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Pr0methius 11-15-2012 02:24 PM

Questions to those higher elo individuals
Cutting straight to the the chase, if you feel that a game is doomed from the champ select screen is it worthwile to dodge and just wait it out so you don't take the hard elo hit of a loss?

(To those of you that say just stick it out, I usually do but sadly my first game this ranked season has made me jaded. I fall into whatever role is needed on the team, it happened to eb support. Someone declared that they hate following the meta and picked gp as the adc. I was a little reluctant since the enemy had already picked cait which means we where thoroughly outranged with moaki as their support. But I went with it...and ended up trying to support an ap gangplank >.<.)

Notorious P I P 11-15-2012 02:36 PM

The game is hardly doomed in champ select. Just because a team counters you fairly well doesnt mean it is lost. You still have to play the game to win.

Helen OP 11-15-2012 02:40 PM

For me as I main support, I have encountered many times where I would assume that this is indefinately a loss. I remember correctly on my last ranked game before season 2 ended I was 1 game away from Gold. usually at 1499 elo I would get trolled to the ground losing. So Instead of being "scared" I just went for it (Carpe diem). Cutting straight to the point, I have There was a mid that wanted a certain champ, he afks till its my turn to choose (last pick) then he afks. Not knowing what champion to choose for him i chose one of my champions, Ryze. He chose sona for me and I chose ryze for him, he comes back raging so he ended up going sona mid and ryze support. By the way he was talking to me he didn't seem much good and kept calling me a troll throughout the game when it was blatantly his fault for afking (I won the game supporting my Adc, our Sona didn't do that well mid lane as he presumably said he was going to do "I'm going to carry you guys now (Goes 0/5)).
Summary: Astonishing as it is, I would go for it you're eventually going to go up or down;dodging isn't really worth it in my opinions just go for it dude. No matter how meta breaking it is there's always a chance to win.

Amatzikahni 11-15-2012 03:39 PM

It's better to play and learn from the experience, and if you lose, you get a free game or three in which you're under zero pressure until you're back where you started. That lack of pressure can easily mean practice, learning, and calming your nerves. Also, you don't lose 100% of the time from these "champ select trolls" that forumgoers keep talking about; it's still around a 50% since they can easily be good players and get fed or your opponents get trolls/bads in the same game. It's not like you need to go 100-20 or some other magic number to get Diamond; some of the top players were like 1400-1300 by the end of the season, so just keep playing and learning and your skill will carry you eventually.

On a somewhat similar note, I just got commended by a ~2100 player in my Ranked game today for two great plays within a few minutes, yet about ~20 Ranked games ago, I went 0-8-0 as mid against a ~1500 opponent. There's always room to improve.

ExecutionerK 11-15-2012 05:54 PM

The champion selection gives you a chance to lay out possible tactics and team comp, but by no mean it is the end of the world when it looks ****ty. this is solo queue, many games are carriable until you reach to high elo where people doesn't make as many mistakes for you to take advantage off on.

<- this guy here loves to pick Shaco, but many people often refer Shaco as a useless jungler due to poor scaling, that won't happen if I can siege the opportunity and kick the enemy jungler's ass.

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