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Torres313 11-16-2012 12:49 AM

Elo hell.
How is it humanly possible to get out of ELO hell i seriously thought there was a way of "carrying" at start of S3 but i just cant see it after losing games for so many dumb reasons 1.AFKERS 2.People get discouraged so fast and just troll after one bad thing happens and no madder what i do or say they just continue to troll and lose game 3.Just bad people in general play at the lower level ELO who just have hit 30 or has little experience with the game (which i have over 1500 games played under my belt) they are just totally oblivious to the meta or how to ward properally they think its the supports job when what there gonna go allllllll the way top lane from bottom just to ward a bush or river and let there ad carry get zoned and lose the exp they need 4.People who think they counter the other person and just get owned they dont realize player skill is a big key in the game. Would really love some advice from some people who somehow from the grace of god carried themselves out of 1000-1400 elo its like the lower my elo gets which was at 1300 now 1000 in just one day the more the teams troll,afk,feed,make bad decisions, and everything else in-between PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ACTUAL advice and no trolling i will just delete thread if so really don't want to deal with anymore meanie heads.

VG Bustamoov 11-16-2012 01:12 AM

I can definately relate to this. I main Sona, and have 5 wins, 6 losses with her. I have a KDA average of 4.5/2.5/17.5, yet I'm steadily losing elo because I get an Ahri who goes 2/19, or an Ezreal who goes 3/11. I thought it was random what team mates you play against, but if I use 'LolKing' to check out my team and the enemy team...the enemy team ALWAYS has a better overall Win/Loss ratio.

Nishaven90 11-16-2012 01:19 AM

Duo queue with a friend.

Paqi 11-16-2012 04:09 AM

Reason #3 is something you need to learn to carry yourself out of. Elo Hell is defined as the elo range where you're only marginally better than the people that belong in that range, making it much harder for you to carry a bad team. This makes you much more sensitive to mistakes your teammates make than you'd otherwise be.

For reasons #1 and #2, you need to be coaching your team, and reminding them of where you guys really stand after something bad happens. For example. if your team just lost 3 teamfights in a row, but your team is only down by 3 kills, definitely remind everyone of that. Also make note of the tower situation, or any other positive aspect of the match that will make them realize they can still come back from a bad situation. If your team's definitely losing, tell them to avoid teamfights, and to take advantage of the safer farming lost towers can provide. Order your team to get buffs and objectives as appropriate.

tl;dr: Coaching your team is the best way to avoid AFKs and rage-quits

Torres313 11-16-2012 04:38 AM

I just played another 4 gamesa
and still the same people just feed i could have a pro player like dyrus or hotshotgg and still lose i swear there is no possible way i am now in 900 elo... i am either posative in k/d/a or completly ahead like 9-3 and still lose my skill level is definatly higher then the people i play against there is no possible way.

Poohammer 11-16-2012 05:29 AM

I have the same problems. If i top than both mid and bot will feed, if i support than top will feed. And if no one feeds than someone is afk and we get mowed down in 4v5 later. It gets really depressing. My first 3 games in ranked had Afkers. After that it was just mad feeders. Just lastnight had a jax that went 0-4 top in 5 minutes and afked. How am i going to win a game like that?

adc 11-16-2012 05:33 AM

By being better. I got these players at 1250~ Elo last season, but I was significantly better (200+ Elo) than the people I played against, so I just fed harder off the enemy team. Once I got to 1450~, though, I had a lot of trouble because I wasn't that much better.

Also, you're still presumably in your placement games this season, so you'll get stuck with the new players as well. It's a pain, because you get that person who's won a single game at 1250 Elo and is suddenly higher than half your team, goes 0/10 top, and then ragequits. On a similar note, though, you get higher ranked players, too. I was actually matched with 2 people who were platinum last season in two different games, despite being 1350~ Elo.

Atacand 11-16-2012 05:51 AM

What people have to underestand is that for every person that wins a match, someone else has to lose one and It could be that you are just having bad luck and there is really nothing you can do about that. When you are having an "off day" take a break. Bad experience from previous games easily carry through .

TheSnuke 11-16-2012 06:18 AM

Should have waiter a couple weeks to do placements, so all the bads, trolls, and new players get back down to where they belong.

BamfofBamfs 11-16-2012 07:03 AM

Do well in your placements, basically dictates your maximum elo potential (under the knowledge that youre definately NOT going to maintain a winrate of over 70% over even 50 games), honestly one of the key tools is a positive attitude, trust me, it goes a long way in a game.

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