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Brycearoni 11-15-2012 01:24 PM

TT Official Jungling Thread
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First and foremost, I love that the new TT has effective jungling, and I don't think that aspect should go away; also, please no "bashing" the new map, or even talking about how great it is. This is a thread designated to TT Jungling, and talking about the pros and cons of it, and essentially, how to make it better. Since TT is still in Beta, Riot is looking for ways to improve gameplay, and I think this is a great opportunity to discuss jungling changes! I will be breaking up my points so it is more manageable to read.

[Part 1: The Jungle Now]
The jungle right now seems like a jungle, but I feel (personally) that it needs something else. Right now there are three camps on each side of the map designated to a particular team, you can steal enemy camps to get ahead in gold and xp (although it is risky) which is a great mechanic, because jungling is all about getting your team ahead in gold and xp with a certain risk factor involved. The camps have little diversity, Wraiths = Easy, Wolves = Medium, Golems = Hard; and in my opinion, this is what the initial camps should be, but their should also should be something else to break up the diversity.

[Part 2: What The Jungle Needs]
I feel that the jungle needs more "flavour" and it would be advantageous to bring in a fourth jungle camp to each side of the map as well as mixing around some already existing camps (see attached file). As you can see on the attached file, the red circle would be where the new camp would be, and the green circles would be swapping the Golem and Wraith camps. Why?

[Part 3: The Explanation]
Jungling is all about routes, risk, and rewards; opening new jungling routes is very advantageous to gameplay because it brings a new set of reward factors; also the jungle as of now, contains no buffs, and I think a fourth camp (that would introduce some sort of buff) would be wonderful. Right now, additionally, many junglers are jungling (fairly successfully) without Smite, which I feel greatly diminishes gameplay. Since jungling is all about risk and rewards, it is only logical (in my opinion) that if you choose to jungle, sacrificing a summoner spell and picking up Smite is part of that risk factor.

Additionally, adding a new camp with a buff encourages junglers to pack Smite (since buffed jungle monsters are rather difficult to kill without it), opens up new jungle routes, allows teams to fight for buffs (when pushed past the turret), and ultimately creates greater risk and greater rewards. Additionally, switching the Golem and Wraith camps allows top lane to get some (somewhat) easy gold at the risk/reward of hurting their laning phase, and also encourages junglers to get different camps in combination with the new fourth camp (which should be significantly harder) to open up new jungle routes.

[Part 4: The Aftermath]
If you like my changes, or just in general encourage changes to the TT jungle please comment so! (Mainly in order to keep the thread alive, but also so Riot can see our opinions). If you want to talk about your own ideas, please do! The goal of this thread is not to make me popular and be in control of the game, it's just to make the new TT a more fun and rewarding experience!


Jahpocalypse 11-15-2012 02:19 PM

Gj, i think adding another camp is good but the buff camp should be in the center below bottom lane. Just my opinion. I miss old jungle ganking out of the top with crazy buffs tho lol.

AForgotten Angel 11-15-2012 04:12 PM

I was thinking since I only play 3v3 right now as I am leveling up to 30, that maybe random rotating 'Elite' mobs with with buffs themed for TT! These mobs would ideally be based of the current trio of camps on both sides of TT! Bigger version a Wraith, Wolf and Golem with buffs themed for TT and the Mobs carrying them. Rotating and Random so that you can't count on the buffs and have to actually jungle threw both sides to find the Buff, so both sides have a chance to get one the 3 buffs.

BlazzedTroll 11-15-2012 05:39 PM

Putting a jungle camp only accessible by access behind the turret of an opposing team that carries a buff seems like a bad idea. I liked the "rotating" buffs in the old map.

Platinum Agent 11-15-2012 06:15 PM

I like the idea of putting a buff camp either on/inplace of/ or vertically near the Speed Shrine. It's centered and gives both teams a chance and something to aim for. I'd probably have it spawn 4 or 5 minutes into the game, so we don't have the exact same problem 2 minute Altars were giving us.

Omesh 11-16-2012 05:36 AM

Yeah, I would say just make a fourth camp of normal-strength neutral creeps somewhere in each side of the jungle, and put a buff camp (Grez!) in the center in lieu of the Stupid Frigging Speed Shrine. I'm a fan of the new TT, but I really think the Speed Shrine is a mistake and doesn't belong. Take it out. Give players a point to actually contest. Grez is an excellent "objective" in that sense.

SG Wh1teDragon 11-16-2012 06:38 AM

You have some pretty good ideas that i would to see implemented on the new TT. I Think they should get rid of the speed shrine for either a grez style camp like the old TT. or maybe a third altar that gives a different passive when in control then the current altars.

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