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Larias 07-31-2009 03:29 PM

Advanced: Guide to Writing Guides
The purpose of this guide is to have a uniform system for League of Legends guides. A player should be able to read one guide and go to another guide and see the same system used. This creates nice, professional guides that are useful for any player trying to go through guides. Obviously, if you want to go more advanced, that is totally up to you. But using this guide as a starting point will help get the ball rolling on guides.

(Note that parts of this post are stolen from other posts I have read.)

How to start - The first and most important thing is finding a good hero or strategic topic to write about. It's very important that you first think and meditate a lot about what you are going to write and what exactly will be included, what the main concepts are and what your main goal is. Also, it's very important that you actually know what you are talking about; that you play the champion or you know how to juke others, where to place wards, how to counter other champions and line-ups etc. Don't write a guide if you yourself are still in need of learning the champion itself. Play him/her, try to gather information about the champion and talk to others who play that champion exceptionally well. That will help you achieve your goal of mastering the champion.

Main Concepts of Champion Guides - Something to remember, before anything else, is to write the words to the guide and then format it later on. Of course it's not this strict, you can already format some of the headings (especially bolding is really useful), but the information is the most important, not the eye-candy part. After you have a basic that you can shape, start formatting the guide (which I will write more about in a section below). The following should be included in *every* champion guide:

a: At the top of the guide, the purpose of the guide and why it is effective

b: description of all 4 of the champions abilities, their basic statistics per level, their ability power scaling, the champions base HP/MP/Armor/Spell block/attack speed/damage and how well they scale with level, movement speed, etc.

c: Suggested masteries to get with the champion. Make sure you denote which ones are more important than others, as not all the players who use your guide will be summoner level 30. Also, why you chose these specific masteries.

d: Suggested rune make-ups, and why. Offer other alternatives, and also mention runes that are absolutely worthless.

e: Suggested summoner abilities, alternate ones, and why

f: Basic item build, and alternative items if needed based on the opponent (ie, magic resistant item or armor item that is good on the champion in case the other team has a lot of magic damage or physical damage)

: Basic ability build: when to get which abilities at what levels, and why

h: Why the build works

i: Strategies for laning or going in to the monster forest, based on what your guide is for

j: How your champion works in team fights, his or her job, and how to do it effectively

Pictures and Illustrations: Pictures and Illustrations add a visual perspective to the player reading the strategy. Showing icons of abilities, the ability in use, etc. can greatly improve the reception of the guide. Make sure you take screenshots at the very highest quality possible.

Example Guide:

Notes: I took a pre-existing guide and have modified it to fit the idea. You'll see weird info in it because the other did not put it in his guide.

Warwick: The Jungle King

This guide is for those who wish to Jungle early as Warwick, but wish to keep up in terms of levels to those laning. Jungling is a very strong strategy that allows your team to have two solo lanes, ensuring a quicker path to your team's Level 6 (though a little risk is involved as your opponents are guaranteed a 2v1 lane if they are not also jungling.)

Hungering Strike (mana cost: x1/x2/x3/x4/x5) - A targeted, short-range spell that deals damage to a target and returns the damage as health to Warwick. To Champions, it will deal 4/8/12/16/20%(xabilitypower) of their health in magic damage. To minions, it may deal 75/125/175/225/275(xabilitypower) flat damage if the damage is greater than the % choice.

Hunter's Call (mana cost: x1/x2/x3/x4/x5) - Improves all allied champions' attack speed by 25% and Warwick's attack speed by 50%. Lasts 6/9/12/15/18 seconds.

Blood Scent (no mana cost) - Warwick's movement speed is improved by 16/22/28/34/40 if there is an enemy Champion below half health within 1500/2300/3100/3900/4700 radius.

Infinite Duress (mana cost: x1/x2/x3) - Warwick leaps onto an enemy champion, striking them 6 times for for 33% of his attack damage plus 30/50/70.

Warwick's passive: the lifesteal stuffs

Recommended Summoner Masteries: 17 Offensive, 0 Defensive, 13 Utility
Tier 1: 3 Crit, 1 Smite (Note: Crit is the Arm with untitled desc123)
Tier 2: 4 Sorcery,
Tier 3: 3 Sunder, 1 Offensive Mastery
Tier 4: 3 Brute Force, 1 Improved Taunt,
Tier 5: 1 Improved Rally* (Note: if you choose to get heal instead of rally, drop this and the point in improved taunt, and improve heal and another mastery)
Tier 1: 1 Spatial Accuracy, 3 Perseverance*
Tier 2: 4 Awareness
Tier 3: 1 Greed, 1 Meditation, 2 Utility Mastery*
Tier 4: 1 Blink of an Eye
(Note: * marks IMPORTANT masteries. The rest can all be customized as you see fit.)

Recommended Runes:
Primarily Crit Chance (I prefer Malice to Brutality). You may want to also invest in some Replenishments for additional mana regen for allowing you to use Hungering Strike more often when you do not have the Golem buff. I use two Quintessences of Avarice and one Malice. AP runes are useless on Warwick, and Health regen runes are also pretty unimportant. Runes of Fortitude are also a good choice, as they give you more health from the start of the game, allowing you to better tank the Buff minions or the Dragon if you so choose to do so. In general, though, you want either as much Malice as possible or as much Fortitude, with maybe 3 Glyphs of Replenishment for the additional mana regen.

