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Jump4r 11-14-2012 11:13 AM

Last hitting Problems
Anyone else have trouble last hitting due to what seems like random acts the minions and towers do? For example, most of the time the tower shoots the first minion that come close to it, after that however, it seems random on what other minion it hits next. I know how to farm under the turret but the order that the turret chooses to kill minions throws me off a lot. Is there an algorithm or pattern I am not picking up on? This is especially hard when the tower is hitting the caster minions and i want to hit each of them once in the same order the tower will so that getting the last hit is easier. There does seem to be the pattern that if the tower starts to hit a caster minion or a fighter minion, it will finish those up first before it moves on to the other kinds. (this problem happens mostly when a big minion wave reaches the tower i.e. more than 6) Also in lane, it seems the fighter minions will also randomly stop attacking one minion and move to another. This is especially a pain when the siege minion decides to randomly change its target. I know the targets of the minions or towers change when an enemy champ harasses another champ near by, but most instances of what I am talking about seem to occur independent of champion actions. Any insight to this would be helpful. Thanks

CIinik 11-14-2012 12:21 PM

I think it shoots the creeps with the lowest HP.

Scumbag towers always trying to steal CS

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