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Finnz NA 11-14-2012 05:48 PM

Finn's Climb To Platinum Stream(Season 3)
Hey guys, my name is Finnz, and I like to play League of Legends. I had a thread about my climb during Season 2, but alas I didn't make it. Life things came up causing a slow down. I managed to get back into Gold though for SoloQ and in Ranked 5s so it wasn't all bad. A lot of experience going into the new Season. Also, I'm obviously not the best otherwise I'd already be 3000 Rating and I love criticism. So let me know if I suck, ask me questions as for my thought process, give me tips, or whatever. And if there's anything I can do to be more entertaining on stream let me know! If you want commentary, play by play, or whatever.

For Season 3 I'm going to track all my games from the start! I'm going to start placement matches 11/14/12 and hopefully they go strong. After that I plan to stream every other night Starting ~10pm cst and ending around 1am cst. Depends on work.

I also do giveaways! So be sure to follow the stream/twitter for updates!

UPDATE 11/18/12: So far, I'm 4:2 out of 6 placement matches I've played so far. My next days off are the 25th/26th and if things go my way I should be platinum in 10-15 games. The plan so far is ~1-3 games a night until the 25th, where we are just going to marathon that night and won't stop til we're plat. So be there!

Here's a link to my original thread: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...9#post25416989

Here's a link to my Season 2 Climb thread: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...ht=finnzgaming

Here's a link to my stream: http://www.twitch.tv/finnzgaming

Here's the status of my stream: ON

Season 2 Stats
Starting Rating: 1200
Final Rating: 1563
Highest Rating: 1637

Season 3 Stats
Starting Rating: 1416
Current Rating: 1570
Highest Rating: 1647

Placement Matches:

Game 1:
Jungle Nocturne
-42 Rating
Summary: Xin managed to roam top/mid/bot getting/giving tons of kills super early. We had a 7/1 mf but leona was just making bad plays, enemy team played really well. The fed player started just giving up since the rest of the team was "****ing braindead". **** happens. Moving on.

Game 2:
ADC Graves
-33 Rating
Summary: An average game. The one draw back was a tryn somehow got 9/2/11 and just kind of steam rolled team fights with a xin/morde. Bad start to these matches but we'll make it up.

Game 3:
Jungle Skarner
+38 Rating
Summary: Skarner, Ori, Graves, Nunu, Singed, just way too op. We had a singed shut down a garen in top lane, mao wasn't doing too hot and we just killed him every time we had vision. Bot lane did a great job of shutting down the enemy bot lane as well. gg all around.

Game 4:
Jungle Skarner
+39 Rating
Summary: We had a darius get Fb then a 2nd kill up top against a shen, who then went mid and took tower, and then bot and took tower, and then all the towers, laning was over before 10 mins, so everyone was just running around and we won. It was a great game for us.

Game 5:
Jungle Skarner
+38 Rating
Summary: We had a yorick get fb/another kill immediately after due to top lane teleporting in and getting killed. I made some ****ty plays, always good to learn :) On to the next one!
p.s 100% win rate with skarner so far :)

Game 6:
Jungle Skarner
+39 Rating
Summary: Bot lane gave a dk before 3 mins. Continued to die frequently. Top/mid were fine for the most part, starting camping bot and thanks to skarn/sona ult was able to pick up some kills/dragons. Slowly gain advantage through team fights thanks to a beast cho and myself making plays. Was a crazy game, with a big time comeback.

Game 7:
Jungle Skarner
+32 Rating
Summary: Skarner + Nid = carry hard. Beat a 8/1 ez and 3/2/14 nunu that was on the enemy team. Made some plays getting us towers/baron. 2 Ga's over 1 = ggwp.
Still 100% win rate w/ skarner :)

Game 8:
Jungle Lee Sin
-38 Rating
Summary: Olaf got a first blood in top lane with help from a eve that stole my red and then I got greedy giving away more kills up top after killing the olaf. Eve started roaming killing everything and we had a renek that didn't too well. C'est la vie, onto the next game.

Game 9:
Jungle Skarner
+38 Rating
Summary: Game started poorly. Facecheck bot lane gave FB, then 2 more kills before minion spawn. Top/mid/and myself managed to get some early kills/double kills getting us far ahead. I came bot, obtained some more doubles and it became gg from there :)

Game 10:
Jungle Skarner
-32 Rating
Summary: I don't even know :( Game got turned around randomly :(


Game 11:
Jungle Nunu
+37 Rating

Game 12:
Jungle Skarner
-42 Rating
Summary: I was the only one with more then 1 kill :(

Game 13:
Jungle Skarner
+32 Rating
Summary: Carried by a Plat vayne, the only nice one i've encountered so far.

