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TheM0ve 11-15-2012 09:08 AM

3v3 solo queue worse experiences ever in video games
I played about 1k 3v3 games the last year with my bros. Been trying to play solo queue today.

4 games in a row someone has been afk from the get go. Im always stuck with some tryhard who thinks we have a good shot at winning 2v3. I do the nice thing and I play too the 15 min mark and than surrender. But no my teammates which lack any common sense at all want to play 2v3 and drag a pointless game out as long as possible. Even though in all 4 games I wanted just to alt tab the game and wait till surrender. But to be nice I play alittle bit.

This game is so bad unless you have friends. You think after being honored and playing alot of 3v3 games I would go into a queue with normal players and avoid these horrible players.

Its liked im marked in the game to play with the worst players in the game. How does my team always have a afk and not the other team.

TheM0ve 11-15-2012 09:56 AM

5th games a charm got no afks. But a Wukong who was swearing at me at champ screen because every game he plays the team with Darius wins and he wanted me to buy and pick Darius he said.

I lauphed. I would of queue dodged but game b4 i dodged and had a 15 in wait.

So I played and to my suprise WuKong had 8 deaths in the first 5 mins. What a Nightmare solo queue is. I thought I would relax and play LoL all day on my day off without my bros but its ruined my day. Im in such a horrible mood now.

CheerUpEmoKids 11-15-2012 10:09 AM

Sucks to suck. :P

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