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Peligrad 11-15-2012 05:15 AM

Peli's Fiora Rework Ideas
Let me just say that I love Fiora's champion concept.

Her accent, her hips and thighs that can shatter door frames, her sassy attitude, her dedication to the perfection of her craft. Everything right down to her brunette red hair is perfect.

But her kit...its just so bad...

As much as I'd love to play her...you simply can't do it competitively in her current state. She boasts one of the lowest %played and one of the lowest %win in the game.

So I've been looking at her kit and I think I've got a good rework here.

I wanted to keep her skills unique, so that she isn't a clone of any other champion. I also wanted her to have the same feel that she currently has but allow her to fill that same role competitively.

I also wanted her kit to reinforce her personality. She's spunky and determined. She's disciplined and dedicated. Right now she's this fragile wuss who is stopped dead in her tracks the first time any opposition arises (in the shape of CC). Fiora should be fierce and determined!

Fiora's kit is now a bit more themed. She's a disciplined duelist, and that's half physical and half mental.

When she auto attacks, she enters a state where her blood gets flowing an her sustain increases.

When she lunges she enters a state where she is anticipating a counter attack and is prepared to parry it.

Burst of speed gives grants her a state of high mobility and increased offensive aptitude.

Discipline and Determination grants her a state where she's focused on a goal and will resist anything that tries to stop her.

Through these "states" you gain the impression that Fiora is not only physically, but also mentally very formidable. She's a duelist who's mind is as sharp as her weapon.

The first thing I wanted to address was her passive. Her passive is horrid in it's current state.But at the same time I wanted to keep the feel of her passive the same, with the stacks of passive on each hit stacking up to 4 times against players.

So here is the new passive I came up with:

Duelist - Fiora increases her healing and regeneration effects on her 6% each time she deals damage. Striking champions will cause this effect to stack up to 4 times. (24% max)

This will improve her natural sustain from health regeneration in similar fashion to how it is currently and will scale with any additional hp regeneration and lifesteal that she buys making her passive relevant later on.

Now lets talk about her new kit.

The first thing I did was combine the riposte and lunge actives into one skill. It's very similar to Pantheon's Aegis of Zonia now, but with no stun, but can be activated twice. However she no longer deals any damage when she parries and attack.

Lunge: Range 600 CD: 16/14/12/10/8 Cost 60 mana

Active: Fiora dashes forward to strike her target, dealing physical damage. After she performs a lunge she anticipates a counter attack and will parry the next basic attack made against her. Fiora can perform the dash and parry a second time within 4 seconds at no mana cost.

Physical Damage: 40, 65, 90, 115,140 (+60% bonus AD)
Maximum Physical Damage: 80/130/180/230/280 (+120% bonus AD)

Now we've freed up a skill slot for something new.
I still wanted to keep her bonus AD as part of her kit, but Fiora's kit also needs some sustaining power and a counter for crowd control.

So here is what I came up with for her new W skill:

Discipline and Determination:

Cool Down: 12 (all ranks) Cost 45 mana

Passive: Fiora's attack damage is increased by 15/20/25/30/35.

Active: Fiora consumes her Duelist stacks (passive) for an immediate heal gaining 18/36/54/72/90 health per stack consumed. For the next 4 seconds Fiora also gains Discipline and Determination reducing the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, and roots placed on Fiora 20/25/30/35/40%

Finally I've reworked BoS to be more flexible over all and to incorporate some soft CC into Fiora's otherwise CCless kit. This also can grant some utility to Fiora's ultimate since it procs on-hit effects.

The skill also isn't as easy to mitigate as it is gaining a mechanic where it now will increase in duration if Fiora is CC'd during it's activation.
Burst of Speed:

Cool down 15/14/13/12/11 Cost: 55

Fiora gains 15/20/25/30/35 % movement speed for 3 seconds. For each basic attack or lunge she performs while burst of speed is active she gains 20/24/28/32/36 % attack speed and slows the target 6/7/8/9/10 % for 2 seconds stacking up to 3 times (slow intensity stacks, duration does not).

