain and cast shadow.

10: A summoner spell that would summon a very cute pet that would follow your champion. The pet may change every 6 level each form giving specific advantages. (for example level 1 to 6 the pet gives 2% bonus experience or 1 bonus gold / kills or low mana regen, level 6 to 12 the pet grants the champion 1% to stats etc... (bonuses would be differents wether the pet is killable or not))

11: A summoner spell that removes sight over an area (from deri1 EU). (by creating a brush for example (from sendo no mai EU))

12: A stand still invisibility spell that allow you to make you champion invisible but invisibility would fade and go on CD when the champion moves attack or cast a spell.

13: Guardian angel summoner spell (from Dune1008 NA) (and maybe remove the item version in that case)

14: A summoner spell that allow your champion to reflect damages for a duration (from GuardiansAngel NA)

15: A summoner spell that saves the location of the targeted champion and will teleport him back to that location after a few seconds


Other ideas not in the poll:
You should manually vote for these ones replying +1 and the idea number of your choice as a comment below.

16. A summoner spell that makes an enemy more vulnerable to other sources of CC (effectively a Tenacity penalty). (from Kamai NA) +0

17. A summoner spell version of Oracle (from Palazzo NA) +0

18. An instant True Damage summoner spell. (from That asian gurl NA) +0

19. A summoner spell that pushes away all nearby enemies without doing damages like does the ult of janna but in a smaller area and without the heal. +0

20. A summoner spell that reduce your cooldowns by a low amout instantly (from Anachronity NA) +0


-30 votes cap ✓
-40 votes cap ✓
-50 votes cap ✓
-100 votes cap ✖
-1000 votes cap ✖
- Get a red response ✖
- Riot actually considered the idea ✖


Thanks for replying :)

MORE votes MORE thumbs up MORE bumps MORE yordles! :)

Ferretlord87 11-17-2012 10:38 PM

how does idea 6 work?
dont think it would last forever......

Ninja Gaijen 11-17-2012 11:16 PM

love the minion pet idea. that way everyone can have their little pix (lulu's pet), and mebe it's an item you activate in your inv, so you could have an army of critter types, or if one goes down you can pull up the second one, etc. the buffs would have to be basic (i.e., nothing like 100% ias or 5000 hp, or permanent stun gun) but it could add a whole new store to the map, and new objectives, like a capture the flag neutral camp, when your team controls you can buy from it, and all sorts of things. mebe the elite monsters (dragon, ebonmaw, nashor, vilemaw) could drop a mini-pet of their own for a permanent smaller baron buff, or flat +5g per kill (instead of the +5g pet you buy, which would have to wait until lvl18 before it gives the full +5, or something like that)

the silence idea i feel is a good one. silence should be used much more than currently, instead of stun, the stun/suppress was originally only supposed to be a couple powerful champions had it, rather than like the warcraft champs where agility and stun-lock was the ONLY stat that mattered. i would MUCH prefer to be silenced and still be allowed to play at a disadvantage, rather than just sit there and wait for my champ to get raped cause i no longer had control of my own char and was focus-fired to death in about 1.4 seconds while i sat there like a fool waiting for stun/suppress to wear off.

the brush creating idea is silly, and i think it would actually make a map more interesting, you know, watching the fog of war in brushlands creeping ever closer to your base as you watch? there would be a lot more players choosing clairvoyance and vision wards, let me tell you that...and it would change up the pace a bit from "run run run straight up the middle" just like psu football playbook, to something a bit more strategy-oriented :-)


Yordle Swordler 11-18-2012 04:15 AM

Definitly not like the "Bloodseeker" ultimate from Dota, because damages where too insane. The duration the damages and everything here is not precised because these are only mechanisms suggestions but the idea behind this spell is that it prevents movement but not as a slow or a stun only by making it costly in health.

@Ninja Gaijen
Well nice feedback, all these ideas are not from me (especially the brush one) but still it could make sens brigging strategy in the process I dont know. But I must recognise I did not understand what you wanted to say within your last words :)

and Bump :)

c0ltron 11-18-2012 04:22 AM

Many of these abilities that were present in DotA and not seen in League were left out because they are considered anti-fun mechanics. For the most part debuffs in general are unclear. Other than a few limited status effects such as stun, fear, and silence, there are only a very few actual debuffs in the game.

There are a number of damage over time abilities which make themselves very easily known by giving you damage over time, but with something like the Bloodseeker ult it isnt always clear why you are taking damage. With a normal DoT you just take damage, but with something like Bloodseeker the player is put under a burden of knowledge that League developers are not in favor of.

Yordle Swordler 11-18-2012 04:43 AM

Well well as far as I'm concerned when I was a Warcraft 3 Dota player I had a lot of fun with the force staff and pudge grab on allies, these are "anti-fun" mechanics really? Imagine you can push some enemies into veigar's cage or under tower, or help an ally to run away or evade a skill shot I would find this funny most of the time wouldn't you? :D (this is basicly an opinion matter in the end) ;)
That's true about the "mark of death" idea people would have to know they get damaged the more they run as they have to know they cant rely on healing while they are ignited.

Anyway feel free to give away some additionnal ideas here :)

Yordle Swordler 11-18-2012 01:58 PM

Again Bump, You still can give some other ideas the list is not full yet and we might all love what you propose, who knows :)

TaironLocke 11-18-2012 10:51 PM

3,4,9 and 11 are the only viable ones to me.

3. The silence might be a little op, it would have to not be an interrupt. But I like this for AP counter picks. Seems a little much on someone who already has a silence though, kass Leb etc.

4. Great on supports or tanks. Could also use for jungle ganks. Like swap flash pulv-headbutt. :)

9. Like gaining trundle or anivia's ability? Another great choice for supports or tanks.

11. Great for ganks as well. Assuming it trumps green wards. That would be cool.

The rest are silly or ridiculously OP. But great list man.

Yordle Swordler 11-19-2012 02:40 AM

The silence can be only focussed on sum spells though its just the mechanics we discuss here :)
thank you these are not all my ideas though and most of them are inspired by other mechanics we can see in other games.
Op or not thats all about balance flash too is op if it has no cd ignite also is op if dmgs are too high etc.. ;)

Its curious in EU the life link is liked much more than here, interesting :D

Aisha nyan nyan 11-19-2012 02:46 AM

I like the minion transformation on self, Transformation into neutral camp. I mean it would take jukes to a whole new level along with ganks. Would hopefully want pink wards and oracles to make these people a different color though to show the difference xD.

Ex: Jungler: Omw mid. *Transforms into minion and comes with creep wave* unveils self at mid for gank and mid gets a kill.

Ex for neutral: jungler, top, mid take red buff and proceed to transform themselves accordingly in enemy jungle. Jungler comes for red and leaves w/o flash.

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