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Smackz 11-13-2012 10:37 PM

What I've Learned From The Tribunal
#1: If teammate tells you, your team, and the enemy team that you suck, mute them immediately without defending your name; You'll get punished if the Tribunal trolls spot self-defense.

#2: One word can get you banned. It doesn't matter if you directed the word to an enemy in team chat; Tribunal trolls will scroll through the logs, find the word, and instantly punish.

#3: Dodge whenever someone decides to troll you in queue (fill a spot that they know will screw you up for the lolz); If you don't, you will get punished for dual mid/top.

Q: I thought going against the meta and picking any champion you like was not a ban worthy offense according to the Summoner's Code.

A: This is the Tribunal: The Summoner's Code can only be used against you.

#4 Always enter a game with the mindset that you will appear in the Tribunal. Make yourself look perfect in the eyes of the chat. The Tribunal trolls will punish you if they spot any sign of imperfection.

@Lyte --> I don't know if you helped design the Tribunal to engrave this way of thinking into players, but you're certainly doing just that.

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