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TheDuck96 11-17-2012 04:08 PM

Skin Concept Competition (Possible)
So, here's the idea. I'm going to try to start a skin concept contest. The way it will work is that people will submit their ideas as comments in this thread. Then I will post a new thread with a poll for people to vote for their top choices. I will take the top 2 of these and get artwork for them and post those. Oh, and if this is popular enough, I might consider throwing in some rewards (for example rp or possibly an arcade sona). So if I get enough ideas posted here, (lets say 10) I will go ahead with the competition.
Let's see what you've got!
EDIT: I forgot to mention: skin ideas cannot be in any possible form of copyright violation. Just being on the safe side.
EDIT: Best artwork will also receive prizes if any are awarded.

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