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Carmilia 11-14-2012 01:36 AM

I dont like Zed's login theme. :c
I mean, being myself a big fan of Varus and Syndra, as in, design, backstory, lines, etc, i did enjoy a lot their log in themes. They did fit in a way, and the chilled, orechestral-oriental like music fits the "Ionian feeling". But now, i got to listen to Zed's log in, and i'm a little dissapointed. Maybe, the first login i dont enjoy as much as I did with the previous ones. I mean, listen to Syndra's, wich is fregging beautifull, then listen to Zed. Sure, it covers the "villanesque" portrait the guy's meant to have. But still... Its so... Dunno. Meh.

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