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darthheter24 11-17-2012 09:39 AM

Want to learn twisted fate
Well I only usually play malzahar mid so I don't know how to play tf mid at all. Can someone help me on how to play him, builds, masteries, etc. I'm at a loss with his play style.

Crazy Crann 11-17-2012 11:22 AM

Hello Darth,

I find your post particularly interesting because when I first started playing this game some years ago (on a different account I've long since lost the password for), I mained TF. Now, I consider Malzahar my primary mid. So we have something in common.

As for advice - the first thing you need to know is that TF can be played as an AD, AP, or hybrid champion. Generally, his AP/hybrid-leaning-AP builds are the optimal ones in terms of damage and assassin utility, which as you should already know, is his primary role in the long-term of the game.

As an AP assassin, I typically take the following:

Summoner spells: Flash and Ignite / Ignite and Teleport / Ignite and Ghost
These three are my standard TF options. Ignite and flash is the one I most often go with, because TF is very squishy and lacks a solid escape, and he sometimes needs the damage on Ignite to finish off an enemy he otherwise couldn't. Ignite and Teleport is a set-up I use when I know I'm going to want to play a more mobile game. With this loadout, I can be far more aggressive at getting earlier ganks because I can then 'port back to my lane to defend or push. Finally, Ignite and Ghost is my least used loadout. I use this one when I know I will need more extended mobility than flash will provide - for instance, when I see assassins such as Kassadin on the opposing team.

Runes: I'm not yet level 30, but when I am my full rune page will be comprised of magic penetration marks, HP/level seals, AP/level glyphs, and mpen glyphs. I like magic penetration for assuring I deal maximum damage with my skills, while the seals boost survivability and the AP adds to the damage I do.

Skilling Order: I take Pick-A-Card first for the manapool sustain it provides with blue card (a fantastic last-hitting tool that eventually will power your poke efforts.) At level two I take Wild Cards, which is the first skill I max out, as well. I tend to take Stacked Deck at level three or four, depending on how aggressive my lane opponent is (more aggressive = take as a deterrent/trade-off; less aggressive = wait to level four.) I obviously level up the ultimate whenever I can.

Starting Items: Boots and 3 red potions. These will give you the mobility to juke enemy poke and red potions to heal if you fail to do so.

Play Style: Like Malzahar, most of your early (pre-six) game will be hanging back, poking occasionally with Wild Cards, and last hitting as much as possible (esp. with blue card.) You want to accumulate gold so that when you hit six, you can go for a quick Destiny gank.

When you hit six, you should consider pushing the lane a bit and taking your first blue pill (back to base) to buy. Depending on how good my game is going, I will purchase either 2x Doran's Ring (for AP and HP) or finish my sorc boots and grab a blasting wand. This gives me enough early damage to work toward my first kill.

My first gank is generally out of top lane. I will try to co-ordinate with the jungler and top bruiser to get the enemy where I want them, and then destiny/gate in just as they start to run. Land a little ahead of where they're running with a gold card ready to pin them for Wild Cards and a quick attack. If Stacked Deck is primed, even better. Once you seal the deal, return to mid lane.

Once back in mid, continue to farm CS/gold. Perhaps consider allowing your opponent to push the lane a bit and overextend, but only if they are not, also, a champion that tends to roam a lot. If they push deep enough, your jungle can lend you a hand on a second quick kill. From there, the game unfolds pretty naturally, with you ganking lanes using your ultimate, setting up kills for teammates, and CSing your way to a good build.

My general end-game build looks something like this: Sorc Boots - Deathcap (I try to rush this) - Zhonya's (survivability, and the ability to make stellar initiates like this) - Lichbane - and then my choice of Rylai's, DFG, Abyssal, or a Quicksilver Sash (if there's a lot of CC on the enemy team.)

In team fights, look for opportunities to hit as many enemies as possible with Gold Card or Wild Cards, but mostly hang around in the back and wait for a chance to spring and assassinate their carry. A great trick to achieve this is to destiny/gate in, Zhonya's when you land (so they burn as much of their burst as possible while you're immune), and then gold card/wild cards/hammer them. Make sure your team knows your strategy, though, and will invest with you, or you'll just end up dying.

Another teamfight strategy is to save your ultimate, but only employ this if you know your team is going to win the initial brawl. When you do this, it enables you to pick off fleeing enemies and get easy kills.

Lastly, you can learn a lot about TF strategy and gameplay by watching professionals who use him. The best, in my humble opinion, is Misaya - who has a fantastic guide here that explains a lot of the basics and shows some gameplay of his TF.

Of course, nothing substitutes for actual experience. But I hope all of this helps.

MustafaFeeds 11-18-2012 03:40 AM

Rylai's is a horrible item on twisted fate, the slow is silly due to you having an inbuilt slow/stun in wild cards.

Im surprised you don't mention Void staff for magic penetration.

In team fights you don't want to try spring and kill their assassins. You sit at the back since you are squishy throwing off cards, if you see an opportunity sure although you can do fine just peeling for your ADC.

doombotMECHA 11-18-2012 06:56 AM

yeah I can't see zhonya's initiate working in soloque

Crazy Crann 11-18-2012 07:43 AM


Originally Posted by MustafaFeeds (Hozzászólás 31560249)
Rylai's is a horrible item on twisted fate, the slow is silly due to you having an inbuilt slow/stun in wild cards.

I think of Rylai's as a great pick on TF for the HP it provides and the fact that it turns Wild Cards into a ridiculously long-ranged potential mass slow in teamfights. Pick-A-Card is sometimes unreliable in teamfights on players who aren't completely pro with TF because it can be tricky to land the right card while juking and trying to avoid.


Originally Posted by MustafaFeeds (Hozzászólás 31560249)
I'm surprised you don't mention Void staff for magic penetration.

You're right on this one; complete oversight. Void Staff is a good item as well.


Originally Posted by MustafaFeeds (Hozzászólás 31560249)
In team fights you don't want to try spring and kill their assassins. You sit at the back since you are squishy throwing off cards, if you see an opportunity sure although you can do fine just peeling for your ADC.

In my opinion, if you're not using TF's incredible mobility and ability to pick off enemies or cause disarray for the opposing team in teamfights, you're not using TF to the best of his ability. Even if you gate in, land a quick burst combo and Zhonya's while the rest of your team hits hard at the team's front, that can still be a fantastic way to disrupt the enemy team's fight strategy and force them to fight by your terms, which gives your team that much greater a chance of winning.

This strategy is particularly successful when you also have flash, and can use that to escape quickly when the Zhonya's fades if your team doesn't come all-in with you.

And to those who say it wouldn't work in Solo Q -- I couldn't say about ranked, but I know in the norms I play, when I inform people that I'm going to be going in on that, they get on page quick. The opportunity to remove the enemy ADC from the fight before it even fully begins, and the subsequent capability to wreck the enemy team, is generally too good to pass up.

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