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FluffyCalamity 11-13-2012 09:52 PM

Yet another "wtf tribunal verdict"

So.... that's a Pardon, is it?

Jayce [All] [00:13:42] omfg
Jayce [All] [00:13:46] ****
Heimerdinger [All] [00:13:58] homosapean
Diana [00:15:03] ty for coming guys
Diana [00:15:05] -.-
Heimerdinger [All] [00:15:08] he afk at turret D:
Jayce [All] [00:21:13] wtf is that glitch ?
Jayce [All] [00:21:20] u bust my 2 tp ?
Jayce [All] [00:21:25] u hackers ?
Jayce [All] [00:21:30] ***

Jayce [00:37:03] and then u guys start sucking so we help u
Jayce [00:37:16] and then i saw u were feedingt hem and the i start feeding

vulgarwolf 11-13-2012 09:54 PM

if its jayce thats a ban..no questions asked

admitted to starting feed

FluffyCalamity 11-13-2012 10:00 PM

That's what I would think.

My "incorrect verdicts" are about 5:1 in favor of me punishing something that the majority pardons, so I'm on the strict side. In most of these cases, I can see why someone might pardon. But... someone calling someone else a "***" and then admitting to intentionally feeding? Huh?

EDIT: I see that the forums censor that. Well if you're not inclined to look at the case link... think "bundle of sticks" or "British word for cigarette".

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