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Ryugi Kazamaru 11-16-2012 03:43 PM

Champion Auditions - Zed, the Master of Shadows
These Auditions will be run using the guidelines set forth HERE. If you are auditioning for Zed, please read them and understand what you're getting yourself into.


This will protect your identity to keep things equal and devoid of favoritism.

Welcome to the Zed Champion Auditions!

This thread should be self-explanatory, but for those of you who are new to the process, let me break it down. First, please start by reading the guidelines linked above. That will help explain the process a little better. Assuming you've already done that, I'll cut to the chase. This is where the magic will happen. "Smurf" accounts that want to have a chance to portray Zed will post in this thread, announcing their intent to compete. They will then be listed in the main post here.

Once we have a list of the candidates, we will go about the audition, voting, and judging process. Rather than cluttering the forums with multiple threads, the gathering of applicants will be done in this thread, as well as the submissions. When we're sure we have all the applicants, the process of submissions can begin. For ease, please post all Questions/tasks together in a single post for your audition if possible. This will make it much easier to keep track of all the submissions. As they come in, we'll attempt to link them next to the names of the applicants for easy access.

The questions and tasks for the auditions can be seen below, so prospective applicants can get their creative juices flowing or even start working on their submissions before they can submit them. However, please don't submit early. The status of the auditions will be updated as time goes along, so check back now and again to see how we're progressing!


The deadline for writing and answering the prompts is Monday, November 26th.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


1) Traditionally, "League Judgments" were asked to be created for a champion. However, while entertaining to a degree, they lack the true weight of the actual situation. Your main task is to write out Zed's origin. Zed was a student training alongside Shenn under Shenn's father, and there was a rivalry between them. What kind of questions and desires burned in the mind of the young Zed? What thoughts spurred him to desire his revenge against the master and his son? When he and his master finally met, what was their clash like? What caused Zed to cry out in pain during their fight? This is your chance to build your idea of Zed into the character you will be portraying for all to see. As long as he arrives at the destination of his current Riot Lore, feel free to develop him as a character. This is a prime opportunity to allow him to drip with artistic flavor and depth. Show us YOUR Zed that you will portray on the forums as a character, and give depth to his lore that Riot did not have the time to adequately explain in detail.

2) Next, imagine our friend Ram Steed, now working as an independent journalist since the collapse of the Journal of Justice, has braved the shadows of the Master to gain some information about who he is, so he can bring the truth of things to the public eye. Express your views (In character and in Interview Format!) on Syndra, Talon, and, of course, Shenn. However, Ram Steed has also decided to ask Zed about a "Fourth Champion." As the RPer, it is your job to choose this 4th Champion. Your reasoning for this choice should be contained in a small explanation below this part of the submission. Think about how Zed speaking about this champion could reveal something about him as a character. This is yet another chance to surprise us with your insight into the shadowy mind of Zed, and who he is.

Bonus: This, once again, won't be about Zed's Breakfast of Champions. Everyone knows ninjas don't eat, sleep, or breathe. That would leave a trace... For this question, pretend this is the end of Zed's "League Judgment." Perhaps he has just been shown parts of his past that he had long since hidden away under the cloak of darkness. The summoner in question is asking "Why do you want to join the League, Zed?" In a short bit of role playing, have the Master of Shadows answer the question based upon your idea of him as a character. This will show us a little more about what you think his true motivations are. Now, clearly, this is a bonus question, but I would suggest going through the difficulty to prepare it. After all, the more material the community has, and we have as judges, the more accurately they can vote for their opinion of most accurate portrayal. So, the more the better!

Ryugi Kazamaru "Kaz"

Ask the Shadow
Ask Shenn

In the event that one of the Primary Judges cannot take part in the judging of submissions, if it comes to that, a secondary judge will take their place.

Dear Zed
Ask Zed

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Ryugi Kazamaru 11-17-2012 01:41 AM

So many views, and no posts. A shame. People are lurking... Creepers.

Ask the Herald 11-17-2012 01:47 AM

I KNOW there's a "Dear Zed" lurking out there....

You guys may be trying to be a ninja, but that doesn't mean that we non-ninja can tell if you're here or not.

SandscourgeSkarn 11-17-2012 01:48 AM

They're being ninjas.