If Fiora is stunned, suppressed, rooted, or knocked up while burst of speed is active, the duration is increased by 1 second. This effect can only occur once per activation.

Upon kill or assist burst of speed's CD is reset.

I didn't touch blade waltz at all. I think it's fine the way it is.

Blade Waltz:

Cost: 100 Range: 400 Cool Down: 130/120/110
Fiora dashes around the battlefield to deal physical damage to enemy champions. Successive strikes against the same target deal less damage.
Fiora dashes around the battlefield striking random champions 5 times for 160/330/500 (+1.2) physical damage. Successive strikes against the same target deal 25% damage.

The first and last attack will be against the same target. Each strike applies on-hit effects.

So this is my idea for Fiora's rework. I feel like she's still unique but now will be a lot more viable.

Let know what you think!


xpxpx 11-15-2012 11:35 AM

Not gonna lie, I actually love the way this sounds. It would make her really good at dueling (what she is meant to do) and it would allow her to keep from getting instantly blown up in teamfights. Not only that, but she would also finally be viable, which is where I can show off that badass skin I bought for her a couple weeks ago. ;p

The PKK Revenge 11-15-2012 11:41 AM

Gotta say, when I first read what you wanted her W to do, I thought you were gonna give her an ability like Irellia's but that's not the case. I agree with xpxpx, this sounds pretty good. Not sure how all the numbers would actually play out but I like the sound of the abilities.

Peligrad 11-15-2012 11:56 AM

Thanks for the feedback and support!

TeaSeeOh 11-15-2012 01:06 PM

I like the sound of Disciple & Determination ability that immediately consumes her Duelist charges to heal her, that would be cool. New Duelist would be awesome too, in that the percentage would allow it to scale. Granted, the movement speed bonus you have as an alternative to her current Burst of Speed just for activating the ability is a bit much as 47% is 3x the current amount she gets. That is a bit overboard. Other than that, nifty ideas.

I was thinking of posting a Fiora tweak thread myself, as I agree that right now she just isn't cutting it. According to LoLKing she isn't really picked past ~1400 ELO, which leads me to sadly believe that she's unfortunately just a low ELO stomper at best.

I think what really needs to happen is reworking her E(Burst of Speed) among all else to be honest. It's easily countered given that you can stun/root her and then just back off to wait it out to negate it, and overall is just an uninspired ability, being very unoriginal and boring. I'd much rather see the movement speed buff brought to her Q, as Lunge is generally used for chasing down/closing the distance anyway, and the attack speed brought to a successful W. It would kind of make sense anyway, given that it's a Riposte and makes sense with the theme of the ability name.

What she'd get as a replacement E, I don't know. I was thinking a type of feint move that could be similar to Vayne's tumble, but as a backdash instead, able to dodge projectiles/attacks similarly to how it's described in the ability details here. Maybe have the Feint backdash power her Q to do double damage as well, as that would also fit with the fencer theme she has going. It could also open the way for interesting ability builds, as currently hers is stale as well. Could max her Q for example instead to take advantage of double damage.

I digress, sorry to semi-hijack your thread, I just think overall she needs a new E though. :)

IonDragonX 11-15-2012 03:17 PM

Ravenous... Hydra...

FlongerDonger 11-15-2012 03:26 PM

Swag just saying

ProfDrDeath 11-15-2012 03:29 PM

Concept sounds neat indeed.

Numbers can (and should) be tweaked as necessary.

aka serabith 11-15-2012 05:56 PM

Like a lot of it but I still think her Lunge should be turned into a skill shot which allows her to close gaps or escape without needing a certain target. Also gives her a wall jump which I feel her jungling could use in order to make some of her countering more viable. Meh, still love her.

FoxMindedGuy 11-15-2012 11:03 PM

For a champion with no CC, no utility to allies (like no heals, no damage buffs), purely selfish: I would say she does need to be strong to be viable.

I think you did a good job here.

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