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Lsd wizard 11-13-2012 09:20 PM

Help me with wukong?
hey i just bought wukong and im doing not so bad with him my build is
Boots of speed
Health pots x3
Dorans blade x2
mercurys treads
trinity force
guardian angel
last whisper
phantom dancer
blood thirster
Ofc i change it up depending on the enemy champs but any tips that may help my game play ?

Best Furry NA 11-13-2012 09:32 PM

Build seems mostly fine, I might change PD-- been a while and I'm tired and .... Yawn.

Okay. So, careful at harassing at lower levels. You harass like a ***** but you have low mana. Dont do a full combo of w/e/q or e/q/w. Depends on the enemy, but find a balance.

Always go top lane with him. Unless you jungle Wu.

If you snowball, harass the @(%*@_%( out of them. Get a kill or two with your jungler's aid, or their stupidity, and make sure you zone them -hard-. Buy wards to do this. If you get a clear advantage, buy like 3 wards. The zone them. Enjoy. Don't worry about kills now, just zone, and if you reveal their jungler with a ward, w away. Maybe flash, maybe dash with e and keep moving.

Now it's mid game. You're the initiator. Now that you've ult'd, quickly judge. Keep AoE'ing, or stop it (press it again) to focus someone down. Focus the squishy ADC or APC (this is easy as Wu), and move on. Once you're focused, W. They'll have to refocus, and you can reassess.

Now it's late game. You're fed. Enjoy.

Fun fact. Pressing the "s" key can make it appear as if you used w. Do this often for confusion, or to save your life. Or to laugh.

Bus Driver 11-13-2012 10:19 PM

Max Q>e>r... Anyone that says e first is a dumbass that pushes the lane and you need kills... Q also had the increased range put on it so you can just q when your opponent is going to cs and walk away...

Best Furry NA 11-13-2012 11:24 PM

I like E first for the damage and harassment honestly.... Sustained E damage over burst Q.

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