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iamthedunkmast3r 11-13-2012 05:45 PM

Elo placement
So to my understanding you get placed with better people but for the last 5 ganmes i got 2 trolls everygame. I carried 2 and couldn't the other 3. Poeple are coming to ranked first picking mid and top and just playing ranked because its cool. They know nothign about teamwork and playing as a team nothing about positioning and taking ojectives. Bottom lien is the amount of trolls in this ****en game is absurd

iTaker 11-13-2012 05:54 PM

Ya know for the first time i agree with one of these posts. Once it gets going it won't be as bad for really the placement games are so horrible. Pretty much all about luck on who you get on your team. I started 0/3 so not a BIG deal but I've had super trolls in 2/3.

iamthedunkmast3r 11-13-2012 06:46 PM

rediculous i play bot as draven and our alistair blame sme for the entire game becuase he cant peel

Dark Doodles 11-13-2012 06:49 PM

This is how its always been the ranked game system is based on if you can carry anyone alone and if your lucky enough to not have people trolling you

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