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BoomBoom SWAG 11-17-2012 12:09 PM

What is the goal of an ADC?
So I've been trying to play adc lately to expand my champion pool but it seems like I lose almost all of my adc games but I'm fed...

Is there something I'm doing wrong? My team initiates without me present but it has to be my fault if I keep consistently losing when I'm 10/5 8/0 etc. (either that or my team is always stupid which I doubt) So my question is what is the ADC supposed to do in a team fight and when to back out and stuff?

I know they need to farm a lot but that's all I really know lol.

If everyone is mid (my team and theirs) but our top lane is being pushed by minions am I or some one else supposed to push it back in order to not lose the tower or just stay mid?

If I'm supposed to stay mid then that's probably the problem because I don't want to lose our tower (mainly the 2nd -- not so much the first) Kind of confused on when to save the tower and when to ditch and team fight o-o

Help please :D

Elodin 11-17-2012 12:15 PM

Hit whatever is in range.

Obviously you don't focus the tank if there are better targets, but if he's all you can hit at the time and not get blow up, then do it.

Don't get blown up.

Be with your team late game.

Also you'll usually be bot lane later on, rather than mid.

BoomBoom SWAG 11-17-2012 01:10 PM

Lol okay thanks :D .

So late game is just stick with team? no pushing in other lanes? D:

MustafaFeeds 11-18-2012 02:47 AM


Originally Posted by BoomBoom SWAG (Hozzászólás 31537249)
Lol okay thanks :D .

So late game is just stick with team? no pushing in other lanes? D:

You can as long as you know where the enemy team is. Just do not go to bottom side when they are missing or you know they are around baron(assuming its up) otherwise you are inviting them to get a free baron.

Amatzikahni 11-18-2012 06:22 AM

If you need to get some farm (large enemy minion wave at another lane, or close to getting an item and want to steal a camp or two), then communicate with your team so that they don't initiate. Otherwise, during fights, hit whatever you can while not dying. If you get too close, the enemies can potentially swap to you and instagib you, but this kind of coordination doesn't happen much at ~1400; instead, bruisers usually bumrush you and ignore everyone else, so you'll have to play a good kite game and hope your team knows how to peel (which, at ~1400, they usually don't).

In some fights under the enemy tower, if the tower is in good condition, assist with the teamfight. If the tower is somewhat low, remember to keep safe and hit whatever enemies you can, but if you can't hit something, focus the tower until the fight shifts back and you can hit people again. It's situational, and you'll just have to learn. ADC's do more damage to towers than the other four members combined, and downing towers means reaching inhibs which means reaching the nexus, so remember that your purpose is both for crazy teamfight damage and tower pushing potential. Since ADC's can't do damage while dead, GA is very frequently picked up.

In poke wars near the enemy turret, always try to get a few attacks on the turret when your minion wave arrives. If both teams stall and don't want to engage, then after a few minion waves the tower will be in no condition to stay under and the enemy team will have to retreat; you can push the tower down while your team initiates if the enemies linger too long. If your team can't win the fight, it's better that you all back off and run to the other lanes/jungle to farm. Never forget elixirs; they're most useful when your team intends to fight since an extra kill out of them recoups their own cost and gains you gold and time.

Tarrmayy x 11-18-2012 10:47 PM

i didnt really know the point of adc till a while ago i use to just choose them because they did good damage.

watched a few videos and now i think ive got a better understanding of an adc's role


you need to position yourself behind your teammates so that its difficult for the enemy team to target you.

the longer you are in a fight the more DPS you put out and the more fights you win (considering you do decent damage)

dont be afraid to kite/flash away if an enemy dives onto you.

i feel ive become a better adc from watching streams/highlights.KOGMAW highlights are really what got me thinking about positioning as he has insane range its easy for you to see him keeping his distance where as short range carrys are kind of in the midst of things.


Remember if you die early team fight it could cost the game.

Crank Shape 11-19-2012 08:34 AM

Just remember your basic attacks do so much damage, so you should be trying to land abilities and auto-attacks on anyone that your positioning allows

MaxAltair 11-19-2012 09:10 AM

In my short time experience with Ranged ADC I've learnt that we are like a glass cannon. You are the main source of damage of your team, and also rely on your teammates to do things well. Since you are not a tank, is not good idea to go alone pushin over there while ur team are far from you. And in a teamfight, you need to stay behind your team and having a good concept of how ranged you are, avoid to stay in mid of the fight or the enemy will simply blown up you, for me this is the hardest part of my role for ex sometimes while you target an enemy with auto and that target moves away, you tend to follow him, making you to step in the middle of fire with terrible results. You can get Guardaian Angel if u miss on this part, but remember you are the main source of damage of your team so your items shuld be focused on doing the best DPS. So the main tip is to know how much range yur champion have, and get a good control of it, avoid chasing an enemy for mistake that could be lethal for u and ur team.

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