Game 14:
Jungle Skarner
-38 Rating
Summary: I shouldn't play at 5 am.

Game 15:
Top Garen
Summary: I got carried.

Game 16:
Jungle Skarner
Summary: Was pretty distracted all game, but all the lanes did well. I did get a kill from an invade, but still made some mistakes of when to go b and things of the nature. An ok game imo.

Game 17:
Jungle Skarner
-26 Rating
Summary: I had the most cs on my team, all my lanes were blaming each other and our mid lane gave up. Things snowballed, it's the cliche SoloQ game.

Game 18:
Jungle Skarner
-20 Rating
Summary: I rage. Bot lane lost 2v2, lost 2 towers before 12mins, got cs out doubled, I felt like I was just starting the game.

Game 19:
Jungle Skarner
+22 Rating
Summary: Played with the ADC that wrecked us in game 18, they went morg mid and went 0/0/9 cause I took all the kills. Was ggwp. They surrendered at 20:20

Game: 20:
Jungle Skarner
-25 Rating
Summary: Our team started out 5/0. I was 1/0/2. Our anivia died once against a kas mid, and had the most toxic attitude of a player I've seen this season. -insert extended immature expletive filled sentence here insulting said player-

Game: 21:
Jungle Skarner
-22 Rating
Summary: Lanes lost hard. I fed double buffs to a bot lane accidently and they started doing worse, other lanes just didn't do well in 1v1 and wouldn't give an oppurtunity for me to gank or anything. -insert extra cliche statements blaming other team mates-

So I was having issues with updating this thread for awhile, so we'll just say I'm on game 25.

Game 25:
Jungle Nocturne
+19 Rating
Summary: Their jungler was elise and went 0/8. Enough said. We had a great play bot lane getting or ADC a double kill on the bot lane, and we killed their jungler as well for a 3/0 score to start with. Snowballed from there.

Game 27:
Jungle Skarner
+17 Rating
Summary: All my lanes won. I didn't have much to do :(

Currently able to post from google chrome. Will begin updating games again starting 12/14/2012.

Game 88:
Jungle Nocturne
-14 Rating
Summary: Swain never played against Syndra and ended up feeding beyond repair. **** happens, moving on.

Game 89:
Jungle Nocturne
5/3/7(i think)
Summary: :)

Game 90:
Jungle Nocturne
Summary: OP morde roaming all the lanes.

Game 91:
ADC Graves
+15 Rating
Summary: Entire team started arguing about a fed lee and fed akali, myself and my duo partner telling them to stfu and stay positive, we managed some sneaky kills and earned every dragon and eventually won the game through positivity. Ironically enough we won with the enemy team surrendering because of our team fights.

Game 92:
Jungle Skarner
-10 Rating
Summary: Syndra threw a team fight allowing herself and our top laner to die during baron, this was her quote, "it's ok guys, I'm distracting them." they got 2 kills and then took inhib and nexus towers off that. GGWP Soloq.

Game 93:
Jungle Vi
-16 Rating
Summary: an 11/2 ezreal carried the enemy team. Teemo shrooms also very broken. But I could have played that a lot better and helped out bot. was a gg.

Game 94:
Jungle Nocturne
-11 Rating
Summary: another ezreal carrying the game, wtf x.x

Game 95:

Finnz NA 11-14-2012 06:37 PM

playing top fiddle in a normal game before the ranked, ****s cray.

Finnz NA 11-14-2012 06:44 PM

ggwp 2v1'd, 2nd most gold while 4-8, we won the game, gg bot lane thanks for the carry

Finnz NA 11-14-2012 08:10 PM

starting placement match #1

Finnz NA 11-14-2012 08:17 PM


Finnz NA 11-14-2012 08:56 PM

game 2 starting

Finnz NA 11-14-2012 09:37 PM

slow start to the season

Finnz NA 11-14-2012 10:27 PM

Game 3 starting, Let's carry some people from the dark they live in, my skarner will drill to the heavens and beyond!! LET'S SEE YOU GRIT THOSE TEETH!

Finnz NA 11-14-2012 11:12 PM

Got a win! 10/3/10 skarner!! GRIT THOSE TEETH!

Finnz NA 11-14-2012 11:14 PM

game 4 starting now!

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