Recommended Summoner spells:
1) Smite - REQUIRED. If you are jungling without Smite, you are going to find yourself in a lot of trouble early on. I highly recommend Improved Smite (1 Mastery Point). Later in the game, this becomes less important, but can actually help prolong a tower push.
2) Rally. +Improved Rally Mastery tree. Rally can offer a minor heal early on if you want to take on a Buff Camp before others (recommended) to ensure you will survive long enough to drop the buff creep, as well as giving a small damage boost. Later in the game, it works wonderfully combined with his Ultimate, casting Infinite Duress and popping the Rally on your opponent for additional damage.
2b) Heal. If you don't like Rally, this should be your alternative. None of the other spells are really needed if you intend to jungle the entire game.

Recommended Item Build:
2-3 Madred's Razors (Helps with neutralling)
Bloodthirster (lifesteal + damage)
Berserker's Boots (The +Attack Speed ones) (move faster and attack faster)
DPS Items (Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, Black Cleaver, Phantom Dancer)

Suggested ability guide
1) Q - Hungering Strike
2) W - Hunter's Call
3) Q - Hungering Strike
4) E - Blood Scent
5) W - Hunter's Call
6) R - Infinite Duress
7) Q - Hungering Strike
8) W - Hunter's Call
9) W - Hunter's Call
10) Q - Hungering Strike
11) R - Infinite Duress
12) W - Hunter's Call
13) Q - Hungering Strike
14) E - Blood Scent
15) E - Blood Scent
16) R - Infinite Duress
17) E - Blood Scent
18) E - Blood Scent

Why this build works: (would include an explanation of neutral effects, how warwick is a great ganker, etc)

How to play:
1) Cloth Armor should be your first purchase. The armor helps versus all jungle creeps, giving you a little more survivability while you leech life through your passive. As SOON as you hit 700g, it is time to blue pill. Typically, this is how I play:
First - Lizard Buff. Smite the lizard, land a few hits, then Hungering Strike to heal. If it's looking like you might die, go ahead and use your Rally to ensure survival. From here, wipe this camp, then do the two golems just below/above (blue/red) the camp. By the time you reach the wraiths, your Smite should be back up. Smite the bigger one. Wipe this camp, then move to the wolf/golem camp of the other jungles on your side. At this point, you should be somewhere around 665-680 gold. Blue Pill.

You can sit at your base a little bit here, waiting for the 700g is entirely worth it.

2) MADRED'S RAZOR. Upgrade your cloth armor into Madred's Razor. This item is EXTREMELY important for jungling efficiently because of its proc effect that gives 15% chance to deal 500 bonus damage (15% chance to Smite on attack!). This bonus damage also procs Crits and Life Leech, but is reduced by armor.

Jungle as long as you can from this point. Remember to kill the Dragon as often as possible, as this gives a global exp/gold addition to your team, and will greatly help your carries for you to be able to solo him. Whenever your Ult is up, communicate with your team to set up a gank by popping out of the jungles long enough to Ult. If your Rally is up, be sure to use it WITH your Infinite Duress for the bonus damage, which will really help to ensure the kill is achieved. If you ever get to a point that you NEED to go back to base, your next purchases should be:

3) Second Madred's Razor, Vampiric Scepter. Possibly Third Madred's Razor. If you've REALLY been gone a long time, Bloodthirster takes precedence over Third Razor.

When you have 3 Razors and a Bloodthirster, if your team is not being able to push/gank/team fight effectively, note that you are capable of soloing Baron at this point. The Procs lifeleech combined with Bloodthirster makes Warwick very strong and his Q's leech is generally enough to sustain him. When Baron gets around half health or lower, he will start juggling you and knocking you back though, so be careful. A little luck regarding the procs from Razor is required. Waiting on Rally to be up for this is recommended.

4) If the game goes on beyond your 3 Razors and Bloodthirster, Boots should be your next item. Beyond that, the only items you need are further typical DPS items. Remember to help your team push, and Rally at towers. Whenever your team is pushing a tower, even if you're not near them you can help out by casting Hunter's Call to improve their attack speed.


This build has been tested in low, middle, and a single instance of a mixed middle/high level game and was found to be effective in all tiers of gameplay in which it has been tested. Thanks for reading this guide!

Irony 07-31-2009 04:05 PM

Kudos on the guide for guides
Looks very informative

TiberiusAudley 07-31-2009 04:14 PM

That example guide looks familiar.

Larias 07-31-2009 08:11 PM

Hopefully players will start adapting this to their guides.

Lightning 08-01-2009 06:44 AM

+1 I want to write a Sivir guide but I have yet to actually find a good build with her. Shes fun stacking ability power, but I feel weird because that doesn't work for anything but her Q ability.

Pobelter 08-01-2009 09:51 PM

inb4 guides for making guides for making guides

Lollerman 08-02-2009 07:30 AM

Sticky this for future references.

Larias 08-02-2009 08:01 AM

Pobelter, you're too late for that. Brackhar already made that joke on the Emissary forums :(

Kazuz 08-02-2009 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by Larias (Hozzászólás 29731)
Pobelter, you're too late for that. Brackhar already made that joke on the Emissary forums :(

Asside from jokes, excellente guide 4 guides, i will take this into account when i try to make onew, btw i think it is important to put alternate scenarios, i mean what happens if you don't get that particular item in mid-game, or what to do if the opposite team is foccusing on 1 champ at the time, and you got ganked

Larias 08-03-2009 08:20 AM

Thanks for the feedback :)

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