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jonathan521 11-14-2012 06:03 PM

good builds for Alistar Garen Yi and Ashe??
Need help. IDK what to build for these guys

jonathan521 11-21-2012 11:04 AM


HippoKillsYou xD 11-21-2012 11:07 AM

For garen build crits for yi do almost the same you would want to build him adc or ad unless you want to heal more which is AD for alistar just build hp items such as warmogs and frozen heart and for ashe you can build her ad or adc or ap if you want to do damage jsut go ad-ap if u want the crits just do adc.
Hope this helps :D

Kensai07 11-21-2012 04:05 PM

You can build Ashe as AP?

Ashe is pretty standard ADC: Boots + IE + PD

Ali will be support/tanky: Philo/Hog/Boots/Aegis

Garen tanky/bruiser: Boots/ FM/ Some defenses based on team / Impaler possibly.

Yi: ? I don't play him but from what I've seen Boots/Brutalizer/IE/PD (seems kinda glass cannony, I could be mistaken here)

Elodin 11-22-2012 09:18 AM


Have fun

FrostedX Savior 11-22-2012 09:23 AM

For my garen, i like to start off with a doran blade or 1 boot and 3 pots depends on the opponent.

I would go back to ethier get a B.F. sword or another doran(or 2 if you got boots) and then a phage.
Finish the B.F. Sword for a IE.

You sould be around mid game and be pretty tanky, build a frozen mallet from the phage.
You can then get a variety of items depending on the situation.

A maw can be good for more damage and MR + shield.
Atma can be good for more damage, crit and armor.
Ghostblade is also pretty fun for more speed and armor pen and CDR.

GA is cool too.
FoN (before it removed) provide a high MR, regen and speed.
Randuin omen is another choice.

rikoLash 11-23-2012 01:58 AM

Ashe is insanely easy to build.
Rush Infinity Edge after Beserkers Greaves, add some sustain with Vampiric Sceptre and then rush your Phantom Dancer straight after.
Next look for counters to what your opponents are building but finish up with a Last Whisper for armour penetration + Guardian Angel for survivability and second life and whatever else you want.
^ Standard AD build that is viable for Ashe.

BSHMFWFM 11-23-2012 02:28 PM

dunk master yi

bob000 11-23-2012 11:08 PM

Alistar- Mobility boots, philo, frozen heart
Ashe- IE, PD, LW
Garen- Yomuu, Randuins
Master Yi-Wriggles, Yomuu

SwiftyWillownall 11-23-2012 11:39 PM

Not sure about the others, but as for Master Yi I find the online guides to be mostly trash. I like going adc yi mid as much as I can and I get scores like 34/12/12 doing it.

For Yi I usually start with Berzerkers, then I move onto Ionic Spark. I get Spark because it's just better than Phantom's Dancers. Spark gives you 50% attack speed, 250 hp, and 125 damage to 4 targets every 4th basic attack. It's practically the same attack speed as Phantoms, minus the crit chance and bonus to movement speed, but gives you hp and costs less gold so I think it's a way better choice for early game. With Highlander you'll be moving and attacking as fast as needed anyways. Also, spark gives you the extra damage every 4 attacks while Phantom's doesn't actually give you attack damage. You'll be doing more damage with the spark than you ever would with the 1/3 chance crit damage, and since spark is magical damage, you just made Yi a mixed damage dealer! After that I get 2 vampiric scepters. They only cost 450 each so you can get them really fast as well, especially since you save around 700 gold for getting spark rather than Phantom dancers. The 20% lifesteal helps you sustain better in lane too since yi has no healing but meditate. Meditate is useless frankly and you should never go ap yi build since you only have a single ability that actually deals damage while your e and r both add onto your dps, improving your lifesteal greatly. Once you get your 2 scepters, then you want to focus on your investments. You first want to buy a B.F.S. Your next purchase after that will be another B.F.S if you can afford it the next time you visit the shop, or a BloodThirster if you can't quite afford the second B.F.S. The reason you want to eventually get two BloodThirsters is because they deal more damage maxed out than the infinity edge, and you'll have +40% lifesteal making you very sustainable. And guess what? Yi's great at mashing those minions, especially since he has the spark! So leveling up your BloodThirsters is easy and quick. Your fifth item you'll want to get is Warmog's armor. It gives you tons of HP and also powers up as you kill minions. Last but not least is your 6th and final item. Guess what? This item can be whatever you need for the occasion! Quick Silver Sash, Frozen Mallet, some more magical or physical armor, etc. Whatever you need for the late game!

So there you go. A good build for Yi that keeps progressing stronger and stronger as the game goes on(which is good), no huge investments until mid-late game, costs anywhere between 3k-6k less than other online Yi builds, leaves the last slot open for whatever you need for the occasion, offers great sustainability mixed with high damage output, high damage+high health+high life steal makes you perfect for backdooring, ganking, tower diving, chasing people down, teamfight striker, minion wave masher, jungler, etc. Also helps you survive longer/fight more after you've been cc'd.

TL;DR Berzerker Greaves, Ionic Spark, BloodThirster, BloodThirster, Warmog's Armor, whatever you want.

Edit: I also have some helpful tips when playing as Yi that'll make you way more effective.

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