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hotfire 11-14-2012 07:29 PM

Soo. . . How about a ranked treeline solo que?
I havn't heart much griping about this lately. . . sooo yeah, why not?

Ashno 11-14-2012 10:47 PM

pls no

TheM0ve 11-15-2012 02:45 AM

Single queue normal games are so bad. This is where 90% of the bads live. Its torture playing single queue. I try it sometimes when my bros I play with are not on and im bored.

Play with people who swear at you and everyone all game. And report you because you couldnt carry their 30 deaths to a win as they tower dive at level 1.

But I guess once you get ranked you cn push through the bads somaybe it would pay off in the end. My issue is when I single queue I feel like i join a random team and still have to play a pre made team which is not fair at all.

TheM0ve 11-15-2012 04:23 AM

3 solo queue games at 6am for me today.

1 player afk b4 the game started in all 3. 3v3 is unplayable without friends.

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