We can't see all the posts. I personally vote for the 506th entrant, their creative use of cooking and interpretive dance really spiced up their entry

Necromonger 11-17-2012 02:14 AM

I bet Zed has an S-class Hammy Villain voice.


AskShadowNinja 11-17-2012 04:53 AM

Cold. Damp. Dark. These were the only things used to describe Zed's current surroundings. He stepped into this chamber what seemed like an eternity ago, and had still not found what he was looking for. When he was brought to the temple to learn the ways of the balance and harmony, he had been more than eager to learn, if nothing else it got him food and shelter. But the master at the temple seemed far too busy looking at his son to notice Zed's blossoming power. It was as if the old man didn't even think he existed at times. Zed thought back to the fight, that fateful fight that led to his decision. After walking into the ring, he and the master's son, Shen, had bowed to each as was the custom, then bowed to the master, before beginning to fight. As with all the others, neither boy gained the upper hand, when one hit the other it would quickly be returned. And, as with all the others, the fight would end the master simply ending the fight as a draw, praising Shen greatly and giving Zed a compliment every so often. Zed had walked out, not showing any emotions but feeling the rage inside him finally take over. He entered the hidden chamber he had found while training away from the group, not even the master knew he had seen it, and was searching for whatever had caused this room to be closed. Finally he found something, a box shaped with two dark shadows converging around it. It seemed to be emanating the feeling of power, but at the same time had an aura of evil that Zed knew he should not touch. After picking it up and feeling it to make sure there were no traps, he opened the top, peering if just for a moment inside. Immediately the darkness inside grabbed his mind and pulled him in, though he knew his body was unmoved. After viewing powerful techniques taught be a strange man in black, Zed blinked and realized he was back outside, the box returned to it's pedestal as if nothing had happened. A grin slowly made it's way across his face, he knew that the power he held now was more than a pathetic wannabe like Shen could match. He marched back to the temple and demanded a rematch, swiftly beating his rival in a matter of minutes. He turned to the master triumphantly, his only thought of glory and honor. But the only thing he felt was a swift crack of the master's staff and his body being thrown out, the master's words ringing in his ears, “Leave, and never return.” He stood, disbelief etched on his face, the master banished him? For simply using techniques that had been sealed!? It was another two days before Zed finally moved, wandering for years before he finally came to the realization that the old man was wrong. He began to train others and soon beheld an army fit for a king, or a master. As he beheld his troops he grimly nodded, his path set before him. As he arrived at the temple, expecting a fight, he instead found his master welcoming him with open arms, asking his forgiveness for past actions. Bewildered Zed followed his former master up the steps of the temple, taking a seat for tea. “Tell me Zed, what have you done while you have traveled?” His former master asked. Zed, still in shock, explained all he had done. The master listened, nodding sadly. “I am sorry my student, I have failed you more than I thought. Please, we must do something.” Zed nodded, but something started to fester in his heart, a distrust that had been locked away moments ago. He called him Student, when he used to call him Son. Zed followed the master to the sealed temple, where the old man walked over to the box and sighed. “So this is wretched thing that started all of this. Then there is only one action that can be done.” The master drew his sword and lifted it up. Zed, realizing what was about to happen, rushed in front of the box and felt the sword slice into his back. He screamed in pain, the rage, hatred, and distrust bursting through. Without a moments hesitation he grabbed the lid of the box and ripped it open, the shadows bursting out magnificently. They collided together in Zed's body, absorbing the sword, which then appeared in Zed's hand, and completely healing him. He turned to the old man, his eyes that had been a deep blue, glared a crimson red. He cut the old man's head off without a moments hesitation, taking it outside and screaming to those gathered “KILL THEM ALL!”

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Ram Steed here again, bringing you the latest news on the newest champion, Zed. When I sent a letter to him all I got was a simple note that read, “Fine”. I'm guessing he's not the most social type folks, but as your journalist I will go into the shadowy pit that is his home and bring you, the people, the full scoop on him.

Interviewing Zed:

Ram: “Greetings Master Zed, first off let me say it is a great honor being here.”

Zed: Zed's eyes shift towards the man, he had been looking out the temple. He walked over and took a seat, staring at the summoner with unblinking crimson eyes. “Yes, it is a great honor. What do you want, that you come to my home so suddenly.”

Ram: “Well Master Zed I've come to ask your opinions on some of your new fellow champions. We'll start with the Dark Sovereign, Syndra. She's quite powerful and her powers do somewhat resemble something like shadows, your opinion?”

Zed: Zed regarded the man coolly, thinking several minutes before responding, “She is nothing but an irritating child abusing the power she was blessed with. What use is power if one simply flaunts it by creating an island. I suppose you ask me this due to your thinking we are similar due to the facts that we both killed our masters, but we are nothing alike. Her power is impressive, but one could have all the power in the universe and still know nothing of how to use it.”

Ram: “But surely the fact you both were suppressed of your powers means there is something similar.”

Zed:”No. Both our masters betrayed us, but I was not suppressed, I was thrown out. She stayed comfy and cozy in her little temple while I was gathering an army.”

Ram: Ram coughed slightly, the unblinking and never turning gaze of Zed starting to unsettle him. “Alright then what the Blade's Shadow, Talon?”

Zed: Zed stayed silent once again, thinking out every word he would say. “He is a powerful assassin, well skilled in what he does, but he has never seen a blade's shadow, nor is he one. He is but a man who is skilled in stealth.”

Ram: “But if he is an assassin like you wouldn't you say there is a kinship of sorts to be had there? Surely the two of you could learn from each other.”

Zed: Faster then Ram thought possible, Zed rested his sword on Ram's throat. “I have nothing to learn from him, on or off the fields. He is nothing compared to me.”

Ram: Ram gulped slightly, the sword at his throat causing him to think before he moved onto the next subject, hoping it wouldn't get him killed. “A-And.....what of the Eye of Twilight, Shen.”

Zed: Zed looked at the man and chuckled softly, the sound mirthless and cold. “You are a brave man indeed to mention that fools name in here. Such words would get one killed, but I will answer nevertheless. Ah my old brother-in-arms, the foolish dog he is. He is simply a worthless pet to be led around, never asking, never questioning the logic of those in charge. He does not see the power in the shadows, something I will make sure to show him when I slit his throat.”

Ram: Ram looked him, the blade still pointed at his throat. “But he is a champion like you, are there not rules against that?”

Zed: “Perhaps. But if he turns up dead in his sleep? Nothing around, nothing broken, not one thing out of place and nothing to match anyone to the crime? It could simply have been Shaco or one of the other various murderers in the League.”

Ram: Ram shifted and lightly pointed the blade away from his throat, pinching his finger in the process by how sharp the blade was. “And what of the Eternal Nightmare, Nocturne?”

Zed: Zed considered his opinion for a moment, before stating “He is a special case, being shadows himself. I find him an enigma, as if I have seen him before. He looks quite a bit like those who taught me the ways of the shadow, perhaps they are related.”

Ram: “And of his powers? Would you ever seek to train with him?”

Zed: “What have I to learn from shadows that I do not know already? You bore my with your questioning, speak faster or leave.”

Ram: Ram stood and bowed to Zed “Thank you for your time Master Zed, enjoy your stay in the league.” Ram quickly left, not noticing the shadows themselves had been twisting and turning under his feet the entire time.”

((I chose Nocturne because of all the champion's in the league, whereas their personalities are different, their powers are almost identical or at least come from the same place.))

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

SHINK! Zed felt the blade of his master slice into his back, and fell to the ground. No this was wrong, his master had destroyed the box, what was happening! He turned around and saw the elderly summoner sitting across from him yet again. He looked tired and bored, as if he had seen this all too much.

“Tell me, why do you wish to join the League?” He said.

Zed thought for a moment, the anger against his master still deep inside him. “Why? So that the shadows may spread. They are everywhere, but not one soul notices them. I have come to show them the strength of that which I command, and that they're pathetic views of balance and peace mean nothing when compared to the strength bestowed upon me.”

Ryugi Kazamaru 11-17-2012 03:39 PM

Well... I wasn't ready to take the writing portion yet, but I guess it's fine that you posted it now.

Added, in any case.

AskShadowNinja 11-17-2012 03:48 PM

Oh shoot sorry, I thought we were at that stage.

Ryugi Kazamaru 11-17-2012 04:02 PM

No harm done.

UberDuDrop 11-17-2012 05:00 PM

Good luck to Zed!

Wait...does this mean Shen'd's going to become extinct